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  1. What's the scope on the SR12 and/or the Mk. 12 MOD 0? I'm looking for a good quality scope for my SR12. Any other suggestions? And VERY nice builds btw. I love all of them. They really are masterpieces.
  2. Hello, I have a stock KWA KM16 SR12. I want a scope for it, and I'm a little torn. I was looking at three or four scopes but I'm open for any suggestions. The first one is an Aim Sports 4x32 Tri-Illuminated Scope either with the fiber optic iron sights or triple rail. I love the blue illumination mostly, along with the fact that's it's nitrogen filled, is crystal clear (I've looked through one), and feels great. This one is probably my favorite. Here it is: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=8587 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=9025 The second is a NC Star Rubberized Mark III w/ Red Laser. I'm not too crazy about the laser, but I love the blue illumination. Here's this one: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=4944 Also, I was looking at a rifle scope. They look VERY "tacti-cool" and are probably useful as well. I'm more of a support/DMR guy, so I mainly like to sit back and provide cover fire so it would be helpful to me. I was looking at an NC Star VISM Mil-Dot Scope w/ laser or blue/green illumination. Here's the laser variant, http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=7690 and the illuminated one: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...oducts_id=10871 I was also looking at a Nikon Pro Staff, because personally, I feel better with a scope designed for a real rifle versus NC Star or Aim Sports. Here it is: http://www.opticsplanet.com/nikon-riflesco...aff-3-9x40.html I'm definitely open for suggestions, especially about rifle scopes. I would prefer a brand like Nikon, or something, but nothing too far over $200, not including mounts. Are these good quality scopes/brands, or should I go with different brands? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Daniel Smith
  3. Hello, I was looking at transitioning from an AEG to a GBBR. The King Arms M4 looks like a solid platform for a primary weapon. I've read many good reviews of it and I know that it will take WA upgrades and will perform well and last awhile. Also, a lot of people stock it, including my local store. I was also looking at a WE SCAR and LM4, but this beat out the LM4. The SCAR I still want, lol. I want to throw some steel upgrades into it, however. I'm completely new to GBB upgrades, and quickly found out that ASGI and Evike sucks for GBB upgrades. First thing I'm going to do is throw in an Iron Airsoft CNC Aluminum loading nozzle to replace the one on it, unless anyone has something to say about that. Next, I wanted a steel hammer, but I don't know what else to replace. I read a review on YouTube and he said to replace the firing pin (and the firing pin only, because the bolt catch is steel, I think), the hammer (already discussed), 120% hammer spring, steel trigger set, steel sear, and steel full-auto sear (is there a difference or are they the same sear?). I pretty much want a completely steel internal makeover. I'll probably keep the aluminum bolt because its lighter and the gun already has good recoil. I also want quality stuff, not cheap, low-priced parts that get the job done but will break after a year. I have no idea how much this would cost, either. Thanks for the input guys!
  4. The WE is cheaper in price and supposed to be good, so I'll probably go with that and then throw a Noveske on it in the near future. It fits RS accessories (including pistol grips unlike the LM4), right?
  5. So pretty much everyone likes the WE? And since I want a rifle length AR, it'll probably be better to go with the WE then convert the LM4? And the WE looks more realistic as well? Am I right? I mean I'm sort of a KWA "fan boy", I guess you could say, I really love their stuff. I've read a few reviews and they said the WE M16's paint was terrible. Btw does it have licensed Colt trademarks? I know it performs well, and the lower receiver looks realistic, but the bolt looks really weird. But whatever, it doesn't matter I suppose. But what would be the best way to convert an LM4 to a 20" barrel? Thanks
  6. Alright, Thanks for the input. I've heard everywhere that the SCAR is the best WE. But I've also heard their M4's are just as good if not better. So the realism of the parts is pretty much the same? I really want the LM4, but I'm concerned about the mods needed for a 20" conversion. The WE is already an M16. I know the LM4 has certain problems with RS parts such as pistol grips. So the WE's don't have these problems? I know how realistic the LM4 bolt and trigger assembly and all that look. Is the WE on par? And with the RATech steel bolt and the CWI steel trigger box, will it be just as if not more reliable? Thanks again for all the input
  7. Hello, I recently decided on a GBB as my primary, mostly because of the realism and fun involved. I was looking at the KWA LM4, but I want a rifle length AR, so now I'm looking at the WE Open Bolt M16A3. If I were to go with the LM4, what could I do to convert to a rifle length system? Is the WE as realistic as the LM4? Which is more reliable and which has better performance? I realize reliability comes down to how you take care of it so assume both are well taken care of. I found the WA M16 too expensive, seeing as my budget is a little under $500. I MIGHT go a little above if its just that worth it. I was also looking at the WE SCAR Open Bolt because I heard its the best GBBR that WE makes and maybe the WE L85A2, not sure about the former, though. I was originally looking at a KWA KM16 BR or SR12, but I really want a gas rifle to go with my KWA Mac 11. I know the LM4 has a great build quality and I really love the attention to detail and the WA system, but I wouldn't know where to start on a rifle length conversion. Thanks, Daniel Smith
  8. What's up guys, I have a CYMA ( ) MP5. Yeah I know they have absolutely terrible internals and quality control, but it was my first gun. Anyways, I've only shot it maybe six times, used it for four game days, and I run an 8.4 battery. The CQB place I go to rarely has a full-auto game, so I've been using semi almost this entire time. On the last game of the day, I pulled the trigger, and nothing. The motor didn't wind, there was no power, the fuse was fine, the battery was fully charged. Nothing. I took it apart, and the problem seemed to be the trigger assembly. The little part the trigger pushes to connect the contacts was off of its track and crooked, therefore when I pull the trigger, its not pushing anything. Everything else is fine internally, except the POS selector plate. So is this problem fixable, or do I need to buy a new assembly. I'm also contemplating dropping in a JG V2 and forgetting about it, or using the shell or a new shell and creating a custom gearbox, although I am selling it in about a week to a friend of mine, and we both want a new gearbox for the thing. So, what's the best route? We have about $170-$40 (cost of the body for my friend) to work with. So what's the best thing to do for $130 bucks?
  9. I already have a car. Lol My dad and I are working on an '89 Mustang 5.0. I can hold off on the accessories I suppose but the MOSFET and stuff I think would be *almost* necessary. I've heard G&P's are good. But I've heard they are expensive. Plus I love KWA's. I just bought a KWA M11A1, or Mac 11, and it is amazing. But it goes through ammo and gas WAY to quickly. And KWA's are something I feel need no internal upgrades, as far as the gearbox goes. I'm perfectly fine with running an 11.1 Li-Po, using it for 100,000+ rounds (which is easily achievable in most cases), and buying a drop-in one for $175. Plus their level of performance is all I'll ever need. Well the buy for less and sell for more route looks pretty good. Plus, I need a gun to temporary play with. One that doesn't use all of my ammo within the first two minutes. Lol What's easiest: eBay or Craigslist? I already have everything setup for eBay including a PayPal account, but shipping airsoft guns is WAY too expensive. How have you guys shipped them, or did you ship them?
  10. Fellow Airsofters, I'm tired of my parents buying me everything, so I've decided to buy my airsoft gear myself. Unfortunately, the gun I want is a KWA SR10, with a MSRP of around $389.95 or so. Also, I want a custom build: Deans, Extreme Fire SW-CHEETAH-2N MOSFET, Hurricane 552, Magpul USA XTM Covers, AFG, MBUS Front/Rear, NCstar Bi-Pod, etc. I need a Li-Po (BOL 11.1V), charger, and any other accessories as well. The "worst case scenario" total is around $1,200. I'm 14, so $1,200 is a bit much. Lol So does anyone have any ideas on ways I could raise some money through airsoft and other means. Maybe something besides the typical "lawn mowing/babysitting" options. I'm no "gearbox guru", but I have plenty of mechanical knowledge, so perhaps someone could teach me to fix/upgrade them? Anyone got any ideas on how to raise this money? I'm a bit desperate. Lol I've sold 3 things on eBay for a profit of $50 bucks.-SNIP- No selling without a seller's account-Anachro12
  11. Never mind. I just got a Multicam top and bottom. I couldn't find the real MARPAT (of course not new, but no one had it used) so I got real multicam from Propper. Does coyote still go with this.
  12. Tango Charlie's is awesome. So is On Target Airsoft right down the road. I recommend both places.
  13. Hello, I'm new to this forum and can't quite get the feel of things. I'm used to my Mustang forums so I need a little help navigating through this one. First of all, how do I find my threads/topics that I have posted? I can find my posts (my last 10) but then when I finally get into my topic, I have to click through each reply and sometimes I'll post the same thing twice. Also, why don't the replies line up like they do in the Low-Fi version or in every other forum I've been to. Can I make it so they are all lined up and I don't have to click each one? Thanks
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