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  1. I figured I try a different style of editing, not sure how this will work out. I forgot to color correct, LOL! I'll do that next time. I did mess up the go pro angle.... AGAIN. Some CQB footage is still viewable regardless. I had alot of good shots during this game but unfortunately my camera was out of focus for most of them so I had to cut this video short. Let me know what you guys think! Hopefully I can improve for the next video.
  2. I need to know the exact length or closest available replacement barrel.
  3. Some of you have been following me since my first scope cam and now I'm trying to do a POV/Head cam with it. It honestly needs more work and adjustment with cameras but I'm trying to get there. I know this isn't a pure sniper/BASR and it may not be everyone's taste being that I shoot semi but I did start airsoft as a BASR user for about 5-6 years until I finally moved to the m14. "This is my first attempt at a POV and scope cam combination. It didnt turn out the way I wanted to but I think its decent. Ill have to adjust my cameras next time. I need to close the scope cam LCD due to it being in the way of the POV and raise the go pro a little more. I didn't get to do much CQB like I wanted to as I was still getting used to my new setup. Regardless, I still had a lot of fun. Hopefully my next POV+Scope Cam video will have alot of improvement. Now you have better look of how it looks in game, right? As a reminder, OHFM has the worst windage compared to any other field on Guam so expect some curve shots and follow up fire. For those who have played with me at OHFM, you understand why we do alot of follow up shots. Kill assurance? LOL. Enjoy the video. don't forget to comment, like and subscribe!"
  4. Finally found time to play on a game day. Had a great time getting back on the field. Just another day laying down some fire and cover and a little bit of screwing around. No fancy extra long distance kills on this one, didn't have an opportunity. I had to play more of an aggressive designated marksman since my team, at many times weren't playing effectively. I ended up having to advance forward and close distances just to keep our team moving. Pretty odd for my role, right? I can't really show that style of play with the scope cam. Hopefully in the very near future I'll pick up another go pro hero to record a first person view. Hope you guys enjoy the video. As usual, please comment, like, subscribe and even share!
  5. As far as funding/loans/license. I can find the right people to talk to... I just need to know if I need insurance or anything like that. How many square feet is ideal? I can also talk to a local dealer about guns, gear and BBs. Im sure 350fps should be the ideal limit. Im not looking for an arena good for 50, just a small number at first, like 30 people maximum... or even 20. Its more aimed at tourists here in my area but of course the local community is always welcome. I know for a fact that our airsoft community have at least 20-40 regular active players in one of the main fields. We do see 70 maximum at times. The thing is our tourists are mostly asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese ) and Im sure they'd love to play airsoft for a while during their vacation. Are there also other things I need to know? I really want to get this started.
  6. First official release of my M14 EBR scope cam. Alot of curve shots due to OHFM's ( The field ) notorious windage but still was able to land hits. A few of the hits you see on the video might be assists on my part, not too sure but most likely there are some you'll notice. There were a few more shots I wanted to put in but they were blurry. Sad part is they were one of my best hits that day. Hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe and expect more vids to come in the following weeks! Ive posted this in a few other places but Im aware that the music may not be everyone's taste so the next vid Ill either tone it down or remove it altogether. Also, it is really windy on that field... so if you see hits on the left or the right of the cross hair, then you know why. Let me know if you guys like it!
  7. I'd say go for it... I have the same exact gun running on HPA. don't wanna carry alot of mags? If you do the HPA conversion, you should probably do the hi cap conversion.
  8. Great comparison pics. Just a suggestion, I think it may help to post the lumens as well. I'm considering on picking up the PEQ16A. Anyword on the scope I was looking for?
  9. I have 2 TM 5-7s that work like a boss. Only one of them had the outer barrel sickness.. Had a local tech do a quarter turn on the barrel and drill new holes. Problem fixed and still shoots great!
  10. Electrical tape mod for the bucking? I thought the e-tape mod was for making barrel spacers. You must be talking about the teflon tape mod for the bucking.. Anyways, try getting 6.03... if you're really limited to the Deepfire .02 and .04... I'd say go for .04...
  11. Tried to PM/email this seller the past few days. No reply. I really want to purchase a scope. EDIT: Contact made, thanks!
  12. I do live on a U.S. Territory called Guam so there are times where its sort of difficult for places to recognize us as part of the U.S. I'm still fairly new to the HPA System so I've decided to get the DevGru 2.5 rig from RedlineAirsoft. I'm also getting a couple male/male quick disconnect nipples for the mags. The taps I have available from a friend! Thank goodness! The scuba tank I'm also getting a scuba tanked loaned by from a friend, I just need to buy a refill station. Refills at the local Scuba shop are only $3 ( WOW, RIGHT? ) so its no biggie. ntrirish7, lon3wo1f. Thank you for your help and input. I greatly appreciate it. I just don't wanna mess up my orders as Im just starting out on hpa rigs. Im really excited to receive my RA Tech M14 EBR LVL 3, much more when I finally get to rig the HPA kit to it. I just drool at your m14 lon3wo1f, beautiful rifle. I'll post a pic of mine when she finally arrives!
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