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  1. With AEGs I have limited experience. The owner of the store who sold it to me took it out and I tightened it back. One of my first questions was who do you all recommend to look at this and tune it up for a fair price?
  2. Thanks gents. Should I go ahead and send it in for a tune up now? Do you recommend anything for the longevity of this AEG? Is that cover supposed to close? What does this screw do? I cant find any documentation on this guy.
  3. It is an echo 1 (or rebranded JG, I dunno) task force MP5SD with a retractable stock. I got an 8.4v band smart charger for it and a few magazines. It fires fine on semi and auto, though my testing is limited as I live in an apartment. Anyway, this is my first AEG (I have a maxed out Gspec bar 10 and a GBB LM4) and I'm sure it needs tuning. is it worth the investment to have it looked at by a professional? Where would you suggest I do? Lastly, (I'll get some pics up asap) where can I get parts for it? All I need right now is a sight rail. Thanks in advance.
  4. I took the parts to an airsoft store and the tech finally got the hop up, bucking and barrel installed (didn't come with instructions) but he swears there is no metal trigger box that fits this rifle. Are there any effective ways of silencing the operation of this rifle? What do I need to replace for a smother bolt pull? (I don't mean spring tension I just mean a smoother and faster operation of the bolt) Thanks
  5. Wilco What I read says mil spec stocks are tight but commercial spec fit fine. I'll look at the grip before I do anything.
  6. I'd like to thank you again. I called Evike before I placed the order but I ordered the barrel, (455mm) soft sniper aeg bucking and nub and that hop up unit. Along with the barrels spacers I'd like to see what I get. Of course I'll post the gun pron once I finish the ATACS paintjob :) I am also looking at a PTS PRS stock and sniper grip. I also have the Land rifle stabilizer. Don't need clunky bipods :)
  7. Good Point. Is the piston something that in replacing will greatly impove some performance? I'm guessing a slight FPS increase?
  8. That trigger is listed under compatible upgrades and I was going on what I read about it. Kind of like the whole new hop up, bucking and TBB are for an AEG but what I'm reading says it works. Thanks so much for the input. I will probably wait on the sears and get a piston for it, unless that isn't something that I need with a lower powered BASR. I figure upgrading the hop up and barrel would gives me the most performance increase before I completely overhaul it.
  9. and other threads, I realized this is a cheap BASR that I can build up to what I want. They are on sale for $60 and I plan on getting the following http://www.evike.com/products/35831/ with http://www.evike.com/products/35656/ (instead of a $99 trigger box) http://www.evike.com/products/35259/ http://www.evike.com/products/44098/ (Gotta have the barrel spacers) http://www.evike.com/products/42424/ Good hop up? http://www.evike.com/products/40492/ It's hard to find 455mm barrels but this Angel Custom 6.01 has good reviews http://www.evike.com/products/31082/ Prometheus AEG hard bucking I figure that is a cheap way to get started and have a decent rifle from the get go. I just wonder if anyone has has horrible experiences with any of these parts before I buy them :) Thanks!
  10. I have an LM4 I considered turning into a DMr but I don't like external fittings and remotes is why I didn't go gas
  11. Thank you for all of the input - here's where I am at currently. I have a socom m14 DMR that is unfortunately back up in Seattle with my furniture etc in a storage unit. I brought just a couple of trunks down with me to the central California coast containing all of my paintball and airsoft kit but only have the pistol and Vector at the moment. I have a dedicated sniper loadout, but no sniper. I'm down here finishing a degree and I thought this would be the perfect time to invest in a good BASR. I don't want an M28 POS that's going to slam fire 3 weeks in, I want a reliable, accurate BASR that gives me every ounce of range and accuracy I can get from that system. I don't really have a budget except to say that I don't want to be fixing it or missing games because its down. So... I like the M24 style the least, but hey I can live with it. The only base BASR with decent internals I can find is the MOD24. I also thought about the Ares MCM700X and completely gutting it, paying someone to to mod it for me. I guess I'm wondering how much the external ergonomics are going to matter later on.
  12. Thank you. I'm just in love with the simplicity of the BASR system. Combined with my new KWA Kriss Vector and ATP, this will round out my backpackcollection nicely.
  13. I also want to mention that I looked at the Ares MS700, and it looks like the internals are also sub-par, so I looked at the MCM. Then I stumble across the modify M24, and I start wondering if that might be the best platform for a BASR. I mean 90* sears means I can shoot it without as much fear of slam firing. I'm starting to think that a MOD24, barrel spacers and a stronger spring may be my short term answer...
  14. Good point, Sir. Here's what I have gathered on the Ares: There is a trigger box available, and it has some VSR 10 compatibility but I'm not sure on details. So what do I need? Internals that can take a heavy spring (I HATE slam firing) and a good hop up. Past that, a decent barrel and barrel spacers? Of course the BAR 10 can be modded to hades and back but I like the look and style of the M40 much more. I just wonder if that external magazine will be a hindrance.
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