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  1. The hole even if blocked will lose compression. The problem is the o-ring cannot form to it very well as it passes. FPS loss? Not sure but I can tell you it does that. You need some tech advice on checking compression?
  2. I don't think suggesting a full cylinder to change the FPS purposely is a good idea... I think the best thing to do is get a stronger spring and short stroke.
  3. Soon mean you already bought it? I hated mine to death and finally sold it.
  4. Did you check the bb stopper by hand with a bb?
  5. Sounds like nub touches too much.
  6. The way I did it was drill a hole at the location through the body. Then insert and push the screw through the body into the location and screw it in place. Put a velcro sticker over the hole. You can remove the sticker and get to the screw at anytime.
  7. Screwing it on makes the accuracy and air compression best it can get. It was a good decision to do it. Shooting that gun after fixing all issues, it was pretty accurate even with full-auto.
  8. Best to you use super glue for plastic to plastic next time. Anyway your on the right track but you need to probably do a few more modifications. I have videos on youtube about going through the same process you are now. My laptop battery is about to die so here a quick search in my channel: You can make the chamber work perfectly but takes modification.
  9. If you have to shave down the cut-off lever something is not right. Why didn't you pm me about this? Are you using a flash light instead of just looking at the sector gear? The gearbox needs to be closed. Open it will seem like the gear rubs against the cut-off lever.
  10. 40 bucks for a trigger you will have to modify yourself??? You got to be joking.
  11. Fusion Engine? just wire through the buffer tube or in the pistol grip then. I'm getting confused with what your doing. It says GBB, is this an AEG or GBB?
  12. Turn the adjustment screw up a few times. I have seen some stock G&Gs with the motor's pinion too low.
  13. Argh Facepalm myself. THIS IS GBB!!! The title doesn't say GBB.
  14. VFC stock is unique so no it wouldn't work unless the piece was made pretty much the same. The VFC Scars' have a hinge with metal connectors inside it. This is how the stock is wireless.
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