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  1. hrm... I am not sure of the difference between those two styles. but here is a link to my exact model of gun so if you know the difference and can tell me which it is and if it may work then that would be greatly appreciated http://www.airsoftstation.com/jg-m4a1-airs...e-jin-gong.html
  2. I have a JG M4 with the standard delta ring style way of holding the handguard on will an airsoft M4S1 handguard fit on my gun using the same system already on my gun without having to remove the front sight or replacing the end cap? here is the style I am talking about http://www.365airsoft.com/m4s1-ar15m4-airs...rd-bk-p-96.html
  3. I am looking to buy at least one if not two mags I do not care if metal or plastic nor if high cap or mid cap just needs to fit a JG M4 6604(pretty sure takes standard mags) I only have 10$ so it has to be under 10$ including shipping cost I will take offers for a while and will accept the best deal from within that period
  4. I am looking for a decent name brand aeg something like a JG or a CYMA needs to be complete, and working and needs to have a battery and at least one mag looking for 330-400 fps and would like it to have decent range looks is not as important as functionality.... I do not mind a few scratches and wear marks the kicker is I only have 90$ to spend. I do not have any more than that and will not be able to get any more than that for a while. so whatever it is it needs to be less than 90$ including all shipping costs. let me know what you got....... I can't do any worse than say no
  5. will you do 80$ shipped? if so I will buy one in about a week
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