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  1. Yeah I was thinking 1911 but I just wanted to make sure do u have one that u could sell
  2. Hey I want a great pistol good fps and affordable. Or if anyone out there has a 1911 or m9 that you would be willing to sell please post. Also I'm looking for propane adapter and at least 4 mags for the gun. If you don't have that many mags I'm sure we can figure something out thanks.
  3. Hey guys Iwant to upgrade a gun. I want an ACOG Silencer and a rail. What is the best performing gun to get upgraded. Thanks
  4. Hey I'm new to this website but not airsoft. I had a mp5 metal gearbox and electric but that broke. I currently have an airsoft elite m4 it's good. Buti reallywant a smg that will make my friends run. I've been looking at a AKs74u kalashov but if you have something else. 490 fps prices dosent matter not extreme. Thanks
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