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  1. Hello everybody. I need to know if there is a way to significantly shorten the length of a P90 magazine to about 6 inches long. I'm not concerned with functionality in the gun, but rather if it would still funtion correctly. On a side note, I am referring to a high-, mid-, or low-cap magazine, not gravity fed. Thanks for the help! :)
  2. Okay, so I've decided to buy a pistol. I've been looking at many revolvers on many sites, but I can't decide. I would like it to use green gas, as I use propane and it is much cheaper; and it should be the type where you use individual shells. I have a few ideas, and my price range is $40 or less, as I have seen full metal revolver with all my requirements for that. Thanks for the help!!!
  3. Thank you. Finally, a civilized person is on one of these sites.
  4. TL;DR Spell check is your friend.
  5. Oke doke. So I am wondering if there is any rules or prohibitions against using an airsoft replica in a residential area (well, country-ish), but IN VIEW of the public eye. I know a few friends in the area were messing around with airsoft guns and some paranoid granny called the cops about "Hispanic teenagers walking down the road with assault rifles", even though none of them are Hispanic, and they had orange tips on their guns. The cop was totally cool with it, and said he thought it was cool that kids play airsoft, he just rcommended taking a route away from Ol' Granny Smith there. I am just wondering if I have the gun visible while in transport, but unloaded and not cocked, are there any rules against, and also if that cop was an exception, and I would get stuff blown out of proportion for this. Thanks!
  6. Well, I have decided to get the M700P, but the non-takedown, thanks to aleksander's advice. I have it here ( http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=979 ) for $189 (and $.15, lol?!). Any recommendations on a scope and bipod, trying not to excede more than $40 collectively, and/or a better price on the gun itself. Thanks!
  7. Since AirsoftForum has a Veeerrrryyy small upload capacity, I have added a link to my post on AirsoftCore, which does have a DIY thread. Sorry Ev'ryone here, but you are gonna have to click the link if you wanna see some rockets an' mortars an' 'nades an' such.
  8. Hm. If I can find a good price, then most likely, but AirRattle has a deal for $239.95 for the KJW M700p Takedown, a bipod, and a 4x32 Ruby Scope. So, maybe. Thanks!
  9. Eh, not really. Most airsoft fields are located down near Indiana. I know how you feel, I live near Detroit, and there is NOTHING. :(
  10. Noted a minute too late. The AEG should be just as good, but I'm not sure; I don't like AEGs, and there fore haven't bought one yet. A & K is the cost-effective way to go, RealSword is the best quality, and I haven't the slightest clue about the other gun.
  11. Hello! I am looking for a sniper around $225. I have looked at the KJW M700 Takedown Rifle, and I will most likely get that sniper if no one has a better suggestion. I usually play on a field or in a forest, no CQB. I have an A&K Dragunov, and my hands are always sore from racking the bolt back, and I decided to move on to a gas rifle. Also, what gas should I use? CO2 and Green Gas are out of the question; CO2 for price reasns and Green Gas because it's just propane. Thanks!
  12. A & K SVD is better, high FPS (between 480-550 w/ stock spring, you can upgrade for $15). The elctric is lower FPS (450 on a good day, expensive to upgrade.) I should know, I have the A & K, and it's one of the best spring snipers for the money. Only downside to A & K is that it's quite hard to :censored2:, and takes some getting used to, it may not be a best first gun or a gun for smaller people. I recommend getting .23g bb's, a new spring (M170s are pretty good), and a nice pair of gloves. It's best to :censored2: when you put it down on your foot or between your legs and push, it tires you very quickly trying to :censored2: while shouldering it. But it's your call man, I'm just here to make suggestions.
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