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  1. I have another Mini Camera here, different model, but I just want to show you how I hooked up the motorolla battery.. of course the stock battery was removed first.
  2. Ok here's the youtube video that I made a day ago after the battery modification.. This is also just to see how the view looks like on my mask. K-2fjMGJlf8
  3. Hi guys, I just want to show you what I done to my Mini DV MD80 (replica) camera that I bought from ebay for a very very cheap price. There's a modification I made there.. I changed the battery because the stock battery won't even last for an hour, so I took my old Motorola Rokr E8 battery and did some soldering work.. Now video recording last longer, I am not sure how long because I tried running it for a couple of hours and still recording. I haven't tested this on the actual game but soon. We have an incoming game this weekend and for sure would love to try this. The BBs you see there has a purpose and that's for impact security so it won't break the MD80 cheap plastic casing. The camera has 1 layer of impact security that I took from my old Nokia N70 front camera lense and then added another layer of (I am not sure how you call it but I used glue stick and a glue gun)
  4. Hi guys, I would like to ask for a wiring diagram for MOSFET I purchased in silverback-airsoft.com Please look on the attached picture. What I'm planning was to take those wiring off on the MOSFET because it looks short so I will just going to use the wires in my gearbox and solder in on the MOSFET. I have some problems with my diagram and I am not sure if it's correct so could you please check it out and give some advices? I am still learning. One thing though.. my AEG does not have fusebox and I am not planning to install one right now. I am using AGM M4 Compaq something like this http://img2.mlstatic.com/s_MLC_v_V_f_39962875_8926.jpg Going to some nearest airsoft shop is not an option because the it's 35miles from here.. it's in another city.
  5. Is it safe to use AIR-SEAL GREASE for my AEG gears? A friend said he was using it lube his gears but am not sure if that is safe, but I doubt it so I ask here/ Check the attachment, AIR-SEAL GREASE it the taller one. Thanks!
  6. correct me if I'm wrong.. but was the correct AoE is 1 o'clock? I just followed the one I saw in youtube (of course the same g38k AEG)
  7. no, am using the stock G36K motor (black one) also no, I only have one :( That's what I thought of ... I played again yesterday and I'll try to open the gearbox again today and see if the piston got worsten
  8. I'm using m135 spring. I have a proper alignment (1 o'clock) of the AOE and gears doesn't look it's wobbling. these .. am not sure. I guess yes or maybe yes, all the way forwad. what is the correct way of inserting it?
  9. Hi guys, I think something's wrong with my gears .. check out my piston, it's guarder, but look what happened after playing several games.
  10. thanks guys! I bought a new bucking and it fits and aligned perfectly. now my BBs are not flying to the left
  11. <AT>MOAirsoft Yes, but the cylinder head is already broken along with my piston so I had to upgrade those.
  12. Hi guys, I've got to ask about the correct bucking alignment. here's an infographics and if possible can show your exact bucking alignment? Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys. I haven't upgraded yet because I'm still learning how to maintain a gearbox and will proceed with the upgrades after.
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