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  1. Any variant Tokyo marui mp5 or mp5k. Mp5k-PDW is preferred, trademarks in tact also preferred.
  2. I have a KWA Mac 11 that needs a nozzle and 2 springs. $20 easy fix. With 1 mag $100 shipped. I have 2 spare mags if you want them as well.
  3. No trades and prices are firm. Thank you. KWA MK1 1911: Inspected the pistol inside and out and no broken parts or pieces. The magazines have a little wear on them but function as they should. Price is $125 shipped with all 3 mags, $110 with 2 mags and $95 shipped with one magazine. Individual mags will be parted for $20 shipped a piece. Magazines are the 14rd ones not the 21rd ones.
  4. No Trades. Prices include shipping. Pictures attached below. VFC 416 Body: SOLD Comes as shown. Lower has bolt cover, mag release an body pins. Stock has some damage on the inside. Comes with inner barrel and hop up. Great for a p* or custom build. 2 AMP High Torque Motors: $20 shipped Took the crap pinions so they aren't included. OD Suppressor. 14- threads. SOLD Bunch of used parts: $60 Comes with what you see. A few high quality gears there. SHS 13:1 Gear Sets: $20 shipped each or $70 for all 4. New in package. WE 1911 Blackhawk: SOLD Needs work. Comes with 2 mags.
  5. I have a noveske "flaming pig" KX3 amplifier I'll sell you for $25 shipped. Image is blurry but it's on the end of my pdw.
  6. I have a M900 foregrip light. Far more than 120 lumens and solves both a foregrip and light requirement. Comes with fresh batteries. Asking $55 shipped!
  7. Bump for the day. Any questions feel free to message me.
  8. Title says it all. No trades please. Prices are firm unless stated otherwise. Prices include shipping. Elite Force K-PDW: $200 shipped firm Comes as depicted in images with vfc peq box, metal flash hider, 8" barrel, operators manual new in package, etc. Wired to deans, stock otherwise. No issues, all parts still present and everything from the bolt catch, ambidextrous features and such function as they should. FPS: Unknown, I'd say mid 300's with .2g RPS: With 11.1 20C lipo 20+ rps. Externally it is in good condition just the usual external wear. M900 Taclight: $55 OBO Fresh batteries. Nice and bright I just have no need for it. Comes as shown, the light, batteries included. Uses 3x CR123's. G&G Body: $15 Needs a few items obviously. Outer barrel is broken off. Outer barrel: $10 14.5 inch negative threads standard M4A1 barrel. 9.6v 1600mah battery & smart charger: SOLD $20 shipped for both. Charger in like new condition. Battery holds charge and is in great condition.
  9. Post modified. Prices now or best offer and some price drops have occured.
  10. Welcome and thank you for looking. No trades please. Prices are all or best offer. Prices include shipping. All sales final. Items sold in condition described. G36C: $125 shipped. Non-working. 13:1 gears and amp high torque to name a few upgrades. Needs shimmed and overall look over. No mags included. Classic Army externals, echo one gearbox. Daniel Defense body: $75 Includes body, pins, ambi mag release, charging handle, buffer tube, anti rotation pin, etc. -DD 12inch omega rail: $90 Comes with everything on the rail, 14.5inch outer barrel and delta ring. -Flip up sights: $15 each, $40 for all 3. Used, work great. -Suppressor: SOLD -Prowin hopup with madbull inner barrel: $65 Bucking is a G&G green. -G36 full size kit: $55 Inner barrel, outer barrel and handguard. -5 Magpul 80rd PMAGS with magpuls: $75 Never misfed once. -5 G36 mid mags: SOLD Connecting tabs broken off, king arms brand. -SHS High Speed: $30 <150rds -JG M42: $25 <50rds -11.1v 1650mah 20c lipo: $15 Needs charged works. Echo1 brand. -7.4v 2000mah 15-25c lipo: $10 Turnigy brand. Works great. -G36 optic: $45 1.5x zoom and iron sights above it -Crane stock: $25 Rubber butt pad, comfy. -M4 pistol grip: $10 No heat sink, uses standard m4 one. -Replica EOTech 552: $45 Used for sure, red and green dot with multiple brightness. No cracks works great! -Massive internal mystery box: SOLD Worth way more. Parts from shs, lonex, etc. Also stock parts as well. V2 and V3 shells, 2 wiring harnesses, 2 motors, a new shs d type pinion, shs shims unopened, etc. No parting please.
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