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  1. Sorry if this is a quick fix and I'm just being dumb. Heres some pics: http://s1162.photobucket.com/albums/q538/IRL22/
  2. No rails, just the plain old m4 hand guards. The only alen keys I see don't seem to be accessible by an allen wrench. They are right under the lip where the top of the had guards clip in.
  3. Recently the front end/outer barrel of my G&G Combat Machine M4 Blowback has been wiggly. It fell off yesterday while I was playing. Basically the outer barrel along with the replica gas tube thingy still attached is off the gun. I figured out how to get it back in place, but I have no idea how to secure it without glue. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi What's the most powerful spring I could put in the KWA sr12 without upgrading any other parts? Thanks
  5. Hi I'm looking at buying guns like the a&k sr25 or KWA sr12. The only problem is I really don't like the look of the fixed stock, and would also like it to be adjustable. So, is there any way I can change the stock into a crane stock? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. So installing a tight bore barrel and an r hop will help the most? What would you recommend for a good platform? And regarding what you said about barrel length, I would be incorrect in saying that a stock m16 would have significantly better range than a stock p90?
  7. Hello I used to have a G&G m4 combat machine blowback. It was a great gun, but I always wanted more range (and fps). Are there any AEG's out there that are longer than the average m4/ak/assault rifle and have more range? Personally I dislike the way m16's look and the fixed stock. I was looking at some of the GI G4 DMR's. I have $300 to spend on a new DMRish gun. I'm aware that to get a true DMR you would probably have to upgrade a whole lot, so I need a stock gun that will have great range or one that I can upgrade to shoot farther somewhat easily(I have no upgrade experience). Thanks!
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