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  1. LOVE THE IDEA!!!! Budget friendly and simple! Does the FET go between the trigger and the motor?
  2. I have a 9.6 1600 mAh Intellect. Also what do you think about putting on deans first, seeing how the gun shoots. Then short stroke, see how the gun preforms. and finally swiss cheese the piston to possibly get the FPS back up to what it was. Oh and your were correct, my piston only has one metal tooth. What is a good budget brand of Piston that I can purchase with half or full metal teeth? Also is E Hobby Asia a reliable site? Their stuff seems to be pretty cheap, with name brands.
  3. I am brand new to Airsoft and I only play CQB. My first gun is a JG MK36c, it is the version with the crane stock and the M4 mag well. Everything on it is stock still. However I have played twice and I know what I would like my gun to do differently. I would like a slightly higher RoF. possibly from 14-15 Rps to 18-20 Rps. I was thinking I could acheive this is multiple ways. First: Short Stroking the Piston and Sector gear. (I have done my research on this and it seems fairly straight forward.) Second: Now that my gun is short stroked (Properly), I have a slightly higher RoF, but now a lower FPS. SOOOOOO I was going to upgrade my spring. Keeping it within my CQB limits (360 FPS) Third: I would like to place Deans on my Gun and Battery and Charger. From my research this should upgrade my RoF by about 2 Rps (average). (Also a more responsive trigger) Last: If my FPS is below 360, I would like to upgrade my stock 6.08 Barrel (247mm) to a 6.04 or 6.03. I need the opinion of an well rounded Airsoft Techy on this. I work on RC Helicopters and RC Cars, but Never on Airsoft Guns. Do you think these steps would possibly get me the desired outcome? Please no off-topic answers, and thank you all so much for your input! -David
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