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  1. We've got a big box of airsoft parts from our repair and upgrade area in our shop. We'd like to move the entire lot in one shot as to avoid having to inventory everything, price it, and list it individually. Stuff you will find in this box (in multiples). AEG Parts of all types (standard replacement and upgrades). Motors, Gears, Shims, bushings, tappet plates, wiring harnesses, and a whole bunch more. GBB Parts for KJW and some KWA guns UTG Rail Mounted Accessories - Lights, Grips, Sights, Scope Rings, Carry Handle Mounts, etc Other brand AEG external accessories - Foregrips, lasers, lights, etc. AEG Magazines - Lots of AK and M4 Mags. HiCaps, Mid Caps, Flash Mags, Brands include Echo1, G&G, KWA, Magpul, Bravo and more. And there's more that I am just not recalling right now. I will dump it out and take pictures of everything to give an idea of what's included. Check back tomorrow for that or message me. As said, I don't have time or interest in doing a full inventory on it. When it got packed, it wasn't organized (just all thrown randomly into one box) and to me it's not worth the time needed to sort and count everything. What that means for you is, you're going to get it for an awesome price, but you have to take the WHOLE lot. As of right now I am not interested in parting it out. If you're a shop owner, this is a great opportunity to get alot of inventory below your normal wholesale pricing, and in an industry like this that holds it's profit margins by the balls, any extra profit you can make is huge. Total estimated WHOLESALE value of this box is around $2000. Make me an offer via PM or message me through the forums. Note: This is Pickup Only. We are willing to meet at a halfway point in NJ to make it easier though.
  2. I made this graphic for our facebook page, but figure it could wind up being fun over here at AirsoftForums.com as well :) Post your results below. Mine would be Thorny Mule, or for Keyport Hobbies it would be Wicked Baller :)
  3. Hello All, We are looking to sponsor an airsoft team in Central NJ! The team must be well organized and play mostly at official fields. We unfortunately cannot support teams who play in unlicensed/illegal fields, even if you have permission to play in that area. The team would become the official team of Keyport Hobbies and Airsoft. The more organized/official you are the better. If you need help in that department, we can always assist. We'd like to see the team members with ID cards and patches. We'd also like a membership application that we can hand out to possible recruits. Benefits of being the sponsored team: Free Swag from major brands like KWA, Echo1, Elite Force, etc Free Keyport Hobbies T-Shirts/Hats Discounted Prices on airsoft merchandise VIP Status once we open our own field/arena. Early access to new merchandise, possibility of doing unboxings and video reviews. To be considered for sponsorship, please fill out the form on our website. http://www.keyporthobbies.com/Sponsorship_ep_48-1.html Thank you!
  4. We've got a contest going on to win a free Sportline AK47 by SRC and a bag of Premium .23 BB's to go with it. Only a few days left to enter so I wanted to post it here to get some attention. https://www.facebook.com/KeyportHobbies/app_143103275748075 If you would like to read the official rules and how the contest works, read here. http://www.keyporthobbies.com/SRC-Sport-Se...veaway_b_9.html No purchase necessary. Anyone with a Facebook account is eligible to enter.
  5. These parachute cord bracelets aren't just a fashion statement. They can actually get you out of some sticky situations, or even save a life! How can a bracelet do such things you ask? Well, the bracelet is made of 12' of durable, high strength paracord that you can unravel and use for many tasks. Gone camping and notice a bear lurking around? Use some paracord to heist your food items into the trees without fear of the line breaking. Johnny fell into some quicksand again? Well, just unravel your bracelet and throw an end to him so he can get free. Have the need to repel down a building (that's less then 10' tall), well with your new parachute cord bracelet you can do just that. As an added bonus, our KHA Sports paracord bracelets come standard with a whistle clip. Not only does it keep the bracelet on your wrist, but the extra plastic nub doubles as an emergency whistle! Features: Available in six color variations Constructed of actual parachute cord Emergency Whistle Clip comes standard on all KHA Sports Bracelets Measures 10" when open 3" Diameter when closed (fits most adult wrists) Buy Now! ADDED BONUS! Buy 5 or more and use the coupon code "TACPEN" and get a FREE M16 Assault Pen with your order!
  6. Our deal of the day today is a SRC M4A1 AND KJW HI-CAPA M1911 AIRSOFT COMBO PACK! We've had this advertised before but today we dropped the price even further. So low we can't post it here, you'll have to visit the site and add the item to your cart to see the price! http://www.keyporthobbies.com/SRC-M4A1-and...ack-_p_904.html
  7. The above deals are still available! Also we have a "Deal of the Day" going on right now, 3 Folding Pocket Knives for $9.99! http://www.keyporthobbies.com/3-PC-Folding...mbo-_p_920.html
  8. Giveaway is still going on! Be sure to enter at least once by 05/31/2012 for your chance to win!
  9. We are giving away a free SRC Sport Series AK47 (Model 0601) and a bag of premium .23g BB's to go with it! No cost to enter and you can enter once per day for the duration of the contest. Just read here for official rules/regulations and to get to the entry page! http://www.keyporthobbies.com/SRC-Sport-Se...veaway_b_9.html Or, go right to the entry page to get started ASAP! https://www.facebook.com/KeyportHobbies/app_143103275748075
  10. We've also got the King Arms BW15 Sniper Rifle on sale for $385 with Free Shipping! http://www.keyporthobbies.com/King-Arms-Bl...ifle_p_845.html
  11. Thank you for sorting things out. I look forward to offering our products and services to the airsoftforums.com community. Also, just an update. We have 1 taker on the LM4 group buy already. Only 4 more takers needed and all 5 people get a great deal.
  12. We also have a great deal going for Beginners to the sport. Get a SRC M4A1, a KJW Hi-Capa M1911 gas blowback pistol and a bag of .23 BB's for $245.00 Shipped! Get This Deal! Lastly, take an extra 5% off these already low prices by using the "Share for Coupon" feature on the product page! Just post the deal to your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc and you will be given a coupon code for 5% off any order.
  13. We are offering a limited group buy on the brand new KWA LM4 PTR GBBR Airsoft Rifle! We are selling it at $379.99, which to many of you probably seems like the same price everyone else is selling it at. BUT here's the catch, we are also giving you a spare magazine (a $55 value) and a bag of KSC Perfect BB's (a $18.99 value) for free! Plus we are offering free shipping on the whole combo package! Due to limited quantities available at KWA, this group buy is on the smaller side. Only requiring 5 people to opt in for it to happen! If it goes well and KWA still has more in stock, I will offer a repeat buy next week. The way the group buy works is this. You add the item to your cart and you proceed through checkout as normal, but on a group buy your card does not get charged, only authorized. Only when all required people have opted in to buy will the orders be processed and fulfilled. If the required number of people arent on board by the end date then the deal subsides and nothing gets charged to your account. If you do use paypal instead of a Credit Card, you will be charged up front but in the case the group buy fails you will be refunded. To get the deal, just click here!
  14. Hello All, We are a local airsoft shop in Keyport, NJ and we are joining this site to hopefully become more involved with the online airsoft community. We do sell online as well and have some specials going on but for now I just wanted to say hello to everyone, rather then just start throwing up links and ads without asking :) Looking forward to conversing with you all, and perhaps becoming a forum sponsor/supporter in the near future! -Billy
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