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  1. Thanks the replies guys. Are there any downsides to brands like KWA besides their price? Also when you look across better known brands like KWA, G&G, and Echo1...are there any differences in their performance or something that makes people choose them besides how they market their goods? I see KWA as a military simulation gun and that obviously attracts me to want to get one their guns.
  2. Hey everyone, I require the knowledge of all you airsoft wizards. I'm new to airsoft and I'm just looking for the best quality guns out there as well as the most reliable. This isn't meant to be a repost about what gun I should get, but I was wondering why theres so much buzz around KWA and G&G guns. Do JG and CYMA considered cheap and looked down upon? Just trying to understand whether KWA is all hype or if there are some solid technical reasons to why theyre so popular. I'd appreciate any replies to the matter. Thanks!!!
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