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  1. What's your current knowledge/experience with using gloves in general outside of airsoft? Given that many of these types of gloves are not meant to last forever I recommend you start with the original mechanix and keep a log of things you like and don't like. You can always cut the fingertips off if you like but spend some time using them to get a better idea of what you want in a pair of gloves. By the time they get busted you will have a good idea of where to go next.
  2. stop overthinking this! Get your little bro a CYMA AK, if you know history and look around, children use real AKs all the time (often unfortunately).
  3. Hi, what's your budget? TNVC has a lot of good info and products.
  4. funnel the attackers by blocking entrances you don't want them to use and set up an "easy" way in to lure them in. If you're allowed, place random furniture around to block movement etc. all these tactics/techniques need to be practiced extensively and despite how great your tactics are, often enough they fly out the window when you and the other side just happen into each other and then it becomes a game of who is fastest on the gun and on that note, don't be afraid to start engaging even though you may be shooting into someone's pelvis/gut.
  5. yes! Do save your money! I think one of the better bets for a decent mix of quality, performance, and external feels for under $150 is CYMA
  6. A drop leg platform riding high on your thigh is an option for the handgun but another thigh platform for a few mags is a lot of extra fabric and bulk when you can simply run pistol mags on your rig or on your belt. As for plate carrier choice and gear in general, less bulk is sought after if the direction that nylon gear has gone in for the past 7+ years is any indicator but I understand you are leaning more towards covering your bases in terms of pouches. The point I am trying to make regarding camouflage pattern is that you should check your local fields and events you plan to attend to see if camo in general is a strict requirement. If not, I would suggest considering not buying them immediately or going with woodland or some other pattern that costs even less. That way you might be able to spend that money into better and more versatile gear that have multiple applications. What I am saying overall to provide constructive feedback regarding your gear plan is that there are other options available to you that will result in a lighter and lower profile setup while still allowing you carry plenty of things and you might end up spending less. You have your preferences but there is tremendous value in re-evaluating your preferences and what you're used to it in context of how they affect your performance.
  7. That is way too much gear. Can you list out all the equipment you plan to carry? If you are set on a plate carrier, go with one shaped around the size of plate you plan to wear so you don't have extra fabric and bulk limiting your range of motion. Drop leg platforms are not that cool and there is almost always a better way of carrying that gear somewhere other than your quads. BDUs and camo are cool but really do your research and think hard on this one since your situation and preferences may change. A lot of fields give out colored armbands to distinguish between teams and the large events may come around on their sometimes ridiculously strict camo requirements so they can be a bit of a moot point. The cool factor however is real for many players so think hard on this one. A riggers belt is a good choice. There are a lot of brands that will work. I think you should strongly consider the time tested chest rig with sewn in pouches + backpack combo in the time being. Gear preferences will change over time and you will find yourself selling things you don't need anymore so it pays to have a very streamlined, low profile, and versatile setup. None of this stuff will make you a better player or even let you run faster so really focus on developing your playing ability before jumping so deep into the gear game.
  8. Can you elaborate on why you want a unique look for your gun beyond most other players using M4s and AKs? Have you checked out G36 and M14s?
  9. ESS, Revision, and Smith Optics have goggles with built in fans but they are all over $100. Do you wear glasses underneath the goggles? What are your fogging issues like specifically I.e. mainly in hot weather, indoors, etc? Do you have high cheekbones and or a flat face? I ran ESS Turbofans for years and they worked pretty well. Currently I use Revision Asian Fit Wolfspiders with the wide-I magnetic wipers and they work great. I also use Johnson&Johnson No More Tears mixed with a bit of water and smeared around. If it works for astronauts it'll work for the airsofter! 'http://www.businessinsider.com/astronaut-chris-hadfield-ted-talk-blind-spacewalk-2014-3
  10. Krytac is worth a look. Why 11.1v specifically?
  11. Arena flakjaks are an option too. If possible, try to find a local store where you can try it on and see how the fit is since it might vary based on the size of your frames. Go with larger goggles that have more volume so you can reduce fogging issues. If at all possible, save up for contact lens. For years I tried a lot of "over the glasses" options as well as Rx inserts and none of them worked as well as contacts, but other players may not have had as severe a fogging issue as I did. Had I went straight for contacts I would have saved a lot of money despite the cost of contacts being greater than glasses in some cases. Simple hygiene will keep everything good. If not, some of the paintball masks out there that have large thermal lens with good ventilation + flexible lower face is a great investment either way.
  12. how much have you played with it? And what are you trying to upgrade?
  13. just practice hip firing and or shooting with your gun shouldered but not actually using the sights.
  14. OP, did you already set aside money for other gear like eye/face protection, footwear, bbs, batteries, and charger? You have a lot of options including CYMA AKs, Krytac, G&P, and others. Get what you like and leave it alone for now. So many players focus on spending money for what they think will improve their performance but really if you run fast and have a good sense of direction you are gonna outplay a lot of players running "better" gear.
  15. Just use a chest rig. Don't worry about your backpack being CB or whatever color/camo since you should be facing your opponents and given the distances and all the cover lying around it won't matter much. Any backpack you have lying around will do.
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