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  1. I contacted G&G USA and they redirected me to Evike as their main distributor. Contacted Evike, and they said they'll attempt to order the F2000 flash hider - if successful, maybe they'll have a little stock of them... basically, it all depends on the price G&G makes for them and how many pieces they take.. if they take one piece and ask me $100, well, out of luck ;-)
  2. In general when guns go through many guys its because none of them could fix it ;) I can't see any of his issues happening on mine. it's really sturdy and I've modified it 1000 times, thrown it around, etc. I find the F2000 harder to fix because most parts aren't standard. I'm still looking for an air nozzle of the right size with oring on mine, for "perfect compression". Tappet plate, piston, and many other things are also non-standard and hard to find. Then, there's the "only some mags fit unless you modify them" issue, the semi auto fire "issue" too. Out of the box is still seems very accurate and powerful to me (adjustable 350-400fps is pretty cool) - better than any ~$200 AEG I've ever had. But yeah, it's not all bright, and at $300+ I'd expect a semi auto working perfectly, but, well, nope hehe:)
  3. Well, it, I added a flashlight. Its easy to do without buying the G&G stuff. Just remove the front hand guard, find a flash light that fits in it (it's precut from factory to hold the flash light!) Make a hole at the front for the lens to pop out (I suggest a good quality dremel) and a hole at the back to turn it off/on, or on the side, or via pressure switch, whatever you like. The assembly is extremely easy. Looks badass, albeit I have to remove the silencer and find a real F2000 flashhider, as the silencer covers quite a bit of the light emitted by the flash light. Seriously, looks awesome in my book! Obligatory pics attached
  4. note sure if I'd trust his experience as a reference, all other reviews get 400+fps (he absolutely doesn't), all other reviews claim excellent accuracy (he claims horrible accuracy) I don't see how the pin can fall off either - I did see another video with a guy who had issues with the pin. It looked like he didnt know how you put it back :( The guy bought it used, so I'm guessing his gun was just broken in many different ways. It's kinda dumb to review a broken gun imo. :) He said 6 guys had this gun before he did.... About the semi firing that dosent work, so apparently one has to push the gearbox far forward to fix that. This one is an issue ive seen everywhere however. And the gearbox can move slightly back, which "breaks" the semi auto firing. Some seem to put some piece of plastic/cardboard/etc to "fix it". Battery space, ive 2200mah 2S in mine and there's space left..
  5. Some of the hard kicking airsoft guns actually kick approx as hard as SOME small 9mm handguns, like, say a px4. Handguns don't all kick all that hard. Heck some machine guns have recoil but nearly zero kick to it. Like the uzi's and mp5s. Those things really feel soft when you shot them. Or stuff like the AA12, I barely notice the kick. Otherwise yeah, the kick is half the fun :) (the gbb noise is the other half? :p) In fact, I feel bad when theres nearly zero kick on some real steel weapons, since I shot them for fun, not for killing stuff or being ultra accurate.
  6. Im also eyeing the G39. Have only one WE gun, was told WE is "crap", but it's about as good as my marui guns.. and this one looks pretty good. As for cybergun, they sucks, but that's no reason to "hate the french". It's like if I said "I hate americans" just because of the US's government actions. Senseless.
  7. Note that the gearbox is easy to open if you need to open it, but yeh, if you have to ask you probably don't want/need to open it :) mainly the way the spring is working makes disassembly easy :)
  8. I've got the urbang sling F2000 sling. its not cheap but it's good. it's the one for the real F2000 and it wraps at the back the way you said. Unlike many things, while its expensive you do get something that's made with good quality materials, so, I wasn't disappointed. The sling goes around the buttstock so you can't change battery without removing it. but since its clipped its not that hard. The other thing I'd get is a proper flash hider such as the G-02-089 (its the actual correct F2000 flash hider), but I've no idea where to get it. Also my F2000 came with what you'd qualify as a tight bore barrel so im not sure if upgrading that is really necessary (note that I did write "im not sure" ive never bought a better barrel yet, some of my guns had a tight bore barrel some did not). I think I'd just go with lipo and mosfet, proper midcap, sling, some chims to fix up stuff inside if necessary, then nice look stuff :p Another thing I'd want to upgrade on mine is the front hand grip, I'd like to get the way too expensive one with a flash light integrated. Heheh. Note that I also run mine with the integrated scope (you know, that one: http://www.forte.jor.br/wp-content/uploads.../fn_f2000_4.jpg ) and I don't really see why you'd use a bi/tripod :) The scope as iron sights on top for close range (although I generally just point and shot), and is actually pretty good at medium/long range. Last thing I'd wanna upgrade is the air nozzle, I find the airseal isnt' so good. I haven't found any of the proper dimensions tho. I'd want one with a actual rubber ring obviously. As for the rest of the looks, it's probably nicer to paint it yourself, if you're into that, albeit "just the mag" might be what you like :p I use KA and even matrix midcaps. Some midcaps need modification (cut a part of it) due to a non-standard screw position in the f200 gearbox. Its really easy to do tho. Cheaper than G&G by a mile. And for look vs efficiency.. if I wasn't into the look personally, I'd be playing paint ball. :) Finally to answer your question ive small hands as well. Not tiny but smaller than average. I also have a P90. The F2000 is bigger, heavier, larger, longer. No doubt. It makes my P90 feel like a toy. I've zero problem with handling. It actually feels better to me (except, its quite a big heavier, but it feels more realistic that way). The P90 is easier for me in CQB due to the smaller size. Heck, I love the F2000 so here's some pics for you, hopefully that'll help. So that's the stock scope when you get the scope version. You can't see the sight markings in the picture due to the camera but they're black and perfectly clear/sharp. I'm guessing the scope is about 1.6x like, I believe, the real one. Thats the iron sights. Nothing fancy. Works. That's my hand and whatever I could find as reference, so, a $5 bill :p That's my hand holding the gun. You can also see the urban sling (black. they have several colors, camos, etc.) I can hold the gun with 1 hand without much troubles. Its well balanced and the grip is good. ie, I can shoot one handed if I want to.
  9. Only "issue" I ever had is that sometimes it doesnt shoot on semi. Switching to full fires fine all the time (and you can fire "semi" when the switch is on full anyway) And yeah I have the newer models with the corrected trigger... still happens.
  10. As far as I know,HS5 designs extreme-fire's mosfets. Just FYI ;-) They're good but they're expensive. So it really depends on what you're looking for.
  11. (just as a precision some mosfet do give u a higher rof by boosting the voltage, which implies all sort of things for the battery. just because else my post isn't entirely accurate the major advantage is being able to modulate the rof on the field) I've heard good things about disguised enemy. but then again, since you're going to solder the mosfet anyway, or at least cut wires and screw them on, it means you're going to tinker. if you're going to tinker, making your own mosfet is generally not big deal (and much cheaper) :) the good thing is that you really have a wide choice in this thread, depending on how cheap you wanna be / features / willing to solder 3 things together / etc.
  12. I must have been drunk I meant to type XT60 not EC60.. lol. Regardless... I'm not saying deans are *bad* (although the knock offs are slightly dangerous at high power), I'm saying when making a new gun and having no older battery one may want to use something better. as for mosfets they do not change anything to the matter. you get the same amount of amps out of the battery through the connectors. The mosfet helps with contacts only.
  13. I'd like to note that I come from a non-airsoft world, and I see everyone recommending deans. Deans aren't really the best connectors: 1/ many deans sold by airsoft stores are fake deans. they're cheaper yes. but the plastic is crap and may burn/melt under high current (that's more of an issue if you were going with a higher power build, but some run 4S lipos with motors that eat like 100A) 2/ they're annoying to plug/unplug and more difficult to solder than others We're generally using EC60s or barrel plugs in the RC world for the above reasons. EC60s support higher current, theres no fake ones with bad plastic so far AFAIK, soldering is easier, the pads are clearly separated, polarity is marked, and they're easier to plug/unplug. Barrel plugs support super high currents and the plastic is less relevant due to their design (the side of the barrel matters), but they're longer so might not be adapted to airsoft. in the end I just go to EC60s.
  14. unconventional airsoft mosfet <= cheapest, and good. extreme-fire is the opposite of cheap ;) for the ebay link above their site is http://www.precisetactical.com/ I'm not sure how much I'd trust their mosfet as they say to use that with a lipo and their "rapid trigger pack" which seems to be a few condos. Except lipos deliver instant voltage and those make no difference. they also claim faster rof and trigger response which is also not really true. to be honest, except if you want active braking or that kind of stuff (then extreme fire is fine), I'd go with the unconventional airsoft mosfet (its really easy to make). just add a lipo low voltage beeper from hobbyking (its like $2) and change battery when it beeps (else you risk burning it off) note that AB increases wear and decreases noise, not necessarily something you want to have. (but you may)
  15. I guess the upper post is too old to edit it so I'll reply to myself: The piston head just isn't going away. I'm just going to replace the piston as well since there's no way I can get it off (unless I drill it away but I prefer getting a new piston then) Right now I'm getting slightly over 500FPS, ROF did not change, with the M150 spring. (410FPS with the stock which is I believe M120 or so) So, the stock hopup and bucking are actually pretty good. The seal is perfect. I might r-hop it in the future. The air nozzle is average. It doesn't seal perfectly but it's really decent. The cylinder head seals perfectly. The metal gears have bigger than usual shims, and by using thinner shims I could have it slightly better than stock, but it's far from super perfect (its still pretty good). The bushing/gear contact is not tight enough so there is some play. it's not a lot of play, but obviously this induces more noise, friction and stress that it could be if it was perfect. I guess I'd have to replace gears and/or bushings to fix that. Maybe one day. I'm not too confident into choosing the proper size of gears right now. The last thing I noticed is that it's easy to misplace tappet plate on the air nozzle. I did it once or twice without noticing, and this obviously not only may damage it but also kills the FPS (getting <200fps is quite a hint). It also blows the air out of the feeding port, obviously. I looked up a bit on the net how to find out about such issues as I hadn't directly noticed it wasnt properly mounted. I found zero indication about this. Once I solved it, I realized, 50% of the posts I have read so far *must* have been incorrectly reassembled air nozzle+tappet. Most of them had huge drops in FPS after "changing spring") and could find a leak between the nozzle and the bucking but did not realize why or what. I think its because most people don't know how it works when they first tinker with it, and the ones who know expect the newbies to have read a proper "how does an AGE GB works" (except I didn't see any such guide). So obviously, when the tappet is not properly assembled with the air nozzle, it doesn't push it all the way into the hopup unit/against the bucking and theres an enormous air leak (a hole in the piston head is a small leak in comparison :P). So yeah, just my 2cts. Still loving the gun. I'll update my FPS/ROF and accuracy result with the new piston head, and r-hop when I get around to doing that, hopefully this helps someone.
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