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  1. I use a highspeed med kit for my field kit. CAT on the shoulder medical shears roll of gauss *adding quick clot* ibu and advil medium sized bandaids for booboos and scrapes
  2. zipper def leads to a real pocket. the pouch itself is pretty big (if im thinking of the same one, looks the same) the middle external pocket can hold a pack of fagg*ts and an iphone. hope this helped at all.
  3. Elite Force bb's come in bottles easy to pour already.
  4. as stated earlier theyre all pretty much the same. however the UTGs have been looked at as being a bit higher quality than the others.
  5. so make it your own... my combat machine is like no other M4 ive ever seen. and I don't consider myself a NEWBb, but I could be wrong. plus M4 mags are every where, call for a UMP mag on the field and youre pretty much high and dry.
  6. don't know about which guns are bad but before I switched to an AEG I used to use a GEN2 master sniper. the gen2's were worse than the current model and I still had a lot of fun with it. the gen3 seems like a perfect mess around gun.
  7. I use point shooting in CQB and teach all my team members how to do it bcause its such a good method of low light and stress shooting. as for the pistols. I think that if you can not mind the lack of sliding action the UMAREX USP.45 is the most efficient because it doesnt use gas to work the slide action. accuracy at 5 yards should be fine in any of your choices.
  8. just my 2 cents but whenever I buy a secondary weapon IE. a handgun, I look at it with the assumption that it is either my cqb weapon or as an emergency reserve if my primary goes down. What im getting at is that I don't personally ever look at accuracy as one of my requirements, I look at reliability and efficiency because I know ill need it when im in a real jam. if youre going to target shoot however then any KWA is what youre looking for.
  9. I don't know about ehobby. but gi sells those 30 dollar smart chargers and ive never had a problem with them
  10. I own and field the combat machine M4. dispite its lower than average FPS it is my favorite gun that I have used because of the weight and economic performance. for the price I do not belive you can beat it because of the polymer construction that I trust more than a metal body. I trust it so much because I have fallen on it a lot. the gearbox is good too and ive never had problems with it. for the price its a great platform weapon too if you ever want to buy some parts and take it to your local shop to have them pro installed. I highly recommend the combat machine
  11. for under 60$ youre not going to find much really worth a d*mn. I guess if that is your budget you may want to try an LPEG because they are in that range. if you can get another 40$ though you can get a lancer tactical M4 (airsoftgi.com) which is uncomparable to an LPEG. keep with it man and im sure youll fall in love with the game.
  12. .With a budget of 400 usd for everything INCLUDING a gun you're going to be looking at the low cost stuff for sure. Pantac is some cool kit but I've been playing for 5 years using the cheap stuff and the last 3 years I've had the same condor vest. Needless to say if you plan on actually fighting a war then go with the expensive stuff, for airsoft less expensive gear will be fine. As for knee pads go with the x pad type, they're much better than a standard version.
  13. I've been usuing the emerson tectical digital desert uniform set for about 6 months now and I've had nothing but good experiences. The stitching is from china so there are a few loose threads but I donnt mind for what you're getting. Overall I have to say uniform wise their combat shirt and pant sets are of pretty good quality. Irishsnipers.
  14. That floppy feeling from a drop leg is the reason I carry my pistol on my vest now. But I like the double belt idea so I think ill give that a try. As for the quality of clone serpas always buy the real thing if you can but my 226 clone holster from airsoftpark.com has not broken yet so I would say the quality is ok and I got if for a really good price. Dual 1911s would be fantastic, Irishsnipers
  15. Most green lasers bought from over seas are 20mw if they are green because for the same powers consumption of a 5mw red laser a green will run at 20mw. As for when 20mw gets in your eye you will go permenantly blind that is. Just not true, having it drag across will not cause damage, but like everyone else has said, get back to cover if your face is being laserd. You only have 2 eyes, Irishsnipers
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