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  1. im new to airsoft I just bought my gun.. im 11 and looking for a place to play. I have a JG G608 G36C it needs to be near fairfax virginia I cant seem to find anywhere to play. please tell me where I can play. thanks
  2. Just ordered :) should be coming 2-4 days Hope I orderd the right thing :D
  3. ok thx but I'm still gonna vo with amazon shud I odrder it wih hitguns or airsplat
  4. Why not? if I buy through amazon they just buy it from asgi or evike and transfer it to me. Its the exact same thing and my parents wont worry about it. its the same thing as long as you don't buy it from a used person for the jg g36c I can choose hitguns or airsplat. Thats also a question which shud I buy from?
  5. Okay decided everythings fine with what I got. although I think I need a smart charger (don't think ill be that reliable with not frying the battery) would this work on it? http://www.amazon.com/TSD-Universal-Charge...d=2NQ7NWF2SLK5G if not please link what will and please it must be on amazon.
  6. oky thx I'm going to get the 36c but as I said in bound to it now
  7. Alright thanks, but as I said my friend already bought it so im pretty much bound do it xD
  8. I'm just asking if everything I linked good? Or is there a flaw. Please answer
  9. why? Is it better? Because I have no problem with the g36c I just wanted to know if the de m89p was better
  10. Okay thanks guys. My friend just orderd my scope and speedloader for my birthday so im pretty much bound to my jg g36c decision... Finally Im happy I finally can stop looking. Im getting all of this in a total of $172 but its only $130 for me. Here is all im ordering. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist...=topnav_lists_1 If you find any problem with it please reply SOON... as I don't want to waste my money entirely
  11. Alright. im pretty much set on the jg g36c I still think sniping would be ALOT of fun though.. you guys said if I got the agm mp001 I would hate sniping.... you guys are probably thinking im playing with really good players. in reality im going aginst theese. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Crosman-Airsoft-...peater/15939524 and http://www.amazon.com/M83a2-Electric-Airso...4592&sr=8-1 so would I still hate sniping and get wrecked? im not really sure. just asking cause if I got that I would save $50 and I think have alot more fun but u guys said I would hate it but you never knew what I was going up against thanks
  12. alright, sounds good. Thank you for all ur help
  13. Okay thanks looks like im getting the jg g36c. now I want a sniper scope with it. I hear it has picatinny or weaver im not really sure so I want to know which scope would FIT the gun people just reccomend random scopes.. would this fit? : http://www.amazon.com/3-9X40-Black-Scope-R...oduct_top\ thanks
  14. ok thank you I will keep it to this thread and I guess I'll go with the jg g36c ty for ur help
  15. Alright after lots of post's ive decided im going to get either the JG G608 G36C or te DE M89 UMP UMP : http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2412 G36c: http://www.amazon.com/Jing-Gong-G608-Airso...9048&sr=8-1 The de me89p is most likely my best choice but I heard some bad things from it and some good. De m89p : Pros: Lower fps which is what I want Looks really cool only 4 pounds Cons: I hear it has low ROF other than that none JG G36C: Pros looks decent good rof Cons: Too high fps See lot of reports of lemons Please tell me what I should get. Thanks
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