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  1. PMed you. Have a brand new LBT 6094A in multicam. Size medium
  2. I'm in need of a gun with a version 2 v2 fusion engine dropped into it. Does not matter what type of body, but the condition has to be fair to good. I don't need the air rig or anything else, just a fusion engine and the shell. I would prefer a M4 type build, but anything will do. I currently have $380 cash to offer and a lot of trades to do a partial trade. PM me if you want a complete list of items. Some things up for trade: G&P Stubby Killer. 9/10 condition. Everything is stock except madbull tbb. Little to no wear on gears or piston teeth. Lubed and ready to go. Black VLTOR lower receiver. 9/10 condition. Comes with all the hardware. Black Spike Tactical 12" Rail. 9.5/10 condition. No mounting hardware. Black DD 4" Lite Rail w/ outer barrel. 9.5/10 condition. No mounting hardware. NEW LONEX PARTS IN BOX(v2/v3 gearbox): lonex ball bearing 7mm lonex gear box springs lonex cylineder half ported lonex aluminum cylinder head lonex aluminum piston head lonex 50 degree bucking lonex 50 degree bucking lonex cylinder half ported lonex ball bearing 7mm lonex air seal nozzle lonex motor gold pins and heat shrink Multiple sets of ACU jackets and pants. 10/10 condition. Jackets - Large/Regular, Pants - Large/Long
  3. - Polarstar setup (Gun + air rig + tank). I don't care if it's used, just has to be in good condition. Prefer m4 based and engraved receiver, but send me PM on any polarstar you might have. - G&P magpul receiver. Don't care if it's used. - Any Free float rail. Don't care if it's used. - Madbull/Spike Tactical Free float rail hardware (Barrel nut + screws) - Entire m4 external build (No gearbox or motor) If you have any of these, PM me.
  4. Bump, lowering price of WE TECH Magazines down to $15 each.
  5. bump. Need these gone! NEW PRICES: - 1 New In Box I-Phone 4S Commuter Series Otterbox (Gunmetal Gray & Yellow in color) Retails normally at $35 - $20 Shipped - 1 New In Box I-Phone 4/4S Defender Series Otterbox for $25 (White Case with Black Clip in color) Retails normally at $50 - $30 shipped
  6. Bump, Getting rid of airsoft grenade for $55 SHIPPED!
  7. You can easily replace the entire trigger assembly with a 3rd party one or just replace the small contact joint for cheaper. But if you want to buy a better gun, I would save atleast around $200 for one. You can get a King arms M4 or even the new KWA CQR with that kind of money.
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