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  1. ah, thanks and I'm using the tint for looks and against UV rays, more for looks :P
  2. I hope so too, It's on my top favorite SMG list and correct me if I'm wrong the only PP19.
  3. You got a point there, and I think you convinced me to get the XCR. One question though, Is the range and accuracy lacking? IS it swerving to the left or right?Thanks :D
  4. Just get the Flash Hider + Silencer, but it would be better if you bought a longer inner barrel then the silencer ACTUALLY serves a purpose.
  5. So can 1MM sheet of Polycarbonate protect against 450+ FPS? Will 50% Black Tint Film be enough to prevent it from becoming yellow?. Did you fabricate the lenses for your gas mask? Sorry for so many questions, I'm fairly new at fabricating lenses. I'm getting a 1mm clear polycarbonate sheet 210 X 297mm A4.
  6. I seen so many people carry SR-10/12's. Is it that amazing?
  7. Well, poly carbonate yellows over time and that can't work for me and Plexiglas can get very thick with increasing FPS which can't work as well. Is there any more material available I can use that is affordable? What material do they use for the airsoft goggles? And is there a way to get a ANSI Z87.1 certification if you fabricate your own lenses?
  8. I said 1MM so I can set out a basic idea of how strong and how thick of Plexiglas I should get. So I should get 2.5MM Plexiglas? Thanks for giving me pros and cons for each material.
  9. How to do you know this Info? From the shot shows or?
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