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  1. I don't have a problem with the length of the barrel. I just wanted to know if the kjw m9 fits the vsr barrel because WE 1911s do and TM gbb pistols do as well
  2. Hello all, I have a SLP HPA setup with cqb russian taps for my KJW m9. What I want to do is put in a 303mm vsr barrel and hard bucking. I'll obviously cover it with a silencer but I want to know will these parts actually fit (I hear they fit in 1911 models not sure about m9's though) and since its running on HPA what results can I expect if I limit the fps to 350? Will the barrel be to long? I'm looking to increase range and be able to adjust my FPS since its on hpa. Thanks for the help
  3. The stock and forgrip do fold up so its almost the size of a mp7. The ATP fits the kit except for one annoying part. The backend has this clip that attaches to the gun and from there theres a little handle you screw on. Well that clip doesnt fit the top slide of the ATP so I had to jb weld it on. After I did that it worked perfectly fine. A little DIY never hurt nobodiez lol
  4. Hey been a while but here is my side arm/main depending on my mood
  5. Ah I see what you mean. The vest is actually really tight across the point where I had to take out one of the 2 Kevlar plates. The shoulder straps look loose because they are somewhat long and also the weight of the shotgun is directly pulling on the right side. This could be solved by me making another set of buckles to replace the shoulder straps which I already considered. If you look at the picture the right side is lower then the left I'm going to run the strap holding the shotgun from the back instead of the front to avoid this since it's kind of annoying on the neck.
  6. That's cool bro I'm always open to opinions what are you having mixed feelings about. I honestly never tried the shells brass down it might be easier I'll give that a shot. As far as the vest goes your probably thrown off by the buckle placement, correct? Please let me know guys I really do like upgrading and changing loadouts
  7. My shotgun loadout. It's almost done I just need my shells and pouch. I'm using my PointBlank bullet proof vest. I took the velcro straps and replaced them with quick release buckles. The shotgun is also attached by buckle to the vest up top and at the bottom it is held to the vest by another buckle. Tac knife on my left side and drop leg with a m9 on my right. It functions fast and allows me to sprint when needed and fire fast.
  8. I have found my home! Hi sorry this is my first post on this forum. I'm a player from Philly and I am adapting a shotgun only loadout not just for cqb but woodland as well. I'm using a UTG/DE tri shot. I don't have all my gear yet since I'm just coming back after a long year of not playing. I like the rush of not having an AEG its boss lol. I have it all mapped and here is what the kit will include Basic MOLLE vest Shotgun Scabard 25 round shotgun shell pouch dump pouch Maybe a m9 on my drop leg. Last winter I had the chance to do this because here it gets retarded cold and last winter we had like 3 ft. of snow and that day it was 10 below I believe. I brought my normal stuff (MP7 AEP, m9 GBB, shotgun) The first 2 were worthless so I rocked out with my shotty and I was actually a lot more effective then I thought. I was able to sneak past people and hide better since I didn't have to account for a long loud M4. At one point I made it clean into a base past 3 players who litterally walked 3 feet away from me lol (I didn't fire because I was out gunned, gotta be smart). it's hella fun to do this and I plan on making a pure P.O.R. (pistols only revolution) load out too with my m9 using a 190mm 6.03 barrel and silencer. Sorry for the block of text but this thread had me so excited to see I'm not the only crazy SOB out here doing this.
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