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  1. Thank you everyone. I sometimes carry a springer as a sidearm in battle, but in serious milsims, I carry springers. Great replies guys.
  2. This probably should be in another catagory, but I'll ask anyway... does anyone appreciate spring pistols? Or should they be scrapped for gas pistols? Feel free to reply.
  3. Hey guys, thanks. I try to look professional as well, with a helmet, vest and holster, but I somehow feel a little more secure if I'm wearing my armor. Thanks, all.
  4. Prologue Jack Holsen opened his eyes. He immediately recoiled at being so close to the edge of his bunk again. He had rolled off before. Jack sat up and rubbed his eyes. He slept in his full combat uniform, minus the vest, and he even had his holster with his Airsoft pistol in it. The pistol was a Colt M1911 replica Airsoft spring pistol. It could hold 22 rounds and had 300 fps. The gun was good for CQB (Close Quarters Battle) but it’s only downside was the fact that you had to :censored2: it with every shot. Most people rejected spring pistols for that reason, but Jack could deal with it. Jack swung himself over the bed and onto the floor. All the rest of his Comrades, his Mates, his…… team, were still sleeping. Good. Jack worked for the Elite Softers, a team of- well- Elite Airsofters that acted as the ‘police’ of the Airsoft World. If someone committed an illegal Airsoft activity, such as over 700 fps guns, the Elite Softers turned them in to the real police. Jack went to the mess hall and had breakfast. Jack ate until he was filled, then poured a cup of milk and went to the ‘range. Jack laid the milk on a table and took out his M1911. He switched the safety off. Jack practiced with the gun twice a day to make sure his skills weren’t rusty. They never were. Jack aimed at the target, closed one eye, and took in a breath. He tapped the trigger. The gun fired a little yellow pellet at 300 Feet per Second at the target. The target grew a hole the size of that pellet in the center bull’s eye. Jack grinned. He did that 21 times until the clip was empty. Jack then reloaded it, cocked it, and put the safety on. He put it in his holster, securely fastening the loop. Jack then went to the armory. He fired an Echo 1 MP5 AEG, a Crossman Stinger S32P Shotgun, a G&G Metal Extreme gas blowback, and a UTG D99 spring pistol. He got the bull’s eye with all four, but none felt as good as the M1911. “Tien Hut!” Jack cried. Everyone in the mess hall stopped eating and stood up to attention. The Elite Softer’s commander, Jason Hewyet, walked in, flanked by two guards armed to the teeth in weaponry. Every Elite Softer had an Airsoft handgun in a holster on their belt. Jack, of course, had his M1911. Hewyet had a USP replica gas blowback. “As you were. Don’t mind me.” Hewyet said. The men and woman sat back down gratefully. Hewyet approached Jack. “Come to briefing in 0600 hours.” He said, before turning and leaving. Jack raised an eyebrow. Jack opened the door to the briefing room quietly. Hewyet and a couple Generals from other teams stood around a table, studying a map. Hewyet looked up and noticed Jack. “Ah, Captain. Please, come in.” Hewyet said. He signaled to the Generals and they left. Jack walked over to Hewyet. He had opened a fridge. “Like something to drink?” He asked. “Coke, Diet, Sprite, Water…..” “Coke, would be fine, sir.” Jack noted. Hewyet nodded and drew two glass bottles of Coca-Cola from the fridge. He opened them and gave one to Jack. He took a sip as Hewyet sat in a chair. “A couple hours ago, the Bulldogs, a code red team, have illegally set up an outpost in a forest a couple miles from here.” Hewyet began. Code red meant that an Airsoft team had committed three or more Airsoft crimes in the past. Code yellow meant two, code blue meant one, and code green meant none. Code red teams were watched more by the police. “We believe this is for illegal reasons. Jack, we are sending you alone into that forest to find out more about their plans. Here,” Hewyet gave Jack a digital camera. “Use this to get photographic evidence of any illegal activities the Bulldogs might be doing. The whole occupation of the woods is illegal anyway, so I’d expect some evidence.” Hewyet took a swig of his Coke. “The Bulldogs will most likely have guards patrolling the forest to keep others out. For this mission you will be allowed to keep your M1911. We will also give you a Swiss army knife for survival purposes. Also supplied will be packaged food, granola bars, water, etc. You will get some speed loaders and spare mags for your M1911. We can even give you a pair of binoculars. And, finally, you will receive a cell phone. Set the ringtone to vibrate.” Hewyet gave Jack a backpack containing these things. “The mission will be called Operation Lone Wolf. Don’t forget, this is a stealth mission. Do not let the enemy know you are there. Also, the mission may take a few days. You will have to survive. I expect your best performance.” He finished, finishing the coke and tossing it into a trash bin. “Go get some woodland camouflage on.” Hewyet ordered, and Jack ran to change. Act 1 The van came to a stop. Jack hopped out of the back seat and opened the trunk. Inside was a bicycle. Hewyet walked up to Jack. “This is as far as we can get you by car. Ride your bike down that dirt path. It’ll take you to the woods. Call me when you get there. My number is 906-4719.” Hewyet ordered. Jack nodded and got on the bike. In his backpack was all of the necessary equipment, including some unnecessary equipment. Jack wore a woodland camouflage pattern, made up of a jacket and pants. Jack’s jacket was buttoned up. His gear was inside a small pack strapped to the back of his waist. He also had a holster with his M1911 in it. On his hands was a pair of fingerless gloves. Jack's dog tags were taped together to reduce rattle. Jack’s combat boots pushed on the peddles, and the bike took off down the dirt path. Jack was on the alert. He was told there were no guards along the path, but he had to be careful. Jack managed to reach the end of the road without difficulty. He hid the bike under a large pile of leaves. Then he called the number Hewyet had given him. "This is Holsen. I'm at the end of the road." He reported. *906-4719: "Excellent. Okay, in the woods there are five abandoned houses. Four are being used as command posts, while the one in the dead center of the forest is the base. That is your primary target. Get photographic evidence of anything that can be used as leverage. Guards, supplies, illegal weaponry, anything. When you take a picture, it will be automatically be uploaded to our computers." "Got it." *906-4719: "Now, let me introduce you to the rest of the team supporting you on this mission." There was some rustling, and then a girl's voice came on. *906-4719: "Hello, Jack. I'm Miranda Papent." Jack stifled a laugh. *906-4719: "What's so funny?" "Papent." Jack said humorously. *906-4719: "Very funny. Look, I'm in charge of recording the mission data. Call me every once in a while. I 'm supposed to give a detailed report on the mission when it's over. My number is 906-6926." "Got it." Hewyet came back on the phone. *906-4719: "Alright. Get on with the mission.” "Commencing Operation Lone Wolf now.” Jack then switched off the cell phone, put it away, and stood up. Drawing his M1911, Jack ran off into the woods. The forest was beautiful. It was late summer and there were few leaves to break, making it ideal for this stealth mission. But Jack didn’t know the layout of the forest. Jack crouched, pulled out his phone and dialed Hewyet’s number. “Commander, can you send me a map of the forest?” *906-4719: “Of course. Hold on a moment.” Jack waited a bit, and then a picture message was sent to his phone. There was a Google Earth picture of the area. Jack studied it. If he kept moving that way he could come to the two first houses. Then he would have to get through the thickest part of the woods and get to the creek. After crossing the creek Jack would come to a hill which he could see the other three houses from. Jack put away the phone and moved on. Jack had his M1911 aimed in front of him, ready to engage any targets. He had to be careful, because if any guard saw him they could call the base and alert them of his presence. Jack came to a couple large oak trees. Then he saw a man, in Bulldog colors, armed with an Airsoft rifle, probably 50 feet away walking toward Jack’s position. Crap. Jack spotted a hollow log. He crawled into it, careful for spiders or snakes. When snuggled inside and looked through a crack. The guard approached, an AK-47 replica AEG in his hands. Jack stayed completely silent. The guard didn’t hear him and kept on his path. Jack waited a minute more before going out of the log. The guard had not stopped. Jack blew out a breath. Jack was glad he had taken a military survival course when he had joined the Softers. In the military, men have to survive in a jungle or forest setting. Jack's teacher during that time was a man named Sean Injod. Sean had taught Jack several important tips for survival. According to him, two things mattered in a survival setting: his stamina and his morale. Stamina was Jack's ability to do tiring things, like roll and hang. If it got low Jack would have trouble doing those things. Stamina could be easily replenished by drinking water or resting. Morale was Jack's will to fight. Morale could get low by taking an injury or something else that could cause stress. If that got low, Jack would have no will to continue fighting. Doing stress relieving stuff, like chewing gum and listening to music could help regain morale. Sean had moved on to join the military. Jack missed him. Jack realized he had entered the Southwest area of the forest. Jack could see the first abandoned house not far, maybe 100 yards away. But Jack also spotted two guards coming. Both were armed with Airsoft weaponry. Jack pulled out his binoculars and looked through them. The point guard was armed with a Stinger S32P shotgun. He had a D99 spring pistol on his belt. The second guard had a CZ88 Ak-47 replica AEG (automatic electric gun). Not good. Jack scanned the area with the binoculars. They weren’t heading at him. They were heading around him. Jack put away the binoculars and lay down on the leaves. His camouflage blended in. Jack hoped it would work. Both guards passed on without a second glance. If they had given one, however, they might have noticed the slight change in color lying over those leaves. Jack looked up. They were gone. He unholstered his M1911 and moved toward the first house. But he was stopped by a fence of barbed wire. Jack cursed. There were no openings in the fence; he needed wire cutters. Growling, he pulled out his phone. *906-4719: “Yes?” “Commander, I’ve found a barbed wire fence blocking me from getting to the first guard house. I need wire cutters.” *906-4719: “Hmm…. There may be a pair on one of the guards. Hold them up by pointing your weapon at their head. Have them put their weapon down and then check them for wire cutters.” “Okay. But then what? I can’t just leave them there.” *906-4719: “Good point. Try to use some of the hand to hand combat you know and knock them unconscious?” “Okay. Thanks.” Jack switched off the phone. He wasn’t completely sure it would work, but he was ready to try. He needed to find one of those guards. The one with the CZ88 seemed best. Jack turned and saw the man, still walking the other way. Jack drew his weapon and approached him in a crouched position. When Jack was almost behind him he pointed the weapon at the back of the man’s head. “Hands up.” Jack said, feeling like he was in a video game. The guard complied, throwing his weapon on the ground. His comrade kept going. “Easy now…” Jack said, walking in front of the guard. He was probably two or three years younger then Jack himself, and was a whole lot shorter. Jack, still having his weapon pointed, patted the guard down. Jack took his D99 pistol and tossed it down. Then he continued searching. Two granola bars, a water bottle, and… Yes! Wire Cutters! Jack took those and pocketed them. Then Jack holstered his weapon and made his move. Jack palmed the guard in the nose and elbowed him in the stomach. The guard crumpled. Jack followed through with a knee to the groin. The man hit the ground hard, hopefully knocked out. Jack pulled him to behind a clump of trees and went back to the fence. Jack made use of the cutters, slicing through the fence. Jack crossed over and went to the first guard house. Jack moved inside, gun aimed. He heard voices. Jack went to the side of a wall and peered around. Two more guards were playing go fish on a crate. Jack almost laughed but went through the back door of the house instead. Now outside again, Jack’s phone vibrated in his pocket. Jack went to a crouch and answered it. “Holsen here.” *906-4719: “Jack, we have an update for you. You are to meet a team of Airsofters, 53rd Battalion Patrol 2. They are in the thick part of the woods waiting. Signal: Blackout, and countersign, Ram.” “Blackout and Ram. Got it.” *906-4719: “They’ll supply you with some weapons and items. Get to them!” “Okay.” Jack turned off the phone again. Great, a new intermission. He was in the small piece of woods between both houses. The second house wasn’t far. Just then Jack heard AEG fire in the distance. Jack pulled out his binoculars and looked in the direction of the sound. 70 or so Bulldogs were in a shootout with three others: a man with a large minigun, a girl with an RPG(rocket propelled grenade) launcher, and a man with a sniper rifle. As Jack watched the man unleashed the minigun. He hit about 30 Bulldogs and sent them sprawling. The girl aimed her RPG and fired. The warhead exploded, sending pellets flying at the Bulldogs. The sniper single-handedly blasted 10 in the face. The remaining Bulldogs ran. Jack pulled out his camera, zoomed in, and took a picture of the three. Then he called Hewyet. “Commander, I need identification on these three.” *906-4719: “These three are with the Hudkos, a code red team. There are five main Hudkos. Ellen, master of demolitions. Alex, extremely strong machine gunner. Nick, sniper. And Conner, a formidable gun fighter. In charge is Blackout, leader of the Hudkos. Also in the group are 1000 or so guards and soldiers. Apparently these guys are driving the Bulldogs out of the forest.” Just then Jack saw two guards walking his way. Jack got low. “Commander, there are two guards coming my way. They aren’t in Bulldog uniform.” *906-4719: “They may be Hudko guards. Be careful, they are more trained then Bulldogs.” “Commander, what about the mission?” *906-4719: “Good point. Hmm…. Meet up with patrol 2. We’ll go on from there.” “Roger. Holsen out.” Jack closed the phone and quickly ran to the second house, going in. Jack heard a new voice. Jack went to a door and peered in. There was a man dressed like he was out of a western, with spurs and everything, hardly fit for an Airsoft battle. He was talking on a phone, but he was also spinning an Airsoft spring revolver on his hand. Jack noticed the revolver was a replica of a Model 500 CR, the strongest revolver in the world. He had brown hair styled in a school boyish type way. “Yes sir, we’ve taken out the Bulldogs.” He said. He paced, not looking Jack’s way. “Of course. No, Ellen and Nick are heading back. Okay then. Alex will stay with me. Thank you. Goodbye.” The man put away the phone, turned, and aimed his revolver at Jack. Jack already had his M1911 aimed as well. “Who are you?” The man asked. Then he noticed Jack’s patch. “Ahh, the police. What is an officer doing here?” The man asked. He pulled back his gun. Jack responded by lowering his own pistol. “I am Conner. I am with the great team of Airsofters known as the Hudkos. And you?” Jack grunted. “Jack.” “Well, Jack, holster your weapon so we can get on with this.” Careful, Jack placed his weapon in the tan-colored holster on his belt. Conner opened the cylinder in the revolver. It was a very interesting gun. Each pellet was loaded into a single shell. Each shell was stuffed into the cylinder, just like a real revolver. Conner dropped six empty shells on the ground and loaded six more in. He spun the cylinder and closed it. He spun the gun and holstered it. Just like an old western, the two faced each other. Each had their hand ready to pull their gun. “Draw!” Conner cried. Jack pulled his weapon, but Conner was faster. He had his gun drawn and aimed. He fired, but Jack had moved to the side. Conner’s pellet hit the wall, and Jack fired his own gun. Conner cried out as the pellet hit him in the neck. “You’re pretty good...” He said, pulling the mock flint lock back. “But not good enough!” Jack quickly cocked his own weapon. He turned and ran. Not an act of cowardice, but an act of strategy. Jack had the whole house to plan his strategy. Jack could win this! He realized Conner was following, slowly. Jack vaulted over a couch and aimed. Conner walked in, and Jack fired. Conner yelled and fell to one knee as the pellet struck his ear. Jack was in good shape, but the battle wasn’t over yet. Jack took off toward the doorway leading to the next room. Conner followed, but slower then usual. Jack cocked his gun and turned into a crouch, aiming. Conner, rather then charging in, took cover on the side of the wall. He fired at Jack. The pellet ricocheted off the wall and almost hit Jack. Jack realized he could use the ricochet to his advantage. Jack aimed and fired. His aim was true. The pellet managed to ricochet right and hit Conner. “AHH!” Jack heard the cry. He cocked his gun and aimed it at the same time Conner aimed his. They stood there aiming at each other. Just then Conner’s phone rang. Keeping his weapon aimed, Conner dipped his right hand into his pocket and opened it. “Yes, boss? Of course. Right away.” Conner pocketed his phone. He lowered his gun. “You got lucky. We’ll meet again!” Conner cried, running out the door. Jack holstered his pistol and pulled out his phone. “Miranda!” *906-6926: “What?” “Record this. I just got in a shootout with one of the Hudkos upon entering the second house.” *906-6926: “Okay, got it. Thanks.” Jack turned off the phone. He pulled out the clip of his pistol and reloaded it. Then he moved out of the house to continue his objective: meet Patrol 2. Jack looked at his map. The thick was maybe 200 yards away. The thick led to the creek. The creek separated the thick into two parts. The first part was where Patrol 2 was. Jack put away the map and moved on. He must have been really off his game, because he was immediately spotted by a guard. “Hey! Who’s that?” The guard cried. He pulled out his walkie-talkie. Jack charged at him. “Intruder!” The guard managed to say before Jack was on top of him. Jack drove a knee into the guard’s stomich. The guard dropped to one knee as Jack used both hands to club him in the back of the neck. The guard fell. Jack didn’t have much time. He ran full speed. The area of the forest leading to the thick was covered in crates and boxes. Jack dodged around them and nearly ran face first into another guard. Jack shoved the guard against a crate and grabbed his chest, pulling back a fist. His hand felt something on the guard’s chest. “I had no idea there were women in the Hudkos.” Jack said. The woman pushed off the crate, sending Jack back. She wore a ski mask to hide her face, but if she was a Hudko, she was an enemy. She threw a kick at Jack’s face. Jack ducked, but her kick sent his M1911 flying. Jack threw a kick of his own, connecting with her hip. It didn’t do much, for she charged with a lunge punch. Jack moved to the side and she kept going, slamming hard on another crate. “Who are you?” She asked. Jack held her against the crate and raised a fist, but he hesitated. She took advantage of that and grabbed his hand holding her. She twisted Jack’s wrist and stepped to the side. Then she pushed a side kick into Jack’s stomach, sending him flying against a crate. She moved in, and Jack kicked her between the legs, not doing much. He instead stepped to the side and her fist connected with the crate. Ouch. Jack swept her legs, and she fell. Jack got on top of her and held her down. “Not bad… for a woman.” He said. Just then Jack heard guards coming and turned his head. The girl pushed him off and ran. Jack stood and quickly searched the crates. He found what he was looking for. He pulled out the CZ88 AEG, aimed over the crates, and hosed the incoming Hudko guards. Several were hit and fell sprawling, while others hid behind trees. Jack held down the trigger until it went empty. Then he threw it down and ran. The remaining Hudkos didn’t follow, thinking he was a Bulldog running away. Jack made it to the thick. He then pulled out his phone. “Commander, are there any girl guards with the Hudkos?” *906-4719: “Why?” “I just had a fight with one.” *906-4719: “No. The Hudkos are a sexist team. Ellen is the only girl in that group.” “Okay. Thanks.” Jack closed the phone. The thick was going to be a problem. It was very tightly packed, not only with branches, but with barbed wire mixed in. Ahead Jack saw barbed wire, not a fence, but just a couple pieces of it tied between two trees. Jack went in his bag for the wire cutters. Rethinking that, he put the cutters back and went into a military crawl under the wire. As long as he stayed low, the barbed wire wouldn’t cut him. Jack saw more wire ahead, but this wire was already cut. Interesting. Jack walked past that as well. Jack had come to a clearing with- believe it or not- a table and a couple chairs. Jack pulled out his knife (he hadn’t been able to retrieve his M1911) and slowly walked over. Just then he heard a voice. “Blackout!” “Ram!” Jack responded. He turned. There was a girl and three men, each armed. They lowered their guns. “I’m Amy, leader of Patrol 2. You must be Jack.” The girl said. Jack noted her voice was nothing like the girl he had fought earlier. Shame. “Yeah.” Jack sheathed his knife. Amy signaled for him to sit. He did. She sat across from him. “Let’s get down to business. What items and weapons do you have?” Jack opened his pack and spilled the contents on the table. “Cell phone, binoculars, camera, a speed loader, a couple granola bars, wire cutters, water…” “Any weapons?” She said. Jack looked up. “Lost my pistol up in a shootout.” Jack noticed the members of Amy’s team were moving to positions. She noticed him look. “Want me to introduce you to the men?” She asked. Jack nodded. She turned. The big tough guy over there- that’s Jason. He loves his weapon.” Jack saw his weapon was a G&G Raider, an M4 style electric rifle. This was the CQB (close quarters battle) version. “That skinny little guy- that’s Colin, our marksman. He is armed with an FAL replica.” Colin raised his hand in a gesture of respect. Jack responded with a nod. “Oh, and that idiot over there is Sam, our grenadier. He has more grenades then all of the Hudkos altogether- well, maybe not, but he’s got a bunch.” His weapon was a G&G Raider as well, but it was the full length version instead. The difference between the full length and CQB versions was the barrel; the CQB had a shortened barrel, opposed to the full length’s long barrel. Amy turned back to Jack. She pulled a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit and offered Jack a piece. He took it and popped it in his mouth. Amy’s weapon was not a rifle; no, she had a Taurus 24/7 gas blowback pistol. “Well, Jack, Hewyet told me to give you this.” She took a bag and threw it on the table. Jack pulled it open and looked inside. His hand pulled out a pistol. It was an M9 PTP gas blowback pistol. Very nice. He removed the clip and aimed down the sight. Very good sights, grip, and weight. Jack pulled the trigger. The thing made a pretty loud sound. Disgusted, he turned back to Amy. “A little loud, eh?” He said. Amy reached her own hand in the bag and pulled out a black cylinder- a silencer. “This is for you. Put it on, and all you’ll hear is the slide going back.” Jack screwed it onto the barrel of his M9. It worked alright; the only problem was that the holster wouldn’t allow the silencer to be screwed on while the pistol was holstered. Jack placed the silencer in his pocket for quick grabbing. He put on the safety and holstered the handgun. Amy reached in the bag again. She pulled out a grenade. “A gift from Sam.” She explained. Jack tested the weight. Airsoft grenades worked when the pin was pulled. It would explode after exactly five seconds. The explosion was fueled by gas similar to that in gas blowback pistols. The only explosion, however, were 1000 pellets flying in all directions. “Might be useful.” Amy said. Jack put it in his sack. Amy next took out a small case. Jack opened it. It was packed full of spare M9 magazines, all loaded. Jack took out two and put them in his pocket next to the silencer. The rest he kept in the case and he put the case in his pack. Amy stood up. “Well, we’ve kept you here long enough.” She looked in the sky. It was nearly completely dark out. Jack couldn’t even see her face. “Get on with your mission. It’s almost dark; we need to go back. Call number 906-1847 if you need some help. We can’t help you survive the night. Sorry. Here, have this flashlight.” She gave him it. Jack nodded. “I understand. I can make the night alone.” He stood and walked away without a goodbye. Jack moved in and saw barbed wire with the flashlight. He didn’t want every Hudko on him with the big guns, so Jack dodged by the wire and switched off the light. It was hard to see, or it was before Jack came to the creek, the separation between both sides of the thick. Jack came to the side of the creek, made sure his equipment was secured, and jumped. Jack had the breath knocked out of him when he connected with the side of the creek. He scrambled up the side and got up. He brushed the dirt off his outfit and moved on. There was no barbed wire on this side. Jack pushed through the trees and found a fire. It blazed below a clothesline. The line held a pair of jeans and a tank top. Jack noticed a backpack next to the fire. He crouched and began searching it. He found a photograph of a team of Airsoft players, boys and girls. Jack didn’t notice a girl quietly come out of the woods behind him. She recognized him as the man she had fought earlier. Although she was pretty much defenseless now, wearing only undergarments, she did some defense. She unsheathed a pocketknife and opened the blade. The girl slowly walked behind Jack and hit him in the side of the neck with the handle, not the blade. The force of the blow knocked him out cold. The girl turned him over and grabbed his dog tags. She gasped. Dang, she had just knocked out an officer! She laid him back down and went to her clothes. When Jack awoke he saw a beautiful girl standing over the fire. She had only jeans and a tank top on, had no gloves but had calf-high boots, and had an empty holster. She had pretty blue eyes and short blonde hair. Just the sight of her made Jack look up and make sure his pants were still on. She saw the movement and stood over him. “Sorry, didn’t know you were police.” She said. Jack recognized the voice. “Hey, you’re that girl!” He said. He stood up, raising his fists. She stepped back a little, holding her hands up defensively. “Hey, I’m not a Hudko, if that’s what you think. I’m with the Determainators, a local Airsoft team. I came here alone to spy on the Bulldogs, our rivals, but when I realized they had been driven out, it was too late to do anything. So I thought if I investigate the Hudkos by stealing a uniform, I’d be able to turn them into the police.” The girl sat. “I’m Kelly, by the way. Kelly Frosk.” Jack stared at her. “Jack Holsen.” “What’s your story?” “Um…” Kelly was far too curious for her own good. He couldn’t tell her. “Oh, don’t worry. Never mind.” She cut in. Jack didn’t entirely trust her, but he needed a place to stay for the night. “Sorry for knocking you out. I didn’t know who you were.” She apologized. “That’s fine. Can I stay here for the night? I need a place.” “Of course. I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.” She said. Jack removed his jacket and sleeveless shirt and washed them in the creek, hanging them over the fire to dry. He ate a makeshift dinner of granola and water with Kelly, who he was beginning to trust. It was about midnight when Jack and Kelly settled down, staring at the fire. “What’s it like being with the police?” She asked. It was a casual question. “Not really fun. I can’t say it ruins Airsoft for me, which it doesn’t, but it makes it seem more serious, more… realistic.” She crawled over and snuggled in Jack’s arms. Jack was surprised by the move. He was shirtless, after all. “Who was that in that picture? You’re team?” He asked. Kelly sighed, still looking at the fire. “Yes. They let me in, even though I was rejected by most teams, being sexist pigs. But we haven’t met in a long time.” Jack didn’t understand. He figured girls could be just as good players as boys. Why was sexism still around? “Why do we play Airsoft, Jack? Why?” Jack couldn’t answer. He didn’t- couldn’t- find an answer. Kelly laid her head against his chest, staring at the fire. She closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms. When Kelly woke, she felt for Jack. He wasn’t there. She sat up and heard a splash. She pulled the strap of her tank top back onto her shoulder and walked to the creek. Jack pulled the makeshift fish net out of the water. Several small fish were in it. He climbed back up the ledge to see Kelly approach. She stopped in front of his bag, with was filled with berries and granola bars. “Think that’s enough for both of us?” “No. Enough for me.” “I hope you didn’t plan on leaving me here.” “Look, I have a mission to do. You get back to your team.” Jack ordered. “No.” Jack groaned. “Put out the fire. We’re leaving soon.” He didn’t know how he would continue the mission with her, but she had to be of some use to him. Some. Kelly poured water on the fire. Jack put on his shirt and then his jacket. He clipped his gun belt and pack. Kelly put out the rest of the fire. Jack helped her put on his pack, which was filled with the food and water. He crouched and pulled his phone. *906-4719: “Morning Jack. How goes the mission?” “I met up with Patrol 2 last night. I also met a local girl named Kelly. I’m bringing her along.” *906-4719: “Okay. Glad to see the mission going well. Thanks to the Bulldogs leaving, you have a new objective: get photographic evidence regarding the Hudkos being there. Good luck. Hewyet out.” Jack put the phone away and stood. Patrol 2 was probably in a nice cozy base by now. Jack led Kelly out of the thick. They came to a large hill. The duo scaled it. When on top, Jack had a perfect view of the third and fourth houses: each pretty far away. Kelly crouched behind him as he scanned the area with his binoculars. He could see Hudko guards patrolling the forest and houses. Not an easy infiltration. “Okay, Kelly. I can see the third and fourth houses from here.” Jack said, still cramming his eyes into the lens. Kelly stood up and walked in front of him. “We’ve still got a ways to go.” She said. He got an extreme close-up of Kelly’s behind. He lowered the binoculars and grinned. “Shame.” He muttered, pocketing the binoculars and following. They got to the bottom of the hill and hid behind a tree. A single guard was coming their way. Kelly had no weapon. Time to get her one. Jack unholstered his M9 and screwed on the silencer. Then he aimed at the guard through a fork in a tree. In training Jack was taught if he hit a spot in a man’s forehead with an Airsoft gun, they would be knocked out. Jack hoped he remembered the spot. Jack pulled the trigger. The pellet hit the man in the forehead, and he fell without a sound. Nice. He dragged the man behind the tree and searched him. He gave Kelly the guard’s D99 pistol. Jack unscrewed the silencer, placed it back in his pocket, and holstered the M9. Jack and Kelly moved on. They came to a clump of trees. Two guards were patrolling next to each other. More guards were near. Jack inspected they’re movements. “What do we do now?” She asked. Jack grinned. “When in doubt, become one of the largest group.” He whispered back. Jack got out from behind the tree and lay down. The guard’s didn’t notice him, so Jack stood and slammed their heads together. The both fell, unconscious, and Jack dragged them both behind the tree. He stripped them to their underwear and took their uniforms. Jack stripped and put it on. Kelly put on the other. They both slid on their ski masks. “Think this’ll work?” She asked. Jack nodded. “Just let me do the talking.” He said, and they stood and walked into the third house, without anyone giving them a second glance. The third house was more modern then the first and second, with working electricity and plumbing. The two found a bathroom and changed back to their regular outfits. There were almost no guards in this house. Jack took point with his gun silenced and aimed. Kelly followed. They located a storage room. Jack pulled out his camera. “These must be illegal guns. Over 700 FPS.” He snapped pictures of the prototype weapons. The Softers were getting those photos now. Jack heard a noise and hid. Kelly sat next to him. The door opened and two men walked in. “I know. He’s a good fighter, that officer. We need to see if we can find him.” The first voice said. Jack recognized Conner’s voice. “That is not our priority. We should focus on these here weapons,” said the second voice. Jack looked over the crate. It was Conner, all right. The second man was most likely Alex, heavy gunner of the Hudkos. “Fine, then. Whatever.” Conner groaned. He and Alex walked up to the crate Jack and Kelly were hiding behind. Jack pressed his lips together. Conner reached in and pulled out one of the guns. It looked like a simple Stinger S32P shotgun. But when he cocked it and fired it at the wall, dents appeared. Wow. “Not bad.” Conner noted. Alex snorted. “We just recently modded two of my miniguns for The Tank. 700 FPS, they are.” 700 FPS? And what’s ‘The Tank’? “Right. I just received orders to head back to the base. You’re in charge here.” Alex laughed. “I can handle this base.” Conner snorted as he left with Alex. Jack stood up and called Hewyet. “Commander, I think the Hudkos are building some kind of tank. They also have 700 FPS miniguns.” *906-4719: “Oh no. Just as I suspected.” “Commander, are you hiding something from me?” *906-4719: “Sorry, Jack. Just get some more information.” Jack closed the phone. Hewyet was being suspicious. Jack wanted the full story, but there was nothing he could do. All he could do was get more evidence. He had to drop Kelly. She was too much trouble already; she almost blew their cover. Jack turned to her. “Look… Kelly… I think I would rather like to finish this mission alone.” He said. She nodded, understanding. She left and headed back to her base, not before giving her phone number: 906-2951. Jack called Miranda. “Miranda, I’m at the third house. Plenty of illegal weaponry and supplies here.” *906-6926: “Thanks, Jack.” “Miranda, has the commander been acting strangely lately??” *906-6926: ”No, why?” “Just asking.” Jack closed the phone and put it away. He peeked out the door. One guard was there. Jack took one of his M9 magazines and slid it down the floor. The guard heard the sound and inspected the mag. The guard didn’t think of turning around until too late. Jack drove an elbow into the man’s neck, calling for a one-hit KO. The guard hit the ground. Jack dragged him into a closet and retrieved his mag. He left the house. Jack moved slowly, looking for guards. Just then, his phone buzzed. He dropped to a crouch and answered it. “Hello?” *906-2951: “Jack, watch out! Alex is waiting to ambush you!” “Kelly, where are you?” *906-2951: “Watch out!” Suddenly, pellets flew at Jack. He dove behind a crate. Jack closed the phone and pulled out his M9. He peered around the crate. Alex came walking, armed with his minigun. “How do you do, officer?” Alex asked sarcastically. “I am Alex. And now, you will face me!” He aimed his gun and fired. Jack pulled back as pellets hitting 600 FPS collided with the crate. Jack had almost no chance; if we went out of cover he would be shredded. Jack remembered his grenade. He opened his bag and pulled the grenade out. Jack pulled the pin and tossed it at Alex. “Wha-“ He managed to say before the explosion pelted him. Alex somehow managed to re-lift his minigun and open fire again. Jack was again stuck in that position. He couldn’t get a shot out. And not only that, Alex was slowly moving foreword. Jack was trapped. “I’ve got to warn you, Alex…” Jack started, and then a grenade hit the ground next to him. Jack cursed and dove to behind another crate. The grenade exploded, and Jack took a few hits. Alex swung his minigun around and opened fire. Jack tried to aim but he couldn’t. Jack looked and realized something. Alex was tiring. The minigun had high recoil and was draining Alex’s stamina. Alex was panting. He lowered the gun just for a second, and that’s when Jack made his move. Jack aimed and emptied his mag into Alex. Alex grunted and fell to one knee. Jack pulled out his empty magazine, reached in his pocket, produced a fresh one, shoved it in his gun, cocked it, and aimed at Alex again, all within about three seconds. Alex looked up. “You have a bright future, officer. I’ve realized now the Hudkos are not a good choice for me.” Alex tried to stand, but he couldn’t, due to the giant minigun. He took the strap off from around his neck and stood. He offered his hand to Jack. “Good game, officer.” Jack took it. “Not bad, Alex. We should do this again sometime, on better terms.” He said. Alex smiled and trudged off. Jack holstered his M9. He took out his phone. “Miranda, I just fought Alex. He said he’d turn over a new leaf.” *906-6926: “I see… I think we’ll keep an eye on him. Miranda out.” Jack dialed the second number. *906-1847: “Patrol 2 here.” “Amy, do you have access to the player files?” *906-1847: “Shouldn’t you ask your commanding officer?” “Yes, but I don’t want him to know.” *906-1847: “Uhh. Fine. Who should we look up?” “Kelly Frosk.” *906-1847: “Hold on.” Jack moved to the crates for better cover. He heard typing on Amy’s end. Then she spoke. *906-1847: “Kelly Frosk, Captain, Determainators. Favorite weapon Echo 1 MP5.” “Any criminal record?” *906-1847: “Nope. Why are you asking?” “Just wondering.” Jack switched off the phone and put it in his bag. He looked around. The whole area was evidence. Crates and boxes were everywhere; all filled with over 700 FPS guns. Interesting. Jack snapped those pictures. Jack then heard two guards coming. He silenced his M9 and hid behind a crate. “Yeah. The shipment is driving out soon. We’re moving back to base.” One of the guards said. “Okay. What about that officer Conner said to watch out for?” “Trust me, we’re good. He’s probably left by now.” The guards walked past. Jack stood. “Shipment?” He said to himself. Just then Kelly called him. *906-2951: “Jack, get to the main house! The Hudkos are shipping out two 700 FPS miniguns!!” “Huh?” *906-2951: “A truck is coming to pick up the miniguns! Stop them!” Jack closed the phone and looked in a crate. He pulled out another Cz88 and went into a full out sprint toward the main house. Jack pressed himself against the house and peered around. About a dozen Hudko guards were there next to a road. As Jack watched a truck pulled up. The guards began hauling crates into the truck. He quickly pulled out his phone. “Amy, how fast can you get Patrol 2 down here?” *906-1847: “Uhh, five minutes, why?” “Dang, not fast enough.” Jack dialed Kelly. “Kelly, get over here ASAP! Bring some weapons!” Jack closed the phone and leaped out of cover, his Cz88 blazing. Several guards fell, howling, while the others used the crates as cover. “No, you idiots! Load the crates!” One of them cried, raising his own AK and returning fire. Jack pulled back behind cover as the guards continued to load the crates. Jack aimed and fired a burst at a guard. He went down. AEG fire sounded as Kelly ran in, armed with an Echo 1 MP5. She joined Jack. “Here.” She said, handing him a couple CZ88 mags. “We need to stop them, now.” He said, opening fire. Around half of the dozen guards were groaning on the ground now. He tugged out the mag and shoved in a new one. “Got it. Cover me!” Kelly cried, passing Jack and diving behind a crate. Jack liked her thinking. He followed suit, firing at the same time. Pellets were flying everywhere. Two guards finished hauling a crate into the truck and went for a second one. Jack blasted one of them. “You idiotic…” The lead guard said, throwing down his AK and helping the other guard load the final crate. Kelly handed Jack a grenade. “On three. One… two… THREE!!” Kelly and Jack chucked the grenades at the guards. The explosions sent one guard flying and two running in fear. The leader, however, was unfazed by the explosion and finished pushing the crate in. He grabbed his AK and leaped into the back, tapping on the back window. It began to drive. “NO!!” Jack screamed, blasting the truck with all his might. But it kept going, the guard leader laughing in victory. The guards he had left behind threw down their weapons and put their hands up. Jack threw down his own weapon as Kelly covered the guards. He pulled out his phone. “Commander, the truck got away, carrying those miniguns.” *906-4719: “No! Get back here pronto. Out.” Jack closed the phone. “Leave them. Let’s go.” The walk back was uneventful. Jack saw the remains of Pellets he had shot, and he even found his M1911, in pristine working condition. When they came to the first house they ran into Patrol 2. “Hey, need some help?” Amy asked. Jack pushed past her, thrusting the M9 into her hands. He led Kelly to the rock path. Jack got on the bike and opened his phone. “Requesting extraction.” He said, closing it. Kelly got on behind him and wrapped her arms around his stomach. Grimly the bike rode away.
  5. Has anyone used body armor in airsoft? I just got some padding to put under my BDU that muffles the feel of pellets. It works well, but I was wondering if anyone else uses any type of Body Armor.
  6. Play in it! Just today I played an airsoft battle in the rain. It was great!
  7. vode an (brothers all) either that, or I just scream like a maniac.
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