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  1. This gun was purchased almost a year ago as a DMR platform and has been nothing but trouble up until about a month ago. Gas was leaking out of the front and back, mags were not feeding, unreliable hop-up, and just an all around frustrating gun. I sat down and looked at what needed to be done and these are the results. Completed gun minus KAC suppressor Trademarks TDC Hop-up unit with r-hop and unknown ID 363 barrel (brass) Disassembled Crimebuster Assembled Longer nozzle fit for M4 hop-up unit Original valve stem broke for some odd reason so I made a new one with a better chamfer on the end The last modification to the engine is the extra return spring for the valve I was able to get +/- 2 fps at 125psi with .20 gram. On a previous test I achieved +/-.5 fps at 350 fps. I'm guessing the higher pressure has something to do with the minor inconsistency. Overall this gun preforms amazing and I am very satisfied with it. I could see it achieving 550 fps no problem with a longer barrel with a tighter bore. This gun gives me satisfaction knowing that I can hit people with a semi only short barrel gun at long distances. I'm officially done with the modifications just a bit of cleaning and lubing from now on.
  2. External air source would be the ideal way to go but you can get away with not doing so.
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