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  1. did this dude really just talk about "confirmed kills" in an airsoft game? oh :censored2: please. I havent played alot of airsoft but when I did I had a cheap gun around 300 bucks and I smoked the dog :pain: out of guys like you. please keep the :censored2: measuring realistic there Billy Badass.
  2. Hey all, I'm looking into getting a LMG be it a SAW, M240, M60 doesn't really matter to me. My price range is around $400 bucks, I don't really care if I get a cheaper gun then upgrade just prefer to be told exactly what upgrades are needed. I really don't trust the websites on what extras work on what gun, 'Preciate it!
  3. Another thing to consider is how good of quality are the remakes compared to the real thing? I have an issued set and they don't fog often being running in full real military gear in Hawaii where it's constantly humid. I'd be willing to bet the knockoffs won't be as good.
  4. Another thing to consider is how good of quality are the remakes compared to the real thing? I have an issued set and they don't fog often being running in full real military gear in Hawaii where it's constantly humid. I'd be willing to bet the knockoffs won't be as good.
  5. So I'm going to sound like a jerk for this I'm sure but how do you guys decide what is considered a "military" loadout? Between different branches special forces or whatever else? Only reason I ask is because I have been around military for the last three years and alot of what you guys say is what we use is far from it....
  6. Tim, I wont give you a yay or nay because this stuff is so incredibly dependent on the individual. for me for 72 hours im taking just the uniform im wearing (standard us army Skorpion W2 issued) 3 pairs of sox and a water proof sleeping bag. Everything past that will be water and for airsoft of course batteries and ammo. I'm used to running with a 40 pound vest as well as a 7 pound helmet so my bag will have absolutely nothing I cant live without. As I said at the beginning its all preference I liked the video and that you gave a reason for everything your bringing in your bag. Aaron
  7. Not saying you are wrong by any means. We're talking about two entirely different worlds here. Assuming SWAT teams still have the over all objective of arrest before eliminate its the opposite of myself where if we know the bad guy is there we're trained to shoot first ask questions later. Needless to say I surrender to your real world experience. I have yet to apply any of my training.
  8. Nice! don't expect much from 6mm bbs and you wont be dissapointed!
  9. I see. So in other words mu generation and younger destroy another good thing.....
  10. So..... I know this thread is like 2 years dead but I feel a huge need to add my input to this one..... what the hell? that doesn't sound like me.... Anyways ​when on a suicide run/mopping up enemy positions the classic "" is my go to if you don't know the meaning you know how to google right? for the start of games or to signal to my team were set for whatever plan the Rebel Yell of "Yee Yee Ha" is my favorite sound lmao
  11. Kind of an old post hope no one minds me adding my two cents. I'm a combat engineer in a sapper company so my primary job is breaching within an infantry squad. Before I say to much I'm going off of training alone I have never deployed and done this for real. The point man in a stack on the door is usually the man with the most experience because he has .5 seconds to decide whether all four men go into the room or just two. While hes making that split second decision he also has to focus on the room, he will always take the path of least resistance, as stated earlier that's usually the way he's facing. the second man should be literally on top of him with his weapon getting in the room the same time as the point man and going the opposite direction. 3rd and fourth man in the room again go opposite directions of the person in front of them fourth man immediately takes up rear security after the shooting stops. ' This is not something you can grab those two dudes over there and explain quick then execute it perfectly. without people shooting back at us and using nothing but blanks and dummy targets in the open it takes days (the "s" means many) of constant training with the same guys rotating through all positions in the stack to just become mediocre at this. By the way, yes the point man is probably dead unless you have a way to concuss the enemy before entering be it demolition or some form of grenade.
  12. So as I said I'm not new just returning. I joined the army and haven't played for a long while, all my friends are looking into playing again so I figured its a good past time while I'm home on leave. I noticed that the forum seams a little dead, is it dead or just not all that popular in the winter?
  13. Honestly unless youre rolling in 1000 + people games callsigns like that are unneccessary. However in the army it reads like this: "Sapper 1-3 Golf" Sapper refers to the company name and usually would follow Alpha company Assassins Bravo company Beasts etc. First number in two number combo is the platoon Second number is the squad The final designation is a letter being represented by a phonetic. A Alpha team leader B Bravo team leader C Commo D Driver G Gunner These aren't all inclusive and I'm sure other units have different designations but this is just a rough explanation.
  14. I agree with what everyone else is saying, just sterilize the uniform like you would for combatives no rank name army or unit insignias and you look like any 12 year old whos mom found the surplus store and thought it would look cute for airsoft. (sounds rude but not intended in that way)
  15. Not exactly made for what you are asking but alot of guys in my platoon just cut the fingers off of Oakley hard knuckles.
  16. Personal experience with airsoft, paintball, and the Army is when you slide do it more of a baseball style kicking one foot out in front of you and the other foot more or less under your butt. if you are insistent on sliding on your knees I cant tell you what pads to buy but don't spend a ton. (even with military issued equip and personal equip I have caught on the ground and face planted) I have gone through four pairs in just over a year from different brands and goverment issued.
  17. Hey y'all, requesting access primarily for the military part of the forum. I know I don't have the number of posts needed but I noticed there is a clause for military. I am a Combat Engineer stationed in Hawaii. I don't know much about airsoft, played for about a year before the army, but all my friends on the mainland are starting to play again and I would like to see what other soldiers run for gear and whether they mimic they're real "loadouts" or whatever else.
  18. So since youve used the MP5 as a secondary I was wondering if you think that its a nuisance having such a large gun on ur back versus just a GBB? does it ever get in the way while your sniping?
  19. Thanks man! I appreciate the quick replies and the great info!
  20. sweet thanks for all the info! ill definitely look into that mp5 is it full metal or ABS?
  21. oh wow sweet you obviously know about the gun haha thanks for the confirmation. since you know so much about this gun could you tell me what my next upgrade should be? I have the Airsoft gi upgrade kit and thats it. also I lost the pin in the back of my bolt handle what should I do to fix that can I just cut the part off the back? or will that ruin the functioning of the gun? this is the kit http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=6318 also how much did your mp5 cost hows it shoot and whered ya get it haha im planning on getting an mp5 for my side arm err well back up gun when they get inside my safe distance so far ive been looking at a g&g armament mp5......
  22. the trigger you have linked is for the Maruzin do you know for a fact that it will work for the utg? I don't wannas give the chinese 150 bucks for somthing I cant use.... and the upgrade kit is sold by airsoft gi I do not know what the spring rating is but the gear box is all but shattered.
  23. Im making my Dboys SCAR into a "DMR" it shouldn't be to hard. just add a barrel extension, a new spring and hop up unit and a precision inner barrel. does anyone know if I need a new motor or a new gear set for like a gaurder sp 130 spring?
  24. Well a short and simple answer is to look at what youve listed as cons. all of them have internal issues other then the ics m16 and the cm032 glossy handgaurds just need a little bit of sandpaper or even paint over it. the charging handle is virtually a non issue. very few people use there charging handles more than three or four times a year so a charging handles pretty useless. All in all these two are your only options if you don't want anything to go wrong that you generally cant fix yourself.
  25. So, obviously I have a UTG MK96. I have the standard Airsoft gi upgrade kit and its actually not half bad but it is kinda annoying if you want a smooth bolt pull, but I digress, it was only 50 dollars! the worst thing is that it is to powerful for the plastic trigger box so the first and foremost upgrade would be a new triggerbox I don't need a zero trigger I don't see the point in that much money going to a trigger. I know some of you are going to argue for the 200 dollar laylax trigger but let me stop you before you start. I shoot readl guns at distances of about 150 to 200 yards way further than any airsoft gun can accurately shoot and I can hit a silhouette target almost every shot with a standard trigger and IRON SIGHTS so obviously theres no need to put that much into an airsoft rifle. maybe when I get a better job but for now just tell me if you know of any cheap or low priced metal triggers. another upgrade im trying to find is a longer outer barrel or a mock suppressor that will fit the stock barrel so I can get a longer precision inner barrel. if you post a reply to this PLEASE INCLUDE A URL!!! Hope I didnt piss anyone off in this post! haha oh and I noticed people on here are obsessed with this stuff so NO MY MOM DID NOT BUY THIS AND NO IM NOT TWELVE.
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