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  1. thank you. I couldnt cancel my sub either, and it was kind of making me mad because admin didnt respond to any method of communication, so I was charged a couple times that I didnt want to be.
  2. I need to improve my trigger response. It currently sucks, there is way too much lag between the trigger pull and the bb exiting the barrel. This is a huge problem when playing semi-auto-only CQB, trying to squeeze off rounds quickly just results in a jam or the trigger just quits working for a second until I switch to full auto, shoot a couple rounds at the wall, and switch back to semi. If it matters, I'm using a 8.4v battery. Would a 9.6v help trigger response? Or is it the motor? Any tips and info would be appreciated
  3. I'm discussing the gear set with a buyer right now, so consider it SOLD until further notice. Bump.
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