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  1. ~Does anyone out there work on these units? The thing about this that has me really thrown off is that it was all working literally the day before I took it apart, and no modifications were made to the wiring.... If I had just now sparked the whole unit, reassembled, and it didn't work, the reason would be evident...
  2. <sigh> I bought an AWS raptorfet a few months ago and installed it in my G&G TopTech TR-16. This is my first mosfet, and I was blown away by the performance enhancement and options. Unfortunately, as I am new to airsoft, while switching over to Deans connectors, I made the rookie mistake of connecting the positive to negative terminals. When I connected the battery, the smoke indicated something was awry, so I unplugged it- all in all, it was probably only connected for 1 second, tops. The original raptorfet small positive wire that runs from the top connection in the chip to the positive battery connection was fried, so I replaced it. The other wires looked intact, but had some of the small wire's insulation melted onto them, so I replaced several sections. When I hooked the gun back up, to my surpise, it worked fine!! Since that incident, it has had 1000+ rounds through it. I recently opened my gearbox to correct AOE, shave the front of the tappet plate, and replace the spring guide with a metal one. Upon re-assembly, the gun would not fire. At this time, no modifications had been made to the wiring. In fact, the day before opening it up, I had the gun out for some target practice and put a few hundred rounds through it, no problem. To troubleshoot the issue, I took the gearbox back apart, and tried to see if the motor would turn when the raptorfet switch was tripped (motor wired in, but not contacting anything). Nothing. Then I tried another motor. Nothing. I tried both motors with the cutoff switch on/off, as well as with the switch that contacts the selector plate on/off. In other words, all combos covered. I started inspecting the wires, and could see that the small positive lead from the upper part of the board had incurred a little damage to its insulation (from jamming the lower receiver pin in the wrong way, the wire had been caught), so I replaced that line. Still no change. I checked every connection on the Deans, and replaced the negative lead that runs from the raptorfet to the battery (it had also incurred slight damage). No luck. At this point, I am thinking the problem must be in the raptorfet (and more than likely MY FAULT). I have also tried a second battery (checked and made sure both batteries were charged). Batteries are: RA-TECH 7.4v 1600mah 18A, and G&P 7.4v 1200mah 20c. Wiring is Mil-Spec 20-AWG Silver-Coated Wire, Blue Tefzel (for the small positive lead on the upper part of the FET to the positive battery terminal) and the same in 16 gauge (white tefzel coating) for the other parts of the original wiring harness I replaced. Should I send the unit in to determine if it can be repaired? Is there another troubleshooting element I have missed? I will post some pictures once I find the charger for my camera's battery. Just be easy on the quality of the workmanship, I'm new to AEGs and soldering in general... ;) EDIT ...not sure if this even helps, but can't hurt... ...hmmmm close up, it looks like I greased it a bit much...
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