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  1. Update: I've been packing all week and haven't had too much time to work on this project. I finally got my new O-ring handbook in from Parker to size all my O-rings correctly. I also printed the V2 housing and the two main mounts are dead on, need to tweak the two small mounts that screw into the mag-well as they are slightly off. If anyone reading this has an HPA rig, what PSI do you run at to achieve around 350 FPS with .2g's? I'm designing the piston to optimize air efficiency with the TAR barrel length so I just wanted a baseline pressure to work around. Until next time!!
  2. I'll be manufacturing them myself, so I know I can keep that price point. I'm honestly not looking to make a load of cash, I really just want a rock solid and accurate platform and I'm sure I'm not alone. I have a basic parts list together with all the seals I'll be using and the materials. Moving into a new apartment in three weeks so I haven't had too much time to work on this. I'm going to be working with a new airsoft field that opened up near me so once this is ready I'll be able to test it. Once it's ready they can sell TAR-21's with the complete kit pre-installed.
  3. Still working on the upper portion, but here is a preliminary model. I have to put my TAR back together for tomorrow night so I'll print and test the current model once I get around to disassembling it again.
  4. That's actually not complicated to implement electronically. I've always just had reservations with that style, I used to play paintball and there were numerous accidents that occurred when the player forgot that the gun would fire when they released the trigger. I think for safety purposes it should be left out.
  5. Just wanted to drop a quick update so people don't think this died. I printed the bottom of the prototype to test the fit and found that I needed to adjust the mounting locations. I had to wait until today to get access to the CMM at work but I have much more accurate measurements and will print a new lower once I have time to model the changes. Personally I prefer 5 round burst over 3, but I'm designing the electronics to allow you to lock the gun in semi or choose between semi and either 3/5 round burst or full auto. Right now I'm going to be adding a small keypad to the back of the drop-in, changing settings would be as follows: 1. Open back compartment 2. Hold "Program" key 3. Select between semi-only or auto enabled 4. Select between 3 round burst, 5 round burst, and full auto 5. adjust delay POT to change burst/auto firing rate 6. Hold "Program" Key to save changes There will be a series of LED's to give you feedback while you change settings. Any thoughts.
  6. Little Teaser update: I 3D Printed the lower to check certain fits and make sure I got the mounting points correctly spaced. I need to adjust the position of the main mounting holes, I'm planning to use the CMM at work to get precise measurements. But as you can see, it's starting to shape up nicely. The gearbox mounts in 3 locations, there are 2 pins that also act as a pivot for the bolt release. The other mount location is in the magazine well, so once I make the adjustments and verify that the lower is mounting properly inside the shell I can get to work on the top half. I really want to get this done before the nice weather vanishes (I live in NY).
  7. Although the S&T tavor felt much more flimsy than my ARES TAR-21, I can confirm that the gearboxes are the same dimensions. I'd still need to check into the alignment with the hop up, but this pneumatic system should work for both variants.
  8. Ahh okay, I understand now. Most likely I will have to either CNC or resin-cast my own hop up units to fit properly. The TAR has a weird M4 style hop up and needs a short feeding tube. I'm going to order one from E-hobby and see if I can adapt it.
  9. I had several conversations with the creator of the Kuba and another style adaptation of this system who reached out to me after I made that NERF gun, essentially all of these systems are a pressure relief valve that just directs the flow out a barrel instead of just venting it to atmosphere. I would like to eventually adapt this system to work with M14 platforms as well, once the mechanics are down it is just a matter of making a different housing. The AUG style hop up has been suggested to me in the past, did you mean something like THIS?. I'm working on this project more for myself and my team as we want to compete in the ACA, and I feel an air drop in kit for any of our guns will be a huge boost for consistency and accuracy. If there is sufficient interest I'd be willing to make a small run, not really looking to make any huge profits. The main reason I haven't purchased a polar star for my RDW is price, my simplified system has a price point of about $200 retail..... Plus I love my Tavor. EDIT: I looked into the S&T gearbox, it looks very similar. I'm going to be rapid prototyping my design this weekend to make sure it fits my ARES. I'm probably going to look around and see if there are any broken S&T TAR-21's for sale.
  10. Before I proceed with this post here is a bit about me: I haven't posted on any other forums on this site other than the WTB/WTS boards. I'm a 23 year old Mechatronics engineer and I currently work as an aerospace engineer. I design hydraulics and control systems for military and civilian aircraft (JSF, A-10, F-16, Boeing 747 to name some of the well known aircraft). I own a small CNC shop and have worked in manufacturing since I was very little. A bit about this project: I am currently working on a drop in replacement for my ARES TAR-21, I love this gun and have fired the RS several times. I just can't stand the performance, I upgraded this gun to be a DMR and found it lacking. I brought it back down to be field legal around me and just hate how finicky it can be at times; So I decided to convert it to run off an HPA rig. I am designing a drop in replacement so if I decide to go back to electric in the future I can. I will list the goals of this project in a moment. But before ya'll go running off telling me that I'm "copying" polarstar.... consider this. I designed this NERF gun 4 years ago in college when I played Humans Vs. Zombies (Don't knock it till you tried it, tag with 1500 people on a college campus with nerf guns is a hell of a lot of fun). It used an open bolt system and ran off of a CO2 rig (Campus police wouldn't let me use HPA): More info This NERF gun inspired several people to adapt the bolt to work with airsoft guns, and it was even featured on Hackaday What I am trying to say, is that I was not the first to use this style of actuation, and Polarstar didn't invent it. I just wanted to prove that it existed well before I made that NERF gun, and years before Polarstar came out with their drop in. They make an excellent product, and the selectable open/closed bolt is very useful. However I don't feel like spending about 1000 dollars on building a setup. I only spent 1200 on a RS match grade M1A with a immaculate maple stock for crying out loud..... and building your own stuff is half the fun!! Now for the good stuff: Goals for this project are as follows. 1. Drop in replacement that requires minimal or no modification to the shell 2. Replace mechanical firing linkages with a drop in circuit board. 3. Ability to lock in semi-only, 500Fps max with .25g bb's 4. Improved hop up or replacement hop up unit 5. consistent and accurate shots. Here is where I need some input: 1. Would anyone on here be interested in this? 2. What style hop up should I look into? Honestly I don't know which hop up unit is the best. 3. Can anyone confirm that the new TAR that just came out has the same gearbox just in plastic? Feedback is welcome. Just keep in mind I design hydraulics that operate at a burst pressure of 10,000 Psi, and I've build some pretty complicated stuff (Check my site) So this is for real, this isn't a theoretical "is this possible?!?!" post.... this will be built. Here is a render of the progress thus far, I am expecting to make some major changes as I design the upper half to this. If this project works out I might consider designing a GBB version. I'm also working on a bullpup M14 GBBR, that will come after this project. Enjoy! Current planned features: - Over-pressure relief valve to protect solenoid valve - Selectable semi only lock for DMR - Open Bolt - Limited run of kits for ~200 - User adjustable FPS/RPS - Lighter than stock MechBox
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