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  1. So I purchased a G&P shotgun with a UBR stock and the mounting system for shotguns is different from AEG's. I cant find the AEG install kit in stock anywhere online and I don't see a good way of rigging it on my own. Am I SOL or does anyone know a way around this?
  2. Looks like you have a pretty good sized budget. If you can afford it I would suggest a Polarstar F1. With a regulator and tank you will be at $550 or so and all you will need to worry about is the hop-up and barrel. Installation and maintenance is a no brainier and FPS and ROF are adjusted in seconds. The two stage firing system makes for very consistent shooting, I haven't looked back for a moment since I got mine a couple months ago.
  3. Price drops! G&P Externals $115 shipped SR16 $120 shipped Real Sword parts $40 shipped G&P parts SOLD
  4. Paypal Only Conus buyers only Offers are welcome, lowballs will be ignored. Prices include shipping G&P VLTOR sentry complete externals. $125 Beautiful and hard to find body. Everything pictured is included. Tokyo Marui SR16 $150 This has seen very little use, the previous and first owner was a collector and I have put less than 3,000 bbs through it. Gearbox is locked, my batteries are all old and weak so thats probably the problem. I don't do AEG's anymore so its not worth my time. Its worth noting the handguard is wobbly. Real Sword SVD Gearbox parts. $50 What you see is what you get, the parts have seen very little use, I am the original owner. The spring is a M140 and I was getting 390fps w/ .36g bbs. Lot of G&P V2 parts. Everything is stock G&P parts and have seen very little to light use. $50 I also have a G&P complete gearbox with a M120 motor, not a shot fired on it. It was removed upon arrival because I am putting a Mk II in it. $90 shipped.
  5. Price drops. M16A3 $200 Masada $225 Take all the parts for $65. TM G26 is still $175 OBO. Rhop barrel is still $75
  6. Transferring to HPA and I all this never gets used much and is of little use to me. Paypal only, CONUS only, prices include shipping. G&P hop-ups with ZCI 6.02mm Rhop barrel installed by HunterSeeker5 $75 G&P hop-ups, one bone stock the other with the rhop barrel has the Mnub installed. You may want to make adjustments depending on bb weight so I will include more Mnub type material at no cost. Magpul PTS Masada $240 Bone stock, barely used. Extremely quiet for an AEG Missing the handguard pin, I use Zipties to keep it in place and that works fine for me. Tokyo Marui Glock 26 $175 I got this to see if I liked it enough to get a real one and I do. Only used R134a with it Less than 100 bbs through it. Minor scuffs on the slide G&P M16A3 DMR $225 ZCI High Torque motor ZCI double o ring cylinder head ZCI piston head SHS 15T piston Rocket M130 spring Maple Leaf 70 degree bucking and maple leaf nub installed 410 fps, 200+ feet of range. Selector plate not installed but included, gun wired to deans and the wires are somewhat sloppily soldered onto the motor tabs. Stock G&P parts, minor use on both pics. What you see is what you get, everything works fine. $40 bucks a pic or $70 for everything. [url=http://s1260.photobucket.com/user/jgm258/media/IMG_0272_zps84ycnjbn.jpg.html]
  7. Hello, I have accumulated a rather larger collection that never gets used and I am wanting to HPA 3 of my guns so I am selling all of this to fund it. Magpul Masada $250 Bone stock Less than 5k rounds through it EXTREMELY quiet. The quietest AEG I have ever seen of owned (and thats ALOT of AEGs) Missing the hand guard pin, easily held in place by a zip tie. G&P M16A3 $300 HS5 Rhop ZCI 6.02mm barrel Flat hop bucking with Mnub Rocket M130 spring SHS 15T piston and ZCI piston head ZCI double O ring cylinder head ZCI high torque motor. Shimmed gears Deans Notes: 410fps w/ ,25g bbs Well over 200 feet of range The motor wires are soldered directly to the motor, kinda sloppily but it works. Selector plate not installed but included. Tokyo Marui SR-16 $200 Basically brand new, less than 3k bbs through it. Handguard is a little wobbly. pics coming soon. Parts: G&P V2 parts lot #1 $45 Barely used parts here, pulled from a gun that saw 2 days of light use. G&P parts lot #2 #45 $40 This one has seen a little more use, maybe 10k bbs. The positive wire motor tab is snapped off Random parts $30
  8. One of my friends has gambled 11 times with Evike's "box of awesomeness". He got the lowest value item every time, its to be expected.
  9. Matrix bbs.... I had nothing but problems when I used them. Trust me there is a reason they are so cheap. Just look at them, pits and imperfections everywhere. It could be your mags but the bbs are a big possibility too. G&G .25g are good for the price.
  10. Can't you inspect it and see? If its a V2 hop-up honestly just replace the unit and bucking. Get a Prowin with a maple leaf bucking or a flat hop and you are set, I have that set up in a ton of guns and I always get over 200' of range.
  11. A friend of mine has one. I don't recommend you upgrade the spring. With a M140 it was extremely difficult to work the bolt and the screw holding the bolt on snapped on day 1. Silverback did send him a replacement for free though. Otherwise it seems to be pretty good.
  12. Airsoft Global has the TM model. I paid $202 with EMS shipping in two separate packages (one for the slide, one for the frame). I got the frame, but the slide has not shown up yet. Also if you are just using it for a movie, resale will be very good on ebay.
  13. What about Wolverine Airsoft's Inferno and Hydra SMP? Super versatile, easy to change with their blutooth FCU, more cost effective than a P*, and whole lot simpler as SMP stands for Singe Moving Part. Idk anything about the tippman but when I go HPA, it will be SMP.
  14. G&P is my personal go to brand for AR's. Awesome externals, great rate of fire stock, fps is perfect and can easily be increased by simply swapping barrels. Stock the range can be lacking a little. A G&P with a Prowin hop-up, Prometheus barrel, and a maple leaf bucking is a set up for good times for $110 + the baseprice of the gun. http://www.evike.com/products/23911/ ^That one is particularly well priced as well as their M16A3's atm, nothing super fancy but it will get the job done.
  15. There is one on ebay starting at $1500 or $2000 for buy it now.
  16. At that price point (or any really), APS really isn't the best of choices.
  17. As it has been said many times, if you cant put a good list of DMR parts together, you shouldn't be attempting the build. Assuming you have a G&G raider, you are going to have to replace everything internally. If you want more range, start with a Prowin hop-up, Prometheus/Madbull 6.03, and a maple leaf bucking. That will get you 200' of range or more and its extremely easy to do. Start with that and go from there.
  18. I'd say you did pretty good. One of my buddies has one, shoots 250' stock... hell of a gun for stock performance.
  19. I have always worked on my own guns but all the local shops in my area are filled with idiots like in your situation. Usually they have little to no idea how a AEG works let alone how to properly assemble one. I mean common, at least test fire the darn gun before the customer pays for the repair. Inexcusable yet typical.
  20. I guess I will use the Rocket motor then. True but are you running 12:1 gears? I do want a reduced FPS too, don't want to be shooting over 400 at that ROF. I'm also needing to completely avoid pre-engagement as I will be running a SHS 15T. Darn nice magazines BTW. I just happen to be watching your ebay listing. I will order up a couple next week. Do you know the peak ROF they feed at?
  21. I know its a ferrous motor, but I am building a high speed SSG and am wondering if this motor is able to pull back a M130 with 12:1 gears short stroked 3-4 teeth. I don't really care if it burns out, as long as I can get a day or two use out of it thats fine by me as I can use a Rocket (SHS oem) motor instead. I will be using a 7.4v brick lipo and I'm aiming for 35ish rps. I did this build before with a SHS torque motor and I am wondering if its worth my time to use the G&P motor. Thanks!
  22. Hey guys, its been quite awhile but I am back from a long hiatus. I'm working on a G&P M16 build and since G&P isn't exactly known for their gears (or at least they weren't, are they better now?) I bought some SHS gears because I remembered them as being great and I'm using a m140 spring. I got stuck after shimming the bevel/pinion because the spur gear doesn't move freely up and down. The top axel is way too tight in the bearing. What is the best way to deal with this? Can I remove some material from the axel using a light touch and a bench grinder? Or should I use the G&P spur for now? Thank!
  23. Yeah I have TM G36 high caps and they are inconsistent like the AR mags. The bucking looks fine... No tears or anything, maybe it's a little loose around the lips but I don't really know. The nozzle appears to be ok too. I can take pics if you think it will help,
  24. Hey guys, its been awhile and I'm out of the loop with whats happened in the last 18 months on the forums. My stock G36C wont feed consistently, with TM highcaps or with my PPA AR mag adapter using a variety of AR mags (mids and highs). Sometimes the gun will feed perfectly, sometimes it is choppy (like maybe 25-90% feed rate, varies burst to burst) and sometimes I can dry fire 20 in a row and nothing will come out. Again, the gun is stock to my knowledge. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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