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  1. It hard to name the brands. Its a stainless steel piston an piston head. Brandnew ball bearing unsure of nMe but were expensive and high quality. A brand new 10$ bucking. Gemtech suppressor. New plastic stock type piston. Ball bearing spring guide. New Plastic tapett plate and air nozzle. Give a rough appraisal of ehat the gun might be worth
  2. I have a gandg mp5 blowback aeg. It has a threaded barrel and comes with a gemtech suppressor. The gun is upgraded with a high torque motor, new tappet plate, new high quality cylinder and cylinder head. High speed motor, metal ball bearing spring guide.and a brand new bucking and brand new high quality ball bearings. All these parts are pretty nice. I did a touch up paint job and the supressor has a bit of a runny paint pattern. And the gun has a couple small patches of runny paint. Other than that it looks great. I just shimmed the gearbox and greased it. What is this gun worth. Keep in ming it goes for around 280 new
  3. Heres what the gun itself looks like http://www.freeimagehosting.net/r926r Here are the parts, Im not sure where they go http://www.freeimagehosting.net/3i3tt Im sorry about the small pictures
  4. I don't have an account on any of those and I need to send the pics from my phone. Email would be a lot easier
  5. Hi it wont let me post the pics here. whats your email adress and ill send them to that
  6. Uhc 6 inch revolver. I took it apart completely. Do u need pic?.
  7. I have a gas revolver I disassembled. I know where most parts go but cant figure out where a few springs and such go. If anyone couldhelp me get this thing back together thatd be great. If anyone can help ill post pics. Thanks.
  8. I need a co2 uzi and im desperate to buy one asap. Lemme know what you got
  9. Looking for an IMI mini. Let me know what you got and pricing
  10. Looking for kwc or softair imi uzi. Hoping to spend under 100
  11. Yea just forget the wiring for a minute. Im talking about the 2 metal pieces at the bottom of the motor. Even if I did find this part. Is it even possible to install it?
  12. The part of the motor where you usually connect the wire to broke off. Its like a small metal orang at the bottom of the motor and there is one on each side for the wires to slip onto. I was wondering if I can butly this small part and attach it to my motor or if I need to buy a new motor all together.please help
  13. Looking for an uzi can be gas or co2 operated. Looking to spend under 100. Not looking for mac 11 types. Let me know what you got
  14. Title explains all. Let me know if you have one. Only looking for gearbox shell
  15. When taking apart my blowback ak I came a cross the piston which is different than nbb pistons. Mine is all plastic and about to break so I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a blowback piston. Preferrably plastic but with all metal teethh.
  16. I took apart my gas revolver and all the parts flew out when I opened it. I know where most the parts go but there are a rew springs and such I cant find where to put back. If anyone has a gas revolver disassembly guide or even a pic of internals that would be much appreciated
  17. I TOOK Apart my uhc gas revolver and now I cant remember where some of the parts go. Its basically fully taken apart and there are a few springs and such that I cant put back in because I don't know where they go. Id there a video of disassembly or even a picture of where all the internals should go. Ive looked and cant find one. Im n.ot very good with gas pistols.anyway please help.
  18. I should have mentioned I have a camo sticker like cover on the outside of the lens. So I probably cant use soap there.and what do you mean by buffing the lense.
  19. I bought a scott vectra full face mask and it rpovides great cover but when im breathing and sweating it fogs up a lot and I find myself rubbing the inside with my hand every other minute. Major annoyance and waste of time on the field. Is there a way to make it fog less. Some sort of spray maybe. I want to keep the mask but if I cant stop the fogging im going o look for an alternative protection
  20. Looking for guns that are in pieces.as long as gun has all parts included I don't are if its not completely assembled. I its not working im still interested. Looking aegs, gas guns, aeps. Only looking to spend 30-40$. Tell me what you got and keep in mind my price range.
  21. Looking for broken aegs. Basically if it has a metal gearbox im interested. Not looking to spend a lot but if you have broken guns tell me and we"ll settle on a price. don't care what the problem is as long as it has all parts and evrn if its missing parts but they can be replaced, im still interested.
  22. Looking for gas or co2 type uzis. Not looking for mac11 or mac10. Looking to spend around 60. don't need any accessories but do need gun to be in working condition.
  23. Not looking for any mac 11 or mac10. Strictly uzi style. Message me what you got.
  24. Looking for a gas or co2 uzi or mac 11 or mac 10. Message me what you got and asking price.
  25. -snip- Please read the pinned items in the B/S/T section. Also, even if you were an authorized seller, this would be the wrong section. It's for "classic" airsoft guns only.
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