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    With regard to this website, I am interested in how I can use Airsoft to supplement/replace our existing simunition training solution.

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  1. All, I'm looking for the collective hive mind here to help me out. My department recently spent $2,500 on Simunitions. This will get us about 6 months worth of training, and then we're going to need to rebuy. This is for patrol and CID only, doesn't include any of the training that SWAT and the Jail do, as they buy their own stuff. We're looking to either supplement or replace these god-awful expensive sim guns. From what I remember from my early 20's, we want gas guns. At a minimum, we need to purchase the following: (8) Glock pistols. We don't care about trademarks or any of that, just on form and function. Ideally, they will be the same size as a G17/G22, so they fit in our holsters. We need the most reliable possible, with function being identical to the actual pistols. (4) AR-15 style rifles, with carry handle sights and fixed front sight. Again, reliability is the key here. Full auto is unnecessary, and we would prefer a gas gun that cycles a bolt as opposed to an electric. (6) Aggressor weapons. It doesn't matter what these are, figure 4 pistols and 2 rifles. Reliability and function are key. In an ideal world, they would replicate what the bad guys around here would carry, but as I don't think there's a market for airsoft versions of Jennings and HighPoint, whatever will work. Accuracy needs to be on par with our sim guns (meaning accurate out to about a hundred feet or so). These are mainly used for building clearing and building search exercises, as that's 98% of what we do. They need to hit hard enough that we can feel it. Also, they need to be easy enough to fix that our gunsmith can fix it if they have issues. Thanks.
  2. To whom it may concern: I would like someone to grant me access to Military, LE and Special Operations subforum. My department is looking at either supplementing our Simunition training with airsoft, or replacing it entirely, and I would like to chat with some other officers about their experiences regarding equipment, allowances, etc. I know that I am a new registration to this forum, but my interest in airsoft at this point in my life is purely professional. I played somewhat seriously about 10 years ago in my early 20's, but really haven't messed with it any since then. I am happy to participate in any vetting process as you may find necessary, but respectfully request that it be done in a private manner. Thanks.
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