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  1. Where I play is a heavily wooded area, but it also has some wide open clearings. We've used a lot of pallets and whatnot. So what I would like is to get a decent rps (Around 25 would be a good goal), but I would also like to be able to lob some .28/.3's downrange pretty well. Lots of foliage and under brush so heavier bb's are key. Summery: Good RPS and good FPS are both important for my area of play.
  2. I appreciate the response. That is an excellent guide for building a mosfet and as of the time of this writing the parts (Minus wiring and shrink wrap, solder, nuts+bolt) come to $7.75, so cheap. Thanks, I think that along with a lipo will be my next upgrade. I know there are a ton of resources here and while I am going to search the forum, where is your favorite place to buy lipo's and chargers? Other upgrades I ought to do? I was thinking of going with a m130 spring, torque-up gearset and a new shs high torque motor. Clandestine for those of course, should they have them in stock. [edit] Didn't see your response when I posted Wonderbread. Thanks. R-Hop. I might have to read the guide and see how much work it would be. Right now I am pretty happy with my current hopup setup but I will have to read a bit more on the r-hop. I am rather sad to read about the moe grip, cause that was going to be coming along shortly, too. You ever tried a MAID grip? Does it cause the same issues? I rather dislike the stock grip, but just haven't gotten around to changing it. (More pressing issues, first)
  3. Greetings all. I have been doing a series of small upgrades to my G&G CM m4a1. About every 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer, sometimes sooner I have been spending $50-$100 on upgrades. What I've done so far internally: - Replaced inner barrel to Madbull Python v2 6.03mm - PCS Hopup Nub - System Hopup bucking Externally: - Magpul Moe Handguard - Magpul CRT Stock I just ordered today: - 16awg silicon wiring - SHS Piston - SHS Shims - Nylon T-Connectors (Deans) As soon as the order arrives I plan to reshim the gearbox and correct the AoE and to rewire the gun from a-z with deans connections. What is next? And where are the best places to buy stuff? I am thinking that my next step internally is to either buy or build a mosfet and switch to lipo batteries. What else? Should I look into a new motor? New gears? What would you recemmend next and where would you recemmend to buy it at the best price? Its over 120 miles to a real airsoft field, but my friend and I have leased a piece of land and build some bunkers, sniper perches and other things in a heavily wooded area located by the Yakima River in W. Richland, WA and have been hosting some smaller matches (4v4-6v6). So whatever upgrades I do ought to be someone who plays solely in the outdoors.
  4. Thanks for the responses all! I appreciate the feedback you have provided. BOSSMAN, you would be right on for me needing a shorter inner barrel except that I planned on allowing the inner barrel to go into the Madbull Blackside flash hider I have. I like the default length of the 14.5" barrel on the M4, but the flashhider makes it too long. I also HATE the look of the default front sight on it and am thinking about putting on a flipup front sight. Though truth be told, I might hold off on changing the outer barrel at this time. Seems like an unneeded waste of money right now, though maybe later on. Cardboard_Box, thanks for the suggestion of the KWA 2gx bucking. I read a bit and it sounds like a good choice. Alberty, I appreciate your feedback on the Dragon RIS. I hadn't read that about it, but to be honest I hadn't really done a whole of research on it. Thinking of just putting a MOE Handguard on there with a rail addon. So: Inner Barrel - Madbull 6.03 precision (~$30) Spring - Systema m120 (~$16) Outer Barrel - None (For now) RIS - None Bucking - KWA GX2 (~$15) Spacer - PCS (~$7) Thanks again for the help all. Now to try and find someone who has enough items in stock so I don't have to place 3 different orders. Bah, its nuts how much is out of stock on some of the store fronts.
  5. Greetings all. New to the forum, came for the upgrade help. Though I'm not the quickie type, so I in order to maintain a good conscience I will undoubtedly stick about. Anyhow, around a year ago I bought a Combat Machines m4a1 from ASGI for around $140. So far the only upgrade I have done was to remove the orange tip and screw on a Madbull Blackside flashhider.... Stupid to do so without investing in an inner barrel, etc. But whatever, I own up to it. It sure did make it look a lot cooler though. I have been looking around a bit and was thinking of getting an XCR or a Masada but in the end the wife (*cough* my boss *cough*) didn't want to let me "blow" $400 on another gun. I thought on it and while I could make it an issue and get one of those guns, I figured why not get my feet wet with upgrading my gun. So I am wondering what all I should do first? I would like to upgrade the spring, inner barrel, get a new outer barrel and add RIS. Of course also a new hopup bucking and nub. How does the following sound? Inner Barrel - Madbull 363mm 6.03 Precision Inner Spring - Matrix M120 190% Irregular Pitch Outer Barrel - ???? Help! (Would like something a bit shorter than the stock barrel, with the flashhider on it, it looks a bit too long for my tastes. Maybe a 10 1/2" barrel?) RIS - ??? Was thinking maybe the Madbull Dragonfire 7.1, love the look on some of the GI custom guns. Bucking - ??? Recemmendations please? Nub - Same? Was also thinking of changing the wiring to Deans (And connectors as well), but am not sure if this is a good idea for me for now or not? I would appreciate any help and/or feedback you all can give me. Also, what other internals should I upgrade while I am at it? Should I put in a new hopup unit as well? I am looking for the best bang for my buck here. I need to buy more clips, some new knee pads and a few other misc items so the best bang for my buck would be awesome. Thanks so much in advanced for your help!
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