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  1. With the 417 on its way and looking very sexy as well as very solid, not to say the SCG isn't the same. I know the mags will be pricey but I will worry about that later, for now I just want a nice looking, solid gun. So proprietary mags aside, which would you rather have? Which should I get? The price of the gun isn't a problem either, btw. The only real problem with the 417 is it shoots a little too hot so I'd have to downgrade the spring, other than that I kind of like them both equally. Maybe leaning more towards the 417.
  2. I will be on the look out for that somewhere hopefully finding it not too pricey. I really like the look of that. It's just what I was looking for. Also are other manufactured versions the same? I have seen some by other people but don't know if quality or anything else differs?
  3. Well it is cheaper than the Magpul stocks like the UBR and I was going to get a 7.4v lipo so would that make it any easier?
  4. Was looking at something like the King Arms Clubfoot stock since Magpul stocks really limit my battery options and mah.
  5. I am on a search to find the best and best looking M4 stock that can hold an aeg battery. I have looked at a few but haven't found too much in the style of sexiness. Are my options as limited as they seem? Or am I missing something?
  6. Well that's perfect for a 300mm inner. Thanks. =]
  7. how far into the hop up does the inner barrel actually sit?
  8. I will look into that it looks like a really nice gun though I am,quite pertial to Noveske rails. But that does look pretty nice. Though it will be a little more pricey than what I have been looking at. Though it doesn't really require many upgrades. Anyone else? With the battery, charger and bb's I am trying to keep the price below or just around $400 so I don't spend all my money. Haha
  9. After looking at the the the total cost of upgrading a stock M4A1 it would be a good deal more than simply buying from somewhere that already has the gun in stock and I make fhe rest of the chages myself since it saves me from having to spend $100+ on a new body vs getting a gun that already has the body installed. So my choice of sgores goes evike, asgi and armorytech. Depending on who has it at the time (don't have all the money yet). So now that that is decided when I replace the gears (and the tappet plate I'm told) should I also replace the piston or piston head? Was also looking at a cylinder head with two O-rings. Unless it's not needed. Oops posted instead of edited, I'm too tired to be working the interwebs.
  10. Decided to go with the G&P M4A1 but I don't know what kind of connectors it comes with. And they are closed already, anykne know? http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=6076 Should I keep the upfrint cost down and spend a little more in the long haul? Because the gun with the Magpul body is almost $80 more BUT that would save me aboiut $65. However paying an extra $65 (I think my math is right? Or would I be paying $80 more?) Anywho it's not a HUGE deal I guess. So what should my plan be When I do replace the gears (and I was told also includes the tappet plate) should I replace anything else? Was looking at a cylinder head with 2 O-rings.
  11. The only problem os the cheapest G&P M4 with a magpul body would cost me like 350 bucks plus id have to buy bb's, a charger, and a battery at the least. Not including shims and lube which is like another 12 bucks. So that's over $450. Since I need a stock tube lipo to fit in the stock I like. Ah so many things to consider. >.<
  12. What I really want is a G&P gearbox (or the best gearbox I can get for under $$250-$300 (trying to keep the cost down while still having the look I want) with a Magpul (preferably) body and a Noveske front end. Sounds like a hodgepodge but it's what I want. So you think I should just buy a GB and then go from there? I'm mostly teying to keep the upfront cost down. Because my dad doesn't want me spending ALL my birthday money at once. Which I can understand. So what do you think would be the absolute best option for me for the road I want to go down?
  13. I would get a JG S-System but the ones I see are front wired and I prefer rear wired.
  14. And my gear question? Will the stock gears be fine with an M120 and would I need a new motor? Or will the stock stuff be fine?
  15. I have decided I will probably go with the G&P Magpul M4 CQB MOE, I do have a question though, if I wanted to put an M120 and a new high torque motor in it would the stock gears be fine or would it be better to replace them? Because I will be using an 11.1v buffer tube lipo since the one I want is rear wired. (I prefer rear wired)
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