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  1. I bought one on amazon, not the best place to buy airsoft guns, but for rare guns like this... Anyways, run a quick search there, I got mine for $50 plus shipping.
  2. I run 75rd PMAGS on my CA ECR-4, and they work perfectly. I got them as a box set 5 for $42 on evike. They're plastic, but its tough plastic. You should look into them.
  3. May I bump this? A TM really is out of my price range for now; I'm looking at things about the price of a GBB.
  4. I'm actually not sure if this should go in Which Gun or AEGS. So I'm thinking of running a sidearm (or cqb gun) thats not a GBB pistol, but is an AEG instead, but my choices are with the SMGs and with AEPs. I saw the WELL MP7, which looks pretty good, but I'm sketchy on the quality. Isn't WELL reputed for poor quality builds? Will this break really easily? There is metal version, which I assume is pot metal, and should I get that or just the plastic version? I could find it only on airsplat: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-WELL-R4-4.htm Also on this note, it can only run a 450 mah battery. How long will that last me?
  5. You're sorta in the wrong section for this post, it should be in the Upgrades subforum. On the topic of the gun, you probably don't need to do anything and the internals should hold pretty well.
  6. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a MOLLE pouch that can hold a water bottle or a bottle of bbs, similar to the one on the Matrix RRV http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37908 . Does anyone know of any retailers selling tan bottle pouches like that?
  7. So I'm planning on getting a Classic Army ECR-4 and was wondering about quality and stuff. I could not find much about it online, but I heard that CA guns have generally crappy quality. Is that still true for their new guns (2012 line)? Have any of you used/owned one of these? If the lemon rate is high, what sort of upgrades do I need to keep it actually running well?
  8. Well I'm looking for a compact cqb weapon preferably around $100. My main concern for the skorpion is the quality (cuz its WELL) and upgradability. If there is anything else you could recommend with te criteria, please mention it too.
  9. Yes. It is still a cheap one and the dual power thing is gimmicky. I'm betting on plastic internals. A G&G CM will most definitely outperfom it
  10. If its a standard birdcage flashhider, this trick works way better. Put scissors through the slats, then twist hard clockwise. Poof! The flashhider is off in less than a minute.
  11. Is it possible to upgrade the AEP? I know they can't take AEG upgrade parts, but can I still swap out the spring and motor?
  12. I'm looking into buying an AEP instead of a normal GBB pistol. I couldn't find any retailers that carried them until I went to airrattle where they carried several CYMAs. http://www.airrattle.com/CM122_Metal_Elect...AEP_p/cm122.htm Now my question is: Is this worth buying or is this some cheap LPEG and I have to buy a GBB? I can't tell, because it claims to have a metal GB.
  13. Really? I've heard nothing but bad things about AGM. Poor build quality, lack of QC..
  14. So I feel like my hopup may not be working correctly due to poor accuracy on my rifle. If I were to completely take apart my hopup unit, which is a standard metal m4 unit, what partsshould I have? If possible, could you give a list of parts with photos, preferably of parts I should have? Also id there any other way to test if a hopup unit id functioning correctly? Thanks
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