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  1. Awesome ok and I have the carbine. Bought it around a year ago would that be considered to be an older version?
  2. Alright thanks are there any other major East Coast events im missing here?
  3. I found out Lion claws 2 for the east coast will be april 26-28, 2013, but I cant find an address I only know Pine plains will be in NY at ft. Drum sometime in June 2013. Cant find an exact date or address And I know nothing about operation lightning strike except that its at Ft. Drum. Need a date on address on that as well. Can anyone help?
  4. Want to upgrade my ics l85a2's inner barrel but ive heard it doesnt take a standard aeg inner barrel. Is this true and if so what should I look for
  5. Anyone know if the PDI hop up for the mauzen will fit the UTG type96? I know its a clone leading me to believe it should work but I don't know if they both need specific parts for certain parts of each gun.
  6. I have heard nothing but R hop being the best, but I have have done a lot of searching and reading and still have no idea what it is. I cant tell if it needs a bucking or a nub what is it?? Im building a new hop up system for my UTG l96, and so far I have a PDI chamber for it. Im really set on getting this R-hop being ive heard its the best by a landslide, but I have so many questions. 1. Is it ok to use at around 520 fps? 2. I saw that there are different types of R hop such as IR and ER? what should I get 3. Does it need a nub and if so what would be best here 4. Im assuming I still need a bucking, and if so what AEG bucking would be best and still take 500+ fps Ive seen a ton of installation videos so I don't think I have to worry about that, but please someone explain to me what it is. All I know is it contacts the bb longer making for much better performance. Please someone help me out here, I have googled it and search the forum and need a direct explanation.
  7. Ok so to basically wrap up this post here I just had one last question. Disregarding fps, what bore barrel should I use for 500mm? Ive been getting 6.03 a lot, but my madbull 6.03 definitely is not precise at even 100 feet. I was thinking a 6.08 pdi, but im not 100% on that. Also should I get a specific bore based on what brand bb I use being the sizes of the bbs can be different? I don't know which brands make which sizes so help me ease my mind here.
  8. well price and fps are of no concern to me here, accuracy tops out to me as most important, so bearing this in mind irregardless as to if I lose fps or not, would a 6.03 give me overall the best long range accuracy?(inner barrel wise) Thats my main concern here. Ive been told wider bores are betterso im just a little hesitant here
  9. really? I mean I was planning on going as wide as the orga, youd really go as tight as 6.03? I mean I was thinking 6.08-07 no?
  10. eh I was going to put everything together first and then test out different weights, either .36's or .43's
  11. Good to know. Overall brands aside what bore size would you recommend, disregarding fps loss or gain, for a spring 500+ fps sniper
  12. yea in doing a search I couldnt find a prometheus 6.08 but ill have to check with pdi. I got prometheus 6.08 from another forum discussion so who knows. Would a PDI 6.08 be alright though? Im not aware of the overall opinion on PDI, or in this case its barrel quality
  13. The hop up chamber...the r hop is compatible with the PDI L96 hop up chamber right? as for the barrel width, please my sniper is shooting well over 550 I couldnt care less if lost up to about 10% of that. After all the research ive been doing ive been drawn the most towards a prometheus 6.08. Opinions?
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