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  1. Hey guys, I have a jg m4 s-system that I want to get fixed. I had opened it up before to wire it to the back, but don't want to go through the trouble of opening it up again. PM me for details. I would prefer someone near me in southeastern PA
  2. Hey everyone, I have a jg m4 s-system laying around that I want to get fixed. I had opened it up to wire it to the back and now when it shoots bb's just fall out of the barrel or loop out to 20 feet. I believe there is a problem with the piston, but I don't want to open it up again. Please get back to me if you are near south eastern Pennsylvania.
  3. Anyone? Looking to make a purchase tomorrow for either one I was going to purchase a lonex a4 motor or a g&p m120
  4. The jg is stock. I don't really know what other information to give. Both shoot around 350
  5. I am looking at two used aegs for cqb use. The first is an agm stubby killer with four filled mags, two 8,4v batteries, a smart charger and a tbb for $100. The other is a jg stubby killer with four mags for $100, not really sure of the specs on this one though. Any information is appreciated.
  6. I am in the market for a gbb pistol. I want to stay around the $100 range. I am particularly interested in the kjw g23 and the we 1911. I have heard its a hit and miss for most people with we and most of the threads with we vs kjw are people with experience with one or the other. Just wanted to get your opinions. Any information is appreciated.
  7. I have some 16 gauge low voltage wiring laying around my house. I was wondering if this would work ok for wiring inside my gun.
  8. Will do. It did seem a bit odd since I was only using and 8.4. It seemed fine when I bypassed the fuse. Going to get a new one today
  9. Thanks man. Found out it was the fuse last night. Glad it was such an easy fix. Going to pick one up today
  10. I was recently using my jg m4 s-system enhanced version in a skirmish. After several repeated shots on semi my gun suddenly stopped working. When I pulled the trigger there seemed to be no electrical current coming from the battery. I tried it with numerous other charged batteries and still nothing. I believe it is a trigger fuse problem or something with the motor connectors. Any input is greatly appreciated on how to fix it.
  11. The s-system is also very front heavy with very limited battery space
  12. Thanks man. I've really been considering soldering to deans but I just didn't know how much better connection I would get. I think I'll pick some up from deal extreme. About $5 for 10 sets and heat shrink
  13. Has anyone retired a front wired m4 to the rear? Im guessing I'll have to lengthen the wires and resolder? Thanks
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