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  1. Bump Offers accepted... but not trades!
  2. Bump - Make offers!! Gotta get rid of this gun and mags!
  3. Bump great shape, great price, get some!!
  4. Bump - %10 off total for the next week. buy now!!
  5. Bump - 0500 wake up never sucked so much. Check the rules: 6) Thread Bumping: Is allowed once per day beginning that day after you post the original message. If you are caught excessively bumping, we will warn you the first couple of times. After that, your thread faces being locked or deleted and your posting rights restricted. Please note when bumping your posts the moderator team (and other users I'm sure) would prefer you to add an additional piece of information, or comment on something someone has said rather than just typing "bump". Doing this will still have the same effect, however it will contribute more to the forum. 6b) Additional Bumping Notes: Bumping includes updates to the advertisement and answering questions. Do not double-post in the same day with updates or bumps, edit the first one. Time your bump appropriately. One bump per day translates to one bump per 24 hours. An early bump up to 1.5 hours before the 24 hour time span has passed is allowed, but please do not exceed this. Please make use of the Edit button or PM the member if you wish to answer their question.
  6. Airsoft GI G4-A3: - upgraded buttstock with metal end (much more durable) - upgraded with one-piece metal hop-up unit by Systema - upgraded with KWA 2GX hop-up bucking - upgraded with JBU 363mm 6.03mm tightbore - upgraded with free-floating metal rail-system (purchased from other user without specification of brand) - upgraded with metal 14mm CCW Bird-cage flash-hider Also included: - two OD rail cover - one Black rail cover - front sling attachment Gun shipped for $194 - 2 Airsoft Elite 300rd metal high-cap magazines: $13 each or BOTH shipped for $23 - Tenergy Smart Charger with dual speed setting, large to small adapter, and additional adapter: $21 shipped Everything shipped for $238 Rifle, mags, acog shipped for $225 Paypal or Money Order, NO TRADES
  7. Bump - whole lot now selling for $215 shipped.
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