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  1. I got a kwa and I'm sending it back to kwa for warranty work. When I pull the trigger on semi auto it starts shocking more and more each trigger pull and it gets harder to pull the trigger. On full out it works perfectly fine, no shocking. I'm running a EAB battery 1800mah 7.4lipo 15c. I have a lvc and fuse. The fuse didn't pop. Has anyone else had this problem? The techs couldn't even describe what it could be cause they haven't seen this problem. On a rant, I'm purty disapointed at the minute with kwa's products. The m4 has only seen 2 mags (less then 800 bb's) and its haveing a big problem and my m93r mags needed the bb holes shaved cause you couldn't even shove a bb into it. I love how they feel but for the money I've paid, almost $500 for both, it seems that it shoulnt be having problems like this. My g&g combat machine is still holding stong with 7.4lipo after a year now. Odds are I just had bad luck and got 2 some what (lack of better words) "lemons".
  2. Blow back setups are cool... Looking but serve no purpose and are harder to work on for newbs and can cause more issues. Honestly get what ever gun looks the coolset to you. ALL guns will need some work in some places. Just thowing it out there, get a combat machine by g&g for $140 and take the other $210 and build it to out preform other guns. Any real airsofter will tell you, its about performance and NOT about appearance. Just hop over and ask car guys what is better; ford, chevy or dodge? You'll get different answeres.
  3. Ics makes a great mp5. A full metal would be a tad heavier but hold up better when it gets dropped (note I said when, not if. It happens). NEVER buy any bbs from ANYWHERE that is not a store like airsoftgi.com or evike.com. they will jam and cause horrible damage. Also, stay away from clones due to they need to be upgraded and more of a chance of a "lemon".
  4. I say go kwa. I have a cqb m4 and it works perfect. G&G are good but change the wires, they are very thin and resistant. I know kwa had problems with there older models but, the newer 2gx kicks Don't be afraid of no shims. That just means they made there gear box close to perfect that they don't need it. Vfc uses no shims either, just self aligning gear setup. All I have to say is the guys at airsoft gi did a test with 16. Something another volt lipo (which is like a 5s lipo pack( most guns can't handle 3s 11.1v)) and it lasted 8 full clips of 450 bb's consistant and the only thing that went out was the piston teeth. They tryed it on other manufactures and they didn't last more then a few rounds. That should tell you something about the newer 2gx gear box. By no means are they the best guns but, they are damn nice.
  5. I don't think tm makes metal bodies
  6. Kwa not using shims gave you chills??? Why use shims if your gear box is so precise and perfect? Shims are made for adjusting but why adjust something if it works flawlessly?? You don't make sense with your statement. I have a buddy that has put over 50,000 rounds on 11.1v and his gears look new (he wanted to lower his spring rate for cqb/bps rate). So don't let no shims give you "the chills", it just means they made a perfect gear box with perfect gears.
  7. Getting a gbb is kind of like trying to convince a guy to get p***y, you don't need convinceing, just find the nicest one that you like and get it.
  8. G&G make great guns and they are upgrade/down gradeable.
  9. Dude with $400 you can buy any high quality gun. Go with a kws m4 ris and get a 11.1v lipo and charger and that will set you back about $420 for all of it and the gun will own people. No need to upgrade besides maybe a precision barrel after your 45 day warranty is up. Also, get your batteries from eliteairsoftbatteries.com
  10. On that, can you get a stockless setup for it? Take the stock off and make it a sling mount?
  11. I found a few clones but that's about it. Nothing that id like to buy. Maybe its time for a mp5
  12. I've been looking for a small m4 and I can not find anyone that has any small m4's in stock.
  13. Kwa is the best gun out there imo. The warranty the gun 45 days on 11.1v lipo. NO other company will do that. I think it was airsoftgi.com that put a 16v lipo to it and emptied 8 full clips till it gave out. NO other gun company out of the box can come close to that (they tested a $2000 gun they built and it broke first trigger pull). You can get the non ris m4's for $275-300 on airsoftgi.com. plus 10% off and free shipping. They whole guns gear box is perfect, it doesn't ever require 1 shim anywhere, its the best gear box out. Don't waste your money anywhere else especialy since you seem very new to airsoft. Just remember, 11.1v 3s lipo ready out of the box with a 45 day warranty, NO one else will offer that.
  14. Is there not that many tri citiy guys on this forum?
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