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  1. I am just looking for some feedback on a tactical fleece. I want one that will keep me warm in the cold but I want some vents as well to keep me cool. I don't want to be roasting in the action if you know what I mean. If anyone has some ideas or feedback on what they like or have it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. My G&G M4 Raider is not feeding like it should. I have to lightly push the magazine into the mag well for the gun to shoot constantly without dry firing. I know its not the magazine because it does this with all of my magazines. It is a combat machine m4 by the way. Any recommendations?
  3. hanks alot. For some reason my air nozzle was the problem. I replaced it and it works great. I cant believe it was somthing so simple that escaped me.
  4. I have worked on my gearbox many times and I havn't run into this before. I will look into the gearbox again cause I'm pretty sure you are right, but I don't know why my nozzle wouldn't be working. I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly. I use a mix of permitex di-electric grease and silicone oil spray and found it gives a great airseal.
  5. My cm m4 carbine wont shoot bbs. I regreased the gearbox and put it back together. I thought I was sure that everything was correctly in place but when it shoots the bbs just fall out. I have completely disassembled the hopup and there is nothing wrong there. I am using high precision .2 g bbs. Please any suggestions
  6. I have two of g&gs combat machines and I will say they are awsome guns for the price. don't worry about it. They have always had poor airseals. The two things you want to get are a systema spring set and and a air nozzle with a o ring. The spring set will come with a spring for the hop up. You will have to look up on youtube how to put the air nozzle in. Just search g&g m4 gearbox dissasembly and replace the nozzle from there. While u do that you should regrease the gearbox as well. That will all b on youtube. U can teach yourself. Just realize u void the warranty. U should really clean the barrel too. Good luck.
  7. I tryed using the permatex dielectric grease and did not really like how sticky it was for a good air seal. It didnt seem to spread very evenly, so I mixed airsoft silicone spray with the permatex dielectric grease and it worked wonders. Just put both in your cylinder and it creates a great seal.
  8. This section is for free items. To sell in the correct forum you also need to have a seller account. Thread closed
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