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    I have owned the G36K metal broken. I think it is classic army.
  1. Do to work in the sight of the carry handle magpul Mbus of a standard? I want: Flip-up sight. Carry handle stock. What Does it work? plus compatibility?
  2. 150 ft (45 meters) standard~!! semi automatic
  3. It fires CO2. Am I correct? I would get the 8" I. Best accuracy as only six shots. :P
  4. Okay. I took off the front sight. I took off the gas pipe. I fired it for the first time. Shoot it very very fast! Tomorrow to test the accuracy, to "zero it." Wednesday: A friend of mine so I will borrow "the AR-15 wrench" of them. I will place on the noveske.
  5. Other options? I put the foreground and vision. However, unnecessary stuff ... Dx
  6. In addition, the most difficult to install. :c
  7. I would buy two! (Laughs). They are cute. However, it is possible that they will positive threads? At all?
  8. We apologize for me for my bad English. It is a good thing you are investigating. I do not technician .. However, I can tell you this: Unless you want to just do not spill the blood of 400FPS ... stay under you. Because I know, G & G brand is good. In addition, FN2000 of them are great AEG.
  9. jkloring

    Hello, all!

    I am very close! We will be able to play some time maybe all.
  10. To charge only. Dean-dean inside of AEG, :P
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