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  1. Agreed with this, as if I still want that sick look I can just shell out the money later in life for it.. But its better knowing your upgrades work rather then spending 500 on upgrades only to find out they wont fit ;]
  2. Alright so from what I'm hearing I should just stay away and get a bar 10 or VSR?
  3. Apparently after reading some reviews its not 100% vsr compatible.. but I cant seem to figure out what parts :s
  4. Hey guys.. so I was about to pick up a Bar-10 from airsoft gi.. then I noticed a new gun online called the Bravo BV7. Basically would it be a good buy? the fluted barrel and the muzzle break is just sexy.. so I'm wondering if its worth skipping the Bar and getting this instead? and also whats its upgrade-ability if anyone knows? I know the Bar is amazing for upgrades so I don't need any of that haha.
  5. Haha might buy that.. only con is its black :{. but I have a friend that does wiring for me and stuff... maybe will buy this
  6. Still looking preferrable a vsr or L96 :]
  7. Title says it all.. wanna buy a scar for under 250 if possible :D thanks
  8. Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a upgraded sniper rifle... I have about 200 in cash and somethings I can offer as a trade with it. none of the items are airsoft related though :/ If you got a rifle PM me and ill see what I can do. Thanks!
  9. Man that rifle...just is amazing... and I thought it was hard trying to find a ares/star sl9 O.o. and it is hard! Still haven't yet even dunno why they stopped production. But dang.. that rifle is something you should be VERY proud to own man L; I give you many props!
  10. Glad. I could help you out :) and what was the problem :D? Also if you don't find the problem. Check the hop bucking and clean your barrel and check for imperfections on/in the barrel. Btw, welcome to the forum m8
  11. Well do this small little equation for what type of bb's to use. Take the fps-100=x, x/1000 gets the weight that your bb's should be.. So say ur gun is shooting.. 500 fps. Take 500-100=400, 400/1000=.4 so their fore your bb's should weigh arround .4. As for the turning left and right it is either u got really crappy bbs of you should see if something is wrong in the hop up mech and maybe clean it.. Hope this helps at all
  12. Yeh it would be a TON cheaper as upgrading.. And I'd just get a conversion kit then I don't need ggas.. Which is like 7-13 a bottle? I can instead go and get an alternitive for cheap.. And the weather in minnesota isn't too bad and I'm pretty sure it would work just fine and I usually never play in weather under 60 if that helps? Right now just I can get it for the same price basically as a brand new bar 10 or a cheaper line l96..
  13. Yeah that's why I might buy it considering he's only asking 150 and its never been used except for shootin targets a few times.. I mean new is like 250...
  14. Would be my second one haha, it would be the first gas sniper I've ever owned though
  15. Hey so the title says it all, which gun would be better and a more reliable one? I have a friend selling the gas one for only $150 while the mauser is $180, but its been used. Would the gas one be a good buy at all? or should I stick to a springer and get the mauser... thanks
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