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  1. Ok guys, this is a simple TRADE thread...getting tanks filled isnt in easy access for me, so I want a high end system that can operate without. If you live near a shop or your field has a fill station, this is for you. Im looking for a Systema PTW, preferably with mags, batts, etc. I would like it to also be 2008+ or just slightly under. Tackleberry mods are nice too. I really would prefer a CQB-R, but ill take an M4A1 if I need to. What YOU get: ****PEQ-15, MBUS, and Surefire NOT included***** INCLUDES: -Fusion Engine inside a VFC HK416 (blue nozzle) -AOR1/Digital Paintjob -551 (has a crack in the frame but works fine) -Real KAC Foregrip -Noveske Amplifier (Give the gun a nice pop!) -Modded CTR to hold FCU and battery under cheek piece -4 Metal MAG Midcaps with Magpuls -2 Tanks (two 3000 PSI one 4500) -LBT Hydro to hold the tanks -Air rig with coiled hose -Spare Regulator and connector -Tank Covers =========== Well....offer up.
  2. I traded my MK18 mod 1 externals and this was already painted. Even after stripping the paint it still looked like crap so this was the next best thing...besides, I have been wanting to do that paintjob for a while.
  3. My gun, probably $1100....my kit, probably another $1500...the NODs I plan to get, $2000. Its too much to actually break down though, I don't remember exactly everything I have.
  4. FPS - Whatever I want it to be (usually 350) Range - Ungodly ROF - Up to 50 RPS, but I keep it at around 15...though it rarely goes on full auto anyway. Now that I have insane trigger response I can actually function on semi.
  5. Well, $1200 later, I have this: Externals: -VFC HK416 -Magpul CTR w/ cheek riser -KAC QD sling attachment point -Magpul MBUS -551 -PEQ-15 -Element SF Scout light repro -KAC VFG -Magpul MS2 -AAC M4-2000 Suppressor -Redline grip-connect for HPA --Desert Digital/AOR1 paint-- Internals: -VFC 6.04 barrel (300mm) -Element Polycarb Hopup -Polarstar concave nub -Systema Bucking -Fusion Engine (blue nozzle currently) ============== What do you think?
  6. Comms package is gone, all that is left is the FROG.
  7. Send it to the top! Again, guys, refer to my rules. I have been a part of forums for a while, so I know how this works, but please stop PMing me, telling me you want something, and then disappearing. It is frustrating.
  8. Everything replied to. Noveske rails SOLD.
  9. BUMP Just so you guys know, I will not be holding anything. The item will go to whoever is quickest to pay me.
  10. Ummm, pretty sure recon 9/10 times means NO bullets flying in ANY direction....that would ruin the whole idea.
  11. I cant really say much, because im not in the military, but I will say on greenside/recon missions, body armor is usually not worn. Has no need to be.
  12. TTT This is a wildly early bump. Please read the B/S/T rules and abide by them! http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/ASF-s-Ru...ll-t236970.html
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