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  1. Thank you I'm sorry about the post im new to the forum and do u have any aug suggestions
  2. Hi asf I'm looking for a reliable feild gun for under 300 dollars some guns I have been lookig at is uar and the ca scar but I need some suggestions my role is flanker I want a gun that is lightweight and shoots around 380 fps also it must be able to fit a surpressor please try and stay away from m4s thank you
  3. Hi asf I was just looking at the airsoft gi shadow knight gun and I was wondering is there any other airsoft guns that have similarities to this I want a m4 that is not as long as barrel as a dmr but enough barrel for feild play under 300 dollars please thank you
  4. I'm looking to buy a jg. This is the website http://www.amazon.com/JG-Airsoft-S-System-...id=J3LHFMZK4J09 If I were to get this gun could I put a tightbore barrell a full metal body and get all the good internals could I compete in the feild matches and have a chance help the new guy a list of parts I would need would be great
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