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    Lots of springers JG AK 47 3 Well R18's TM Famas SV UTG L96 Well 4.3 hi capa G&G raiders TM Desert eagle chrome SRC AK 47 Franken AK 47 Dboys PDW TM AUG JG P90 TM Sr16 G&P M16A3 PTS Masada G&P Sentry Real Sword SVD G&P PTS MOE M4 KJW 1911 Tokyo Marui Glock 26

About Me

Hello viewers,

I am a teenage airsoft addict! In the past year alone, I have learned an incredible amount of airsoft related information. I won't stop until I have it all (never)! I am a avid technician and player, building high performance guns and lighting up my opponent's with them.


I am located in central FL and I regularly attend Stampede airsoft and Black Tiger airsoft. PM me if you attend either, I would be happy to welcome you into my circle of airsofting friends. I feel like a good part of the airsoft community, I have introduced 13 friends into the sport and that number will continually grow. We are all honest players looking to have a great time, no elitist attitudes or rudeness happening over here.


That's a general overview of me, I will forever be welcoming to new user's here, and new members on the field. If you are local and ever need a hand, let me know! I'm here to build the airsoft community.

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