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  1. The back screw of the sight that hold its firmly to the rail. I could've probably looked around at my field but I only noticed it when I was home. Also another problem that I've found: The sight stays on the sight but the zeroing changes.
  2. So I put my ncstar red dot on my kwa lm4. Due to the vibration I believe one of the screws fell of the sight. Anyone know where to find replacement screws?
  3. thanks alot I think I'll probably go with the dangerwerx valve.
  4. I have a kwa lm4, shoots around 400 FPS and it's the long version. I'd love to use it indoors so I have two options which I believe will work: Option 1: cut the barrel down to 9' to be flush with the barrel.(not sure if this will decrease FPS significantly) Option 2: buy a dangerwerx valve from gi.
  5. So I run goggles and a lower face mask for Airsoft. Both full seal and offer great protection. But was wondering can I use this for paintball? I see no reason for it not to work.
  6. Sorry I wasn't clear. The last part stated "I don't want to go too expensive on the base pistol" meaning I don't want to buy a 150$ tm and also a 200$ slide. Also I think this will be for a later project to to its large budget.
  7. SO places like evike or airsoftgi I can get the we M&P or Big bird from. the new versions? Cause if this is the case I'm probably still sticking with ace 1 arms and getting their slide. What I'll be doing is getting the M&P and using it till I can afford the slide. Also I was reallly wanted C02 Mags since winter is coming and I live in the east coast. I really don't want to go too expensive on the based pistol.
  8. Alright so I've decided to branch out into the G series world of airsoft. Sadly due to Glock suing everyone making glocks, I can't find any on legit websites. Also I really wanted to invest in a Salient Arms (Ace 1 Arm) based slide for that gun. At first I wanted to go with the WE M&P with c02 mags but I all I hear about it is misfire, bursts and lots of :censored2: problems. And WTF why does evike call it the "Big bird"? So this is still open as a choice if maybe I could get some feedback in the replies if any of you have ever owned one. Also is the "big bird" a regular M&P and is it compatible with the slides? Also any insight of the cyber gun c02 versions? Now I'm thinking about a WE g17 but due to Glock being c**cks (pun intended) I can't find any unopened ones. I was gonna get one from my friend but its gone now. Also Ace 1 Arms slides are like 15 bucks more expensive and is mainly for TM. Even though WE usually just copies everything. Any links? Third I wondered if the WE ISSC M22 was compatible with a Ace 1 Arms Slide. Heard it was a good gun and probably would make a beautiful gun. Fourth: Any other suggestions for a NON 1911 styled c02 powered pistol? Mainly G series cause of the Ace 1 Arms Slides. The main reason why I really want an Ace 1 Arms slide is because I don't want to just buy an FNX cause its new and nice. I really like my guns (Especially my sidearms) to reflect myself. I know it sounds cheesy but I mainly use this forums for help and so far its been helping me a lot, so I thank all of you. Links: We Big Bird: http://www.evike.com/products/42287/ We ISSC M22: http://www.evike.com/products/45331/ We G17: ?? Ace 1 Arms Slides: http://www.ace1arms.com/category.php?id=2 WTF:
  9. So I've read all the replies and I thank all of you for helping me come to a realization. Instead of getting these :censored2: pistols I'm gonna sell them all and get a tm. I understand the price but I rather get a really nice pistol then :censored2: ones.
  10. So I have 3 we 1911's and I've had lots of experience with them. Sometimes they misfeed and their lives are coming to an end. I've heard about ra tech upgrades and how good they are. Only problem is finding them. I may not be looking at the right place but I can't find any. Also just a reminder this is for we 1911 MEU but I might also be getting a hicapa soon. So questions are: 1. Was thinking about a new loading nozzle, new recoil spring, tightbore and hopup. Also I've heard about ra tech being capable of co2 powered 1911? Or is that only for hicapa. What upgrades would be ideal for good feeding, accuracy and semi descent condition in cold weather?
  11. Alright thanks a lot. I have a better understanding towards sniper rifles now. I have come up with a cart of upgrades that seem semi descent. http://www.evike.com/products/36688 http://www.evike.com/products/38457 http://www.evike.com/products/40493 http://www.evike.com/products/35657 http://www.evike.com/products/45390 What upgrades are necessities just to be able to use the bar 10? I'm thinking about getting this around December so I still have time to get money. Also does the bar 10 come with a rail?
  12. (This is not my first gun and I am an experienced player) I know all the facts everyone saying sniping isn't so glorious as it seems and how it is hard and takes time. Not denying any of this but I want to check out this genre of airsoft for myself. I've used an aeg, shotgun, pistol etc. and I have never used a sniper in an airsoft game. Now, I thought about doing a dmr build for my current aeg but that takes away the whole backup sniper idea. Then now I see all these snipers and now I have no idea where to start. I was looking for an m40a1 variant but I see that the vsr-10 is a popular choice. The main reason for this post is for me to find out more about snipers, upgrades, etc. and in doing so enabling myself to choose a good sniper. Also lots of the snipers look alike such as the m700 or m24 which would be helpful to know if they are or not the same variant. Questions: Why do players choose the vsr-10 What brands of snipers are good and upgradeable What variants of snipers are good and upgradeable Suggested sniper for a beginner to sniping but will be easily upgraded in the future? Any upgrades to purchase? PRICE RANGE:100-150 (I also need to know a price range for a good sniper so I can reconsider saving up more) I purchase most of my airsoft stuff on evike, but I'm open to any non foreign/sketchy websites. (Also Matt from evike talked about a qd conversion from spring to gas with his vsr-10?) Thanks
  13. Alright so first off I get this beautiful metal body by g&p. I got so excited then realized I couldn't put it together. I took it to a local airsoft shop and they put my body and put an m4e gearbox in. First thing they say is that I need Velcro for my mags. At first it wasn't a big deal till I put the Velcro and realize it doesn't work. I tried everything. Mag wobbles and doesn't feed until I push it forward. Don't know why they didn't put the Velcro or anything to fix the gun while they had it in the first place but idk. They basically handed me a broken gun. And also if someone tells me to put tape on my mag I'm jumping off a bridge. Used k120, spartan imports plastic mags, g&g hi cap, lonex flash mag. Body http://www.evike.com/products/39776/
  14. So looking for a long ranged dmr/saw setup. Decided to go with sl9. Is this a good choice? Anyone got some experience with it? Pros- Mosfet? Quick change G36 mags Frickin long barrel Blowback (how can I disable this?) Comfy stock Cons- Unfamiliar to ver 3 G36 mag pouches (thinking bout kydex) Blowback (disabling might be hard) Front wired No rails Also main point of this post: are there rail pieces that I can buy for the sl9 handguard. Are the g36 rail segments compatible? Link please!
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