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  1. Unfortunately, it looks like they omit the markings, but I like the narrower grip which was the main goal of the update: better ergonomics for small-mid size hands. Descrip of the real steal variant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P226#P226_E2 Visual of diffs on TM variants:
  2. Thanks for the responses. They've been very helpful. I went ahead and ordered a TM P226. I went ahead with it primarily because I like that model gun more than the others and it gets really good ratings on accuracy. It doesn't quite have the range that I was hoping for. I'm envious of the longer range on that Glock 19. I'm hoping some upgrades will squeeze out a bit more range if I can figure out what various upgrades do and which are most effective. I also thought a lot about the hi-capa. I've seen it referred to quite a bit in my searching with it's huge selection of upgrades / mods. But again, I think I'm partial to the P226. Definitely would have ordered the E2 version if I had found it in stock. In the end, besides my quest for accuracy, my choice came down to 1) brand name: TM is mentioned on the net and in the forums more than any other brand; 2) availability: a lot of guns that I looked for were out of stock... everywhere (Mk23, E2 version of the P226, and others); and 3) the way a P226 looks and feels in my hand (assuming the TM version is a pretty close replica of the real one). Thanks again for the feedback. Now to learn about upgrades...
  3. I'm new here and new to airsoft. I'm reading as much as I can to try to get up to speed, but being new I'm still trying to get the lingo so I know what to search for so that I don't have to ask a bunch of stupid questions that have already been answered. I have read through this forum looking for pistol recommendations, and that's been helpful, but all of those posts put a limit on price. What I'm interested in is finding an extremely accurate pistol with as much range as possible without sacrificing much accuracy. I'm mainly looking right now for something to do some target shooting. Later I might get into airsoft battles, but right now I just want to be a really great shot. I'm finding it hard to compare various guns. I'll find a gun on one site that I like that seems to have great reviews (like this Cybergun Sig Sauer P226) at a local dealer. But they are out and when I try to find the same model on other sites, I come up with similar but different guns. There are just way too many to choose from with my current level of ignorance. Can anyone make any suggestions? I don't care to pay more for higher accuracy & reliability. I kinda like the P226, but I'm not limiting it to that. I kinda like the idea of full metal with realistic blow back, but that is not a limiting factor either. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
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