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    2 SCAR-L's [Tan (Completely redone inside and out) and Black (Custom painted Blue Tiger)] Desert Warrior 4.3 1911 M24 I have a few others, but they arent very important... I also have tons of gear, to much to list...
  1. I just purchased this one: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=34759 The cummerbund in it is amazing, and it can fit really close to your body. I like it because you have 360 degree molle, and the side flaps have a buckle to, so you don't need to worry about them coming off (it comes in more than just ACU). this vest is very well made.
  2. I don't understand how people get hit in the mouth and get teeth broken... Do people run around with their mouth wide open, and a big goofy smile??? I really don't understand. I mean, if people have a 600 fps gun shooting .40 gram BBs, then yes, I could see that doing some damage, the BB is carrying a lot of energy. But an average gun with a .20 or .25, really? they lose so much energy so quickly (especially outdoors), and teeth are pretty hard, I have never seen it happen before, I can hardly see this happening... just keep your mouth shut. (not blaming the creator of this original comment, just saying to everyone...)
  3. That is the thing. Ya need people and money to pull this off, but I honestly think that it would be very influential in the public eye. Aside from that, you would need the support of the bigger airsoft retailers, bigger names of airsoft, and police... I noticed that Airsoft GI is including police messages at the end of their videos... So that would be a helpful affiliation.
  4. And if NEEDED, you need to have the proper uniform... This is purely a NEED based list. A lot of what most airsofters use is Tacticool based and not really NEEDED at all to enjoy the game. I hope this isnt calling me tacticool... I don't consider myself tacticool... to me tacticool means filling every molle loop on your plate carrier/vest, having so much stuff, and only using 4% of it... here is my loadout (not for an op, but a day of gameplay):
  5. It may, but I think this way there will be a better awareness and public image of the sport, and I think that in order to get an airsoft gun, if people are told that they need to get a safety briefing on them, it would actually generate some talk and more people might actually start to get into it. I mean, sure, its a hassle at first getting the liscense and all, but if it makes the sport grow even more, if people see that airsoft isnt bad, and that airsofters are taking the responsibility to try and educate eachother and the public, then it could be more widely accepted, and even be a sport that is broadcasted... just my thoughts
  6. I have and would use very little OD with ACU and ABU... ACU uses desert tan, foliage green, and slate grey (ABU adding slate blue)... so OD kinda stands out, but it really doesn't matter for the weekend airsoft gamer Just sayin'
  7. What do you mean? sorry I am new, and I don't know much about this site, other than the fact that you can sell stuff, I guess...
  8. I am making custom hand turned and milled flash hiders and I am wondering if anyone would be interested in buying them... I attached a pic of the two first ones I had made, and one I am am currently in the process of making (brass one). These are just some of the things I can do, and if people are interested, I will have some basic models, and I will get better and be able to do more aggressive looking stuff. (the pics don't do these ones any justice) I am working on getting a tap to do 14mm x 1.0 CCW threads, so the samples shown are not right for airsoft, but if anyone would buy any, they will be 14mm negative. I would be able to do any number of prongs for the scar look, I can knurl to give it a nice breakup look, I can do suppressor length stuff. I can do a lot of different things. (keep in mind I can do waaaay more, I need to emphasize that) I can also paint them (for a little extra $1.50), Flat Grey, OD, Desert Tan, or Flat Black (I technically could do any color, but if I don't have it, then the cost of that can would be included in the cost. so if you wanted high gloss hot pink, expect the paint fee to be higher) Because these are all handmade, ship time would vary greatly, especially if I would get backed up. Price would vary depending on the type of metal used (aluminum or brass), complexity, and amount time/metal used. Basic models would pry be around $15 or $20, custom stuff would obviously be more The type of metal makes the flash hider very different, aluminum ones are extremely light, so if you are looking to cut weight on your gun, I would strongly recommend these with prongs. On the other end, brass is very heavy, so if you want the weight of steel, this would be for you (would cost more) PLEASE give me feedback, if people are interested, or if this would be a waste of time... REMEMBER, ALL IN ALL, THIS WOULD BE MUCH CHEAPER THAN ORDERING ONE ONLINE, I PAID 25 FOR ONE ON EVIKE THAT WASNT PAINTED OR ANYTHING, I COULD DO THEM FOR AT A MINIMUM OF 15 WITHOUT PAINT (16.50 WITH PAINT). PLUS, YOU GET A VERY UNIQUE FLASH HIDER. THANKS!!!
  9. I know this will sound like to much, but if a said NOA is created, they could create a safety slide show set, and videos that can be watched in order to teach new players how to safely handle these guns. Once this safety course is completed, there could then be a test, and then upon passing it, a plastic drivers liscense type card would be sent to the applicant proving that they would be considered knowledgable and know about safe airsoft gun handling, and each card would feature an individual number. This number (or just the card) would have to be surrendered when trying to buy an airsoft gun, thus insuring that people buying them are educated. The only problem is fraud. People would buy other people guns, but hey, if they get caught without the card, then they get in trouble for whatever charge is given to them. Just an idea that would seem better than just having team leaders talk about safety and whatnot
  10. Thank you so much!!! that is the exact answer I needed! that will help me out a lot!
  11. For your clothing, I would recommend PROPPER ACU or ABU, PROPPER is a great brand, and they have extremely tough materials. They are a little on the expensive side, but definitly worth it. I have used my ABU in games all the time and I absolutely love them
  12. I already have, it doesnt, it is a bunch of answers with zero solid answer... I want someone who has done it, and can give me a firsthand answer, but thanks anyway!
  13. So I am experimenting in the machine shop making Flash Hiders, and I have a couple great looking designs. However I can only tap them CW and Imperial... I realize that I need a metric 14mm CCW tap, however I do not know what pitch I need. There is 1, 1.5, and 2 that I am aware of, and I would really like to know for sure what pitch I need before I buy one. I would also like to know what metric drill size I would need. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! THANKS!!!
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