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  1. Hey everyone I'm trying to end my subscription so I can get my account back to normal, and I can't figure out how. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. So after realizing the fact that LiPos are better than Ni-Mh I am going to get one. Now, the only issue is that I hardly know anything about them. I want to get a 7.4V because that is what my gun can handle, but what brand should I get, and from what website? Also, what do I need? I know I need the battery and charger obviously, but besides that. Thanks alot!
  3. Like alberty said, the CA P90 has the standard sportline internals, the blue inner barrel, bushings, and piston. I have one and the internals are decent, but to be honest, the exterior is not. It is all plastic, and breaks alarmingly easy. If you have the money I would definitely go with the KA P90.
  4. No you wouldn't NEED to upgrade anything. It would shoot .28s just fine, which are an improvement over .25s. If you want the best range and accuracy, I would suggest upgrading the barrel to a tightbore and replacing the hop up bucking. Only after these upgrades would I suggest upgrading the spring.
  5. Oh, and I was looking at the less expensive Magpul stocks. If you were willing to spend the money, then I would go with the KA.
  6. I hear the KA Clubfoot stock is difficult to get the battery in and out of, but it is a good stock, sturdy, high quality. It is an expensive stock, but it is a better option than the MagPul ones if you are willing to spend it.
  7. Well, you've probably looked at most of your options. There are honestly arent many stocks that hold batteries that are nice looking, your best bet is going to be going with something MagPul.
  8. It seems that you have taken very good care of it, and I doubt you have lost much FPS if any at all. Your looking at 320 fps with .28s, probably around 350 with .25s, and since you havent been running an 11.1 your internals will be fine, and in good shape. Now, if you wnated to upgrade you could just drop in a tightbore, EDGI or Prometheus, and since its a KWA you wouldn't be wise to start replacing any other parts.
  9. Yeah, they look good. But no matter how you look at it they are still sub $100 guns and in any way you look at it they will be inferior to all of JG, G&G's combat machines, and CYMA's aks. They would be a good gun for someone who has never before played airsoft, but I would never buy it as someone who is experienced.
  10. It will still generally hold the same battery size. It is a tad bit smaller, but you shouldnt have major issues. I'm assuming your using either a mini type battery or a crane stock battery, and with those, you shouldnt have issues. And buy what the previous poster just suggested, that is how you can do it.
  11. If you want better externals, go with the CM. If you want better internals, although not by much, go with the JG. The combat machines internals are good, but the JGs are just a tad bit better. Disregard the battery and charger because the ones that come with JG are bad anyways. Overall, I believe that the CM is a bit better than the Jg.
  12. Yes, I would get a new motor because the ones that come in G&G motors are terrible, like the person above me said. IF you really want to overhaul the gearbox, get a new piston/piston head, and new gears. SHS makes good gears, except their bevel, go with the stock bevel gear. It would help us if you specified what you wanted to achieve, like a RPS, FPS.
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