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  1. AOE should not affect your compression or your air nozzle.
  2. Okay, I can almost guarantee you that this air nozzle is the entire reason that you are having feeding and compression issues. You need to figure out what it's getting hung up on follow these steps: Take the nozzle off the tappet plate and slide it over the cylinder head. Make sure it slides smoothly all the way back and forward. If that works fine, put the air nozzle back on the tappet plate and repeat the sliding process. Make sure everything slides smoothly. You should do this with the cylinder pulled out of the gearbox. Not all tappet plates and air nozzles are compatible, although they say they are. Sometimes the air nozzle can sit too low or too high for it to operate smoothly with the cylinder (some cylinders are a little fatter than others). If that works fine, then put the cylinder and tappet plate back in place in the gearbox. Try sliding it again. During this whole process you should be looking for where this is getting hung up. If it is still working smoothly, then close up the gearbox (you only need the cylinder, tappet plate, and air nozzle in at this time). As you are tightening the screws on the gearbox, periodically check if the air nozzle pushes back and springs forward smoothly. You can do this by simply pushing the air nozzle in with your finger. It should spring back without hesitation. If it springs back normally at first, but then starts getting stuck when the gearbox is tighter, your tappet plate may be too wide. I have run into this issue before.
  3. When the gearbox is put together and tightened down, can you push the air nozzle in with your finger? You should be able to push it in without any trouble, and it should spring back without hesitation.
  4. Guges is right. You shouldn't buy a whole new gun every time an old one fails. All AEGs will fail eventually. There are just too many moving parts for them to last forever. Get a tech to fix it for you. And a Lipo battery will solve all of your trigger response problems, guaranteed.
  5. I don't know much about the APS brand, but I know that a tried and true M4 is the G&G Combat Machine. That gun is generally the gun that fields use as the model for their rental guns due to their reliability. However, that APS rifle looks like it would do the trick. As for sniper rifles, Guges is, for the most part, pretty spot-on with what he said. Out-of-the-box sniper rifles aren't going to be head-hunters generally. However, if you're still interested, from what I hear, the Echo1 M28 is a decent rifle. How old is an older model? The A&K Dragunov (spring-powered) is somewhat older. From around the '60s I believe. If you're looking for older than that, you're going to have a tough time. WWII Airsoft guns cost more than they're worth most of the time. Especially the bolt-actions. For example, you can buy two real Mosin Nagant rifles for the price of one Airsoft model. Good luck.
  6. Welp.. The bolt on my Snow Wolf M99 snapped right off lol. Anybody know where I could find a cylinder that would mate with the M99 bolt?
  7. Hey guys, AirSplat is doing a giveaway and I think I might have a chance at winning with your help. All I need is to have the most likes on my picture of "AirSplat Swag" and I get a free gun. I am in no way endorsing the website, it is an attempt at a free gun. So if you could take a couple minutes and give me a thumbs up on the link below I would GREATLY appreciate it. My picture is of me in the mirror looking very "swaggy." Hat turned sideways type of deal (not the guy in full gear all blacked out in the mirror. I'm trying to beat him!). Please and thank you to anybody willing. http://asarmy.airsplat.com/as-army-mission...-photo-contest/
  8. Well, I already have a new barrel and handguard in my house as I anticipated needing a new one due to the S-System's terrible design. So maybe I should pick up a JG metal receiver set? http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/JG-M4-Full-M...Set-p/75126.htm I absolutely hate to throw more money at this expensive project and by the time I'm done I will literally have a full S-System in left over parts (minus the most of the internals). Thankyou for the help though, I really appreciate it. If anybody else has any experience with fitting an upper receiver onto a JG S-System (and yes, it is indeed a JG) I will give you a fresh batch of cookies or something for saving me some dinero.
  9. Okay, I'm desperate for help here guys. I've searched countless forums, websites, and opposite ends of the Earth but still have no answer to my question! I have a metal JG M4 S-System. I NEED to convert it so that the S-System rails are no more. In other words, I want to convert it to more of a standard M4 that takes standard barrels and has standard rails on the top. I understand that the whole upper receiver needs to be switched out as the S-System is integrated into the stock upper receiver. So here's the question, what upper receiver will fit on my JG S-System? I have already tried the Echo1 plastic and JG plastic. Neither fit (I also noticed they both had rear tabs and the stock S-System receiver doesn't). More information to help you help me: The stock S-System receiver has a one-pin design. You just take out the front body pin and then you can slide off the upper receiver easy as that. Would something like this fit? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=32162 If not, what would??? Really need your help guys...
  10. This JBU isn't that old, but I do have the stock barrel that came with the gun. At the very least it will give me one more thing to try. Thank you everybody, let's hope I can get this thing ready for the field!
  11. I already cleaned the barrel and looking into the chamber, the bucking appears to be perfectly flat besides where the nub protrudes. I will be fully cleaning the chamber, bucking, and barrel the next time I take it apart. I'll keep you posted.
  12. And I tried it with AirSplat .20g and then tried it with .28g from Elite Force. Results are pretty much the same.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't have a chrono so I can't really check the fps. But putting my finger on the tip of the cylinder head and pushing down with the piston inside the cylinder it is very difficult to push down. And the accuracy is just awful at any range, even at a mere 30ft or so. Some shots go up, some go down, some go right, some go left, and occasionally some will go straight. This is a problem that started a ways back. That's why I decided to upgrade the gearbox, hoping a much better compression would solve the problem. But its still terrible
  14. So I have my S-System set up now with quality gearbox parts and the gearbox is just shooting great. It has a little overturn but I'm alright with that. The problem is that accuracy is sub par. With a 6.03 JBU barrel and a Mad bull bucking, accuracy just isn't really there. I've tried a regular nub and an SCS nub but accuracy still isn't great. A little better with the SCS but still could be much better. What could possibly be giving me this terrible accuracy? Compression is solid. And when I say inaccurate I mean.. really inaccurate
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