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  1. So Cleveland Indoor Airsoft has been open for 4 weeks now, and is going strong. I do not work there, I just play there every Sunday. It is open every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. The entry fee is $20 for all day play, gun/mask rentals are $20 for all day, and just mask rentals are $5 for all day. Full face masks are not a requirement, but they are highly HIGHLY recommended. Or at least something to cover your face. Full seal goggles, however, are required. The field FPS limit is 400, which is already a lot for indoor, so please do not bring anything over that, it will be banned. -interruption- Last game I brought my custom M249 for my friend to use, and I thought it was under the FPS limit due to a bad air seal. Well, after about 5 games of him using it, I chrono'd it to see just how bad my air leak was. Well, it turns out I had perfect air seal with the M130 spring I have in there, so I ended up hitting 495-505. Oops. Sorry anyone who got hit. That will be the last time you will see it in game. By the way I am selling it if anyone wants to check it out there (no, you cannot use it in-game there). -/interruption- So anyway, hopefully we can get more people there. This past Sunday there were about 50 people there, so we aren't necessarily getting bad turnouts. It is an awesome time, and at only $20 for 8 full hours of airsoft. I hope to see some of you there!
  2. I've looked into it, and it seems that the JG red is the best suited for it. Trust me, I've even used a TX thunder. I got around 45-50 bps with that, and I am currently using it for my DMR. So if I get a JG red, hopefully I will see 50-55, possibly 60 if I get a better battery.
  3. So I've wanted a JG red motor for my DSG for a while now, and I am finally going to post a WTB topic. So just shoot me a PM if you have one that you want to sell.
  4. I know it may sound obvious, but make sure to check if it has a fuse... other than that, it could be the motor has blown... which would be kinda odd, and hard to achieve... when you pull the trigger, does the gearbox make sort of a clicking sound, like it's trying to spin, but cant? that could be a gearbox lockup, which means the shimming is too tight, or there is something in the teeth of the gears, preventing them from turning.
  5. yes. "Taiwan Dot Sight System -Fits for 20mm Rail"
  6. I agree completely with the Prometheus 6.03 x 455mm barrel. I forget where, but there have been tests that have confirmed that it was the most consistent out of the group that they tested with (some good ones like edgi). right here. this is what you need. http://clandestineairsoft.com/index.php?ma...products_id=184 you're welcome.
  7. I don't really speak/read german, but the results seem quite conclusive. There was a post on Airsoft Mechanics I think that proved that the prometheus 455 x 6.03mm was the best. I found it when I was researching the r-hop, so it may have been that it was the most consistent with the r-hop... And I would definitely pay extra for the prommy 455.
  8. I forget where... I think it was on ASM. Either way, it has been proven through a series of tests.
  9. If a Prometheus 455 x 6.03mm barrel is included in stead of the 509, I would gladly pay $100-$120 for this. I forget where, but through a series of tests, a group of airsofters discovered that the Prommy 455 x 6.03mm is the most precise/accurate barrel on the market. I could even compare it to my current 509 x 6.01mm barrel with an r-hop. I would like to see how they would compare... Your setup looks much better, and I have no idea why anyone would design the current hopup unit how it is. I am very interested in this.
  10. Definitely the r-hop. the r-hop is insanely amazingly awesome. It has been proven that the Prometheus 455 x 6.03mm barrel is the best barrel when it comes to precision/accuracy. as for hopup chambers, I don't really know.
  11. I would go with SHS. Great quality, at an amazing price. SHS torque motor, SHS 14 metal tooth piston, Super Shooter aluminum piston head (if you want to be loud), SHS aluminum cylinder head, and I would keep the 2gx bucking and TBB. it would cost $65 w/ shipping for everything minus the bucking and barrel if you buy from major9labs.com. Major9 is a well respected forum contributor, and he sells SHS, Super Shooter, TerminusX, and genuine Magpul PTS on his website. I made a $230 order from him and the things I got were worth WELL over that.
  12. okay, so maybe short stroking isn't the BEST option, but you should still get that perfect air seal. I believe there is a guide on ASF for perfect air seal. If you need better parts, go with SHS. In my mind, they have the best quality for the price. SHS torque motor, possibly 16:1 gears, whatever compression parts you need for the seal, and just judge the spring from that. it should be in the M100/M110 area. You should be able to get all of those parts from Major9labs.com. And swiss cheesing isn't always a bad option either, if you do it right. I believe there is a video somewhere on that. check youtube.
  13. Well, first off... what is your battery? upgrade to a 9.6v, or even an 11.1v lipo if you do some reinforcements. Second, short stroking... does your piston only have one metal tooth? if so, it would be really tricky and not so reliable to short stroke. invest in a piston with 3, 5, 7, or even full metal teeth and just dremel off the desired amount of teeth from both piston and first portion of sector gear. As for the whole fps issue, if you know your current fps, then short stroking loses about 10fps per tooth, so you can use your current spring, just try to achieve perfect air seal. it is much healthier for the gun if you have perfect air seal with a lower spring, rather than a super-high-power spring with not-so-good air seal. just judge the spring after you get the air seal. Deans is always a good choice, and I do it with all of my guns. just make sure that the female end is on the battery (which you most likely already know from your RC experience). If you are only doing CQB with this gun, then there is no need for a tighter bore barrel, unless your CQB arena has massive hallways/open areas... -Just follow the pinned "budget high speed guide" in Upgrades & Modifications.- it has pretty much everything you will need.
  14. So I am wanting to expand my vast knowledge of V2 gearboxes to others. I want to buy broken guns because 1) I'm going to completely disassemble and reassemble it to my liking, and 2) that means that they were used, and probably already have some upgraded parts. If I can get enough fixed, I might just be able to sell some of the good ones to my friends! So, I'm mainly looking for AK's, P90's, SCAR's, or something exotic. Also looking for an ICS split gearbox shell. PM me with what you have, and what price you are looking for, and I will get back to you.
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