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  1. I just got the rig a few days ago and the mags sit really low in the Jpc integrated pouches so I already added folded up cloth to raise them but the chords still just seem so in the way
  2. I have an Emerson JPC and a Condor Triple M4 mag pouch on it and I'm debating whether or not I should remove the shock chord since it make it kind of hard to replace the magazine in the pouch and makes it a little harder to remove the magazine. How do you guys have your pouches?
  3. So I have a fast helmet a half mask and my ess goggles and I cant decide whether I want to keep the cover cloth on the straps or not. At the moment I never use it and its always on thr back of the helmet sp in wondering how you guys have your goggles? Do you cut the cloth out or keep it on in the back?
  4. Alright good to know but just to be sure it's not supposed to move out of the 3 positions even if ambidextrous is disabled? Also it's a scar-l
  5. The brand is DBoys and I've tried to re-align it correctly so many times but everytime it results in the same thing. I don't know if I have to remove the selector switch and fix the alignment of the gear to the switch or not but if I did I wouldn't know how exactly it has to be.
  6. I just installed new trigger contacts, cut off lever and a new piston and ever since I put the gun back together, I can only shoot semi whether it's on semi or auto and to shoot auto I have to push the pointer off of the options and into the blank area to shoot auto and the shaking makes the selector plate turn and get misaligned even more. I don't understand why it's not shooting how it should since when I shoot with just the pistol grip without the receiver, it shoots auto when it should and semi when it should. As a note I disabled ambidextrous and there are no missing teeth on the selector gears.
  7. Oh dang I'm pretty positive it is 400 give or take 15 fps but really an m120 isn't enough? What spring would you recommend for this build then? and also would short stroking help?
  8. Honestly I'm not sure after doing a couple compression mods but I think it's now somewhere around 390 based on the soda can chrono :P but possibly 400+. It's got an m120
  9. I just recently installed a gate pico ssr2 and 16:1 gears in my m4 and I use it with an 11.1 lipo and I would guess it shoots at around 27 rps and when I shoot it sometimes shoots two shots at once and I have to shoot it in auto to make it shoot one shot again. I don't know if the contacts are sticky or if I have some extreme overspin or something so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows a fix. Something to note is that when I shoot my gun it does this Does anyone know a solution to this like a way to make the piston and airnozzle end in the extended position with the least amount of stress? I heard a AB mosfet would fix it but I just got the pico ssr2 and I wish I got an AB before but I'd like a solution that doesnt involve getting an AB mosfet.
  10. Yeah it was more of a last ditch effort just in case it might work. I'm getting some madbull red sharks so I didn't really care about the stock bucking
  11. I dunno I thought it would be ok since alot of the floss mod guides say to put grease on the bucking to help slide the chamber on
  12. Someone will have to comfirm this but this unit http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=5986 looks pretty similar to the Scar hop up but it says it's for the m4/m16 so I'm not entirely sure if it will work with the scar nozzle or not. edit* Upon reading some reviews I read that it will not work with the ECHO 1 Scar so I assume that it doesnt work with any scar but here are some metal scar hop up units that are made for the scar I'm not sure whether the Classic Army one is discontinued or not. http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=6765 http://airsoftpro.cz/eshop/product_info.php?products_id=2360
  13. Are those USP magazine for the Full size usp or for the compact? Also are the System 7/NS2?
  14. Sorry I didn't explain well I sanded the part of the tappet that pushes against the gearbox. Because I had feeding issues. I haven't touched the actual nozzle at all. As for the spring do you mean the spring that pushes the hopup into the gearbox? If so, then yes it's there along with a couple layers of electrical tape to further push the hopup into the gearbox. I greased the bucking just as an attempt to make a better seal between the hopup and the nozzle and it didn't work so I wiped it off.
  15. I've already sanded the tappet plate a while ago. I took off about half a millimeter. Should I sand a little more?
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