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About Me

In person I am too nice of an airsofter... Let me tell you in honesty who I am...


Once, I handed out 8 of my rifles to make an 8 man opposing team. When I go airsofting, I usually bring a group of friends, who's equipment you may guess?


I fix my friends' guns for free. I trade some of my working guns to people who cannot fix their own. I am often helping those who cannot afford repairs... how did you guess?


I'm just a cool person on your team. I carry so many supplies you never run out. I give out bbs for free. 3,000 rounds for me, 10,000 for the team. Who would of guessed?


With all I do and how cool everyone thinks I am, I still help those who cannot afford to play. Sometimes I am respected but more often I am used. I just want to get out, play, and meet some new friends. I hate being a chairsofter and that is why I am who I am.

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